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  1. completely agree on this as a macos user. the seperated mode is a completely basic macos function, immanent to the possible workflow in macos - and as such, programms that are sold for macos, that are lacking this feature, are somehow incomplete regarding the os support. so please make the seperated mode possible again. thank you
  2. Yes this is also my experience … and first of all its really fast, its immediat results are compelling …
  3. Vector Q in macOS (and IOS) is really, really good for AutoTrace!! It´s very recommendable. * ... but on the other hand sad, that AutoTrace still is not included in the Affinity Apps ... & would be really nice to know, whether this feature is something the Affinity Team is working on! ...
  4. Hope it will be fixed soon, as it is some kind of annoying ... (slow startup-time on first startup of Photo, Publisher and Designer ...) ! ... I am also on macOS Monterey 12.2.1
  5. Is there any news on this topic for a shortcut for "Replace Image"? I can not believe, that such an important task, one needs that often when doing professional layout work, is not accessible via shortcut ! I am sure that I am missing something here, yes? greetings
  6. It really would be great if Publisher would be able to import INDD files, to save them as so people (like me), that like to switch over from indesing to publisher could transfer old work easily! I know about the ability to open idml files, which is great, but for older files it would be very usable ...
  7. To clarify, I`m using the website version of all Affinity Apps (Photo, Designer, Publisher) and I`m also experiencing the slow startup time (20+ sec on first launch) with all 3 apps. Will also try, whether the suggested workaround will change this behaviour. Edit: just tried with a copy of Affinity Photo v 1.8.6 on macOS Big Sur 11.2 and Yes, the first launch after a reboot is now faster, 4+ sec ... will have a look whether this changes after several reboots ... second Edit: also working for Designer & Publisher
  8. @curlypaws & @Ansgar yes it could be some kind of licence checking in the background - with the first launch of Afinity Photo (and also Designer and Publisher ) there is the process `syspolicyd´ starting up (visible in activity monitor) until the programs lauch ...
  9. Also tried Photo version 1.9 - on first launch a quick startup (2-3 sec) but sadly again after several day of use also the same slow first startup as with version 1.8.6 ... (around 22 sec) - and each subsequent startup again within seconds (1-2 sec) ... ps: 1.9 of course website version ...
  10. Same here with Big Sur 11.1 - on fresh install Photo & Designer & Publisher started up in 2-3 sec, but after after some days of use the startup time is very slow ... almost 30 sec now ... ps: website versions
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