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  1. Alfred--Thank you so much for that suggestion--it worked great and will save me a TON of time on MANY of my projects! Thank you so much! V-Kyr--thank you also! I will read those articles and watch the videos to learn more about symbols. They have already proven to speed up my processes and I know I am not using them to their fullest capabilities. Should report my issue as a bug? Or is it already a known bug?
  2. I am new to using symbols and it has been a TREMENDOUS help to me with my current projects. I need help with 2 things with symbols. 1) Symbols sync problem: I have multiple artboards where I have duplicated a text symbol onto each artboard. I need each text to be a letter of the alphabet, so I turn off sync and change each to a different letter. My issue is when I turn sync back on, I need the attributes of the letters (font, color, size, stroke) to update like a symbol should while remaining different letters. I have not detached anything, but they act as if I have detached them and they are no longer symbols. They still indicate they are a symbol in the layers panel. I think this should work based on the tutorial from Affinity that I watched, so what am I doing wrong? 2) Symbols--general question: This is a long shot, but it sure would be awesome if it is possible and someone can tell me how it can be done! Can you switch out symbols simultaneously? For example, if I have a symbol that is a bat graphic on multiple artboards and I want every bat to change to a ghost, is that possible? (oh please, please, please be possible!) Or is there another way this can be done besides symbols? Thank your in advance for your help! Kristen
  3. Disregard!! I had another idea to try--there was an issue with the folder I was trying to export into. It is working when I use a different folder.
  4. I'm having issues exporting in AD today. I could export yesterday without problems. At first I was using the Export Persona. I then tried to export each art board using the File>Export... option and it would export that way, but it would only export one artboard before the entire program would freeze up and I would have to End Task in my Task Manager. I've tried rebooting my computer. I was also not on the most recent update of AD, so I tried updating to 1.8.4 and that did not fix the issue--I was still using 1.8.26 (I think this was the version I saw before updating). I've also tried opening a document that I was not currently working on, but it had exported fine recently, to see if I could export it and it also would not export. I rebooted my computer after the update as well, to make sure it was updated. Still not working. When I hit export, it appears to work--the blue progress line shows up and it says it is exporting, but nothing shows up in the folder. Please help--I have someone waiting on what I am working on!
  5. Thank you Joachim_L--I have dug into those videos (and still do) when I have a question and most of the time I find what I need. I have found them very helpful. I also bought the Affinity Designer Workbook which I try to use to answer questions. I am not finding what I need this time. I am very new to Publisher, so I probably need to watch some of those tutorials. I did have a rudimentary working knowledge of Serif PagePlus which I was using until I very recently bought Publisher. As I am looking at my question after I wrote it up, maybe what I need are resources that aren't necessarily Affinity related (like how you do this function in an Affinity program), but more about how to work with images and documents in general--across any platform you use? That is assuming all the platforms treat images the same way (which I do not know that they do). For instance, if I rasterize an image in Designer, that would be the same as if I rasterized an image in Illustrator? So if I find information specific to Illustrator, will it translate to Affinity? When is it appropriate to rasterize? What are the implications if I rasterize an image? Are there other options out there similar to rasterizing that I don't know about? After all, I didn't even know about rasterizing until I had an issue that Affiniity support helped me with. I had a document that was hanging up my computer when I attempted to open it in AD and a helpful staff moderator on here said I had a lot of large images in the document. And I did--a LOT of them. He deleted most of them (they were duplicated throughout the document) and rasterized the remaining. I was told to copy and paste the raster image where I needed it. It solved my issue and I could open the document. It made me start thinking that maybe I should be doing that in all my documents. And that has led me to asking Google questions when I don't know the words I should be using. Maybe someone knows of a YouTuber who does tutorials on this sort of thing? Or a blogger? I've found a lot of helpful videos from Affinity users on YouTube for in-depth tutorials on things like using color in Affinity or mastering the pen tool. But this isn't really covered. Maybe my situation is a little more unique--maybe Affinity users aren't making large clipart png files and then dumping a bunch of them back into another project?
  6. Can anyone point me toward some resources to learn more about: 1--Document set-up in Designer and Publisher (or information that is "generic" and applies to any program you choose to use). My end user prints on regular old copy paper on home printers or an office copy machine. 2--Working with images and how settings interact with print results. How can I make image file size smaller but still print crisp? What settings are best for different applications? What options do I have for working with images and their size? If the information was aimed at beginners, even better. I'm self-taught and I am finding this information hard to come by in terms I can understand. I tend to default to saving everything at the best and highest settings just to be safe and I am guessing that is overkill for most of my projects. The images I am using are ballooning up my document file size as well because I'm afraid to mess with them and get blurry printing. I don't like linking images, but I regularly get a prompt asking me if I want to link because of the large number of embedded images in my documents. Designer and Publisher are not happy with the number of images I have in some of my documents and are acting up. Google search results are not helpful because it seems that my search terms give me results for professional print-ready documents for graphic designers who already know something about all this. What search terms would you suggest to get results on this information for regular folk with end users who are also regular folk? I genuinely thank you for any help you can provide!
  7. Thanks a million Sean! It opened right up. And you made it super easy to copy and paste the images--I'll have it ready to go in no time now. I'm going to have to look into what you did to get my file sizes down. I obviously didn't need such high resolution in the document but I'm not sure what is the proper way to reduce file size without losing quality. Anyway, I really appreciate your help!
  8. **EDITED TO ADD** I updated to the newest version of AD right before this happened. I had the file open really early this morning and then updated AD at 9:15. After I was unable to open the file as I talk about below. My computer bogs down with Affinity Designer use. I also am unable to open a file I used yesterday. Task Manager shows my Memory and Disk space shoot through the roof as soon as I attempt to open the file. Right now it is attempting to load the document and memory for AD is 8,761 MB and Disk ranges from 1.5-26.5 MB/s. It has been like this for at least 10 minutes. I'm running on the most recent update of AD. I have cleared out all unnecessary files on disk thinking it might be conflicting with something. Windows did update this morning, but I have restored my computer to a restore point from a few days ago when I was certain everything was working together properly before the updates. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Affinity Designer. More than once. I've done restarts and shut-downs. I have spent 4 hours on this and I'm out of ideas. I am able to open other AD files except for the one I mentioned. They open rather slowly, but they do open. It doesn't seem to be the size of the file because I can get larger ones to open. I've attached the file I can't open. Any ideas? letter_formation_practice_pages.afdesign
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