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  1. Thanks for your answer. Do you have any idea, when v.2.0 will be released ?
  2. Hi there, i often need to convert pixel selections into a vector path. I know that Photoshop has the function. So im wondering, how i can do that in Affinity? At the moment i need to make a pixel selection with the tool to free the object or i draw a path manually around the object. What i need to do, is to create a pixel selection an convert it to a vector path... Ist this possible? If not, is there a workaround for this? thank you for a answer Licorne
  3. Of course, i meant the border of a selection. Is the only way to get a path to redraw it manually ?
  4. Is there a possibility to convert a selection into a path ? I need to do that, but i can't find the way... Thank you very much Licorne
  5. KK thank you very much for the Answer. I understand this. So the only problem i have is set the right ratio for the original. I think ill go that way for it: * Create a new empty picture with 3350x5000 (same as the destination ratio) * then resample from 3350 to 2500 with padlock icon activated. So i will get the destination ratio. * Bring in the Picture in, make the Border etc. * Export to different sizes. I think thats it. Thank you very much for the help!
  6. @MEB yes then then crop it to the right size... But i need to export the same picture with 4 different solutions... (same proportion) That means i need to create a new File for every resolution i need, cause the original should be kept in its original size... And i need to calculate the proportion for the original by hand before.
  7. Hi Callum, thanks for the answer. You are right, while exporting the file i can change the resolution. But when you try to change the resolution from 2500x3000 to 335x500 it will affect distortion to the Picture, cause the one does not relate to the other.
  8. Hi There, i have the following case: i have a photo in high resolution (2500x3000px for example). Of course i want to save the higher resolution for further projects. My destination picture need 335x500px size an a small black border. In Fireworks i can work it out on the original resolution and export it with my destination resolution. How can i do that in Affinity ? Thank you very much! Licorne
  9. In the tutorial videos i saw the width of a brush was changed without using the mouse. I really often need to use different sizes of tools. How can i change the size (width) of a tool just using the keyboard or the mouse-wheel? Till now, i know the following methods: * type in a size in the width field * move the width slider left or right to adjust the size * hold the mouse pointer over the width field and use the mouse-wheel to change the size What i want is not to move the mouse to the width field to change the size, cause i need the size adjusted to a element in the picture. thank you very much for your answer
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