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  1. Hey! thanks for getting back! while I was trying to record the issue I found out that DM1 was correct and has shown the „workaround“. It is a common problem in usage / workflow of affinity photo for iPad. thanks and have a nice weekend!
  2. If I give a layer a different blend mode on the iPad, go out of layers, then deactivate the layer and again reactivate it = the blendmode is not preserved and has to be re-entered.
  3. Thanks! Thats indeed the problem - the workaround solved it. Interstingly I never used those "fill colour" for the Guides....
  4. To be honest, grab the discount now and be patient, its worth the wait and I believe Serif is gonna try to fix the issue asap. As Affinity v1 was supported +/- 8 years now, I am sure you wont regret and will have a longlasting grafic suite with a couple of years of updates and new functions. @Patrick Connoryou should work somehow on your announcing and communication to avoid mistakes or not offering what the users want in the future. What about periodically request some „user requests and feedbacks“ with multiple choice questions?
  5. More and more the most disappointing point is what I mentioned before. no compatibility between v2 and v1 files and no warning if you open a file with v2, no chance of downgrading the file later, you need to export to PSD and import PSD back which works somehow.
  6. To be honest, I never realised this behavior in v1 But thanks for clarifying! But in the end those options were (for me) easier and more intuitive in v1 than in v2. have a great Sunday!
  7. Hi! i am really confused by the new kind of „new file“ as its not a handy use possible. So it is tricky to start with „new from clipboard“ or „new from template“ etc. For me this is not very intuitive.
  8. But Vectornators function looks for my purposes noch as good as the Vector Q app results. But for sure, thats depending on the grafics. Adobe Express has a (free) online tool as well which has good results most times. https://www.adobe.com/de/express/feature/image/convert/jpg-to-svg
  9. Hi! I used several templates in publisher v1 for windows, color CMYK, Fogra39 Now i opened this template in v2, adjusted some vector grafics (also cmyk) 100/100/100/100 —> solid black. The color looks very grey instead of black. Now the interesting part: When toggling now to the preview mode: color is shown directly! Also export to eg PDF shows the correct colors. Using the exact same file in v1 and inserting the same vector grafic -> all view modes and exports are correct. Any idea?
  10. Thanks for this customer friendly decission! THUMBS UP!
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