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  1. Looks like it was a server problem, its working again now!
  2. Hey! i just realised that - with the current final version - no tutorial video is starting, neither the introduction videos does. Ipad 9.7 with ios 10.3.3. any idea?
  3. Hey! i tried to reproduce this tutorial, but last step - clearing the projection - causes AP to crash
  4. This would be a nice feature to get a font manager and font import into affinity! anyfont is not the best solution so far.
  5. Hey! Following issue - importing an AI file from gdrive - the file is greyed out. From gdrive triyng to open with .... "import by affinity photo" appears, but there is no import starting. Current workaround which is really importing the AI file: using readlly documents, opening the gdrive with documents, downloading into documents, than open with... "import with affinity photo" - works fine. but to be honest, shouldnÄt this be much more easier and without a workaround like a 3rd party app? i am using 1.64 latest testflight beta.
  6. How much free ram do you have? i noticed that the app is much more stable when all background apps are closed and worst case - a reboot cleans up the memory. haven't got any issue (fingers crossed!) so far on my ipad pro 9.7!
  7. Hi! just a note - current beta still got the same issue. Cheers
  8. Hey! When browsing through some cloud drive with those cr2 files eithin the import routine of affinity, those files cannot be opened as they were greyed out. With "open in" those files can be imported imto affinity. I guess they should be also opened directly without the workaround of "open in".
  9. As far as I see, when importing to PS there are no layers, it is just one. as I assume a lot of people are former PS users, any chance to have a solution or workaround for this? i need to check what I have done later, as I was able to fix the problem, i think I changed to layer into a pixellayer? bu i am not sure where exactly I did that - I just remember that I was able to get the result I wanted after a while :D
  10. hey! got a pdf file opened with affinity photo on desktop and on ipad. why do the look different? (The top), the font below is because of a missing font, but on top its a grafic as far as I can see. the file itself is attached as well. btw. any chance to have an option to import TEXT as image - same as with the PSD files? also - reg the PSD (I know offtopic so far), any chance to choose from impüort to import instead of a global switch "on" or "off"? KSK Giro Young_DachbannerLR_Gitarre.pdf
  11. sure, here we go! its a zip cause the file is too big for the forum software
  12. here we go! afinity file and psd file - if it (the psd) is opened by affinity photo it is not working, Abramowicz_Logo_neg.afphoto Abramowicz_Logo_neg.psd
  13. I can reproduce with hugh files that exporting crashes (during the export). after the app reopens no chance to get the file working again beside a complete reboot. filesize was about 7500 x 7500 pixel dokument / 300 dpi 2 layers with eps files.
  14. Btw. This is how another app is using "fine-adjusting-tool" Arrows to move selected objects pixel by pixel.