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  1. There is one thing that makes me almost "crazy" - maybe you know a remedy... I have a document with a defined textframe field into which I want to insert names from an Excel spreadsheet - this works fine, but with very long names like "Maximilian Mustermann" there is not enough space. Do you know if Affinity offers a possibility to dynamically adjust the font size to the text frame size? Or to define it: Normal names with 30 pt, as soon as the name exceeds the textframe 2 lines and if it is still too long, adjust the font size until it fits into the frame.
  2. Thanks again! it worked out! Thanks again! unfortunatly a direct support would be more comfortable.
  3. Hey! thx! Thats a great work around! I will try to go ahead like you mention! cheers!
  4. Hey! my workflow with some pictures is often: Shooting them on the iphone (transfered into icloud!) and doing some rough edits the cropping or correcting the perspective etc.. When I later open this picture into affinity on iPad, or import with „placing“ - always the original shootage will be used. it would be amazing if this get fixed or extended into a function asking „do you want import the edited or original version“. I understand that there will be also some worklflows where using the original makes more sense.
  5. Hey together! it is similar with the iPad version. e.g. when I habe a picture already edited with iPadOS (or iPhone!) photoapp and open or place this file into an affinity photo project - it is always the original and unedited picture which is annoying. it would be great if there will an option popup asking „which version do you want to import into affinity. Already edited or original?“.
  6. Hey! this issue still appears. Any chance this will be fixed someday? all the best dirk
  7. I am completely on your page! Pixelmator Pro is able to do so with very good results, so I hope Serif is working on that feature as well! Makes background removing / selecting so much easier than selecting brush does.
  8. Thanks! the problem was due to the fact that my picture was shown as „picture“, after rastarizing it worked lile you said!
  9. Hey there! I would like to extend the background of a picture. I already did this several times with the PC version of affinity photo and I knew that this was similar with the ipad version in the past where the selection tool was not part of a own persona. But at this point I am out of ideas…. How I tried to extend: New file and placing the picture within the photo persona (picture smaller than the canvas) Changing to selecting persona and selecting a part of the background which should be extended. Changing back to the photo persona and trying to „grab“ the selecting with the move-tool. But not the selection made before is taken to the move control, the complete picture is „grabbed“ by the tool. This is also happening when selecting the move-tool from the selection persona like shown on the picture attached. Appreciate your feedback and help
  10. Thanks again, it is working now and I need to inform the distributor that they made some mistake. How did you convert into a working IDML? Because I got also another file having the same issue. Would you be so kind converting as well? Kochbuch_Hochformat_210x297_cs4-cs6.idml
  11. Hey there! I have an indesign template (from psd tutorials website) which is a IDML file and which is for Indesign CS4-CS6. Unfortunatly the current final version of Affinity Publisher won't open it. Same with the latest beta of Publisher. The error message is simple saying (translated from germany): Could not open IDML file XYZ - File seems to be coruppted. File is attached for further investigation Thx everybody! Kochbuch_Querformat_297x210_cs4-cs6.idml
  12. Check this option, there are several workarounds shown which might work. hope this helps!
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