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  1. Please see the attached video of the error using the "Add" operation. Screen Recording 2020-08-16 at 4.35.32 PM.mov
  2. When editing the stroke pressure curve on the Desktop version, the beginning and end points are linked by default, with a small dot in the center of each node. On the iPad version the endpoints move independently by default, but I can't figure out how to link them so the stroke ends stay the same width. Is it possible to do this on the iPad?
  3. I'm unable to get the layer mask to completely hide the masked artwork, and it still appears as a ghosted image. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? layer-mask.mov
  4. When dragging a selection with the Move Tool, locked layers are sometimes included in the selection. Please see the Layers panel in the attached video. RPReplay_Final1591985713.MP4
  5. Hi @Sean P, Yes, I was using the Apple Pencil. I just tried again using my finger and it appears to be working normally in that case.
  6. I've been experiencing an issue where the color picker only occasionally selects the correct color. Please see the attached video. RPReplay_Final1591898887.MP4
  7. @Jowday I would have expected "Scale with object" to work as well, but the strokes I copied/pasted were already set to do that. It's also worth noting that changing the dpi of the original document from 600 to 300 scaled the strokes appropriately, so it's odd that pasting between two documents with different resolutions would give a different result. 🤷‍♂️
  8. @Jowday Update: It appears the problem isn't with the pressure profiles, but with the stroke weights. I compared the setup of the two documents and realized the original was set at 600 dpi, and was pasted into a 300 dpi document. I'm guessing this was the problem.
  9. @Jowday I've attached a video here. I'll post this in the bugs thread. Screen_Recording_2020-06-06_at_9_08.09_PM.mov
  10. As the title states, when copying stroked paths with variable pressure profiles and pasting them into a new document, the assigned pressure profiles are not maintained. Should this be filed as a bug, or as a requested feature?
  11. I guess my question is how does one access the grayed-out functions? In what instances are those options available?
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