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  1. With the release of 1.90 today, I find that the startup times are the same (or worse) than 1.86 on my M1 Mini. On my Intel-based Mac, startup times seem normal for 1.90 (less than 5 seconds). Still not great, but within expected times.
  2. Well count me in on slow starting of web downloaded versions. After the MAS versions started slowing, I downloaded trials of the 3 apps from your website. Those worked for a couple weeks then went slow. I know they were the trial versions because those were the ones I had in my dock. FWIW, the copy app kludge seems to work after doing preliminary trials. Interesting, though, that other apps (like Pixelmator Pro, AppleSilicon/App Store version) do not exhibit slow starting at all.
  3. Of course, there are many reports of the startup delay affecting the web-versions of the app. I, for one, reported that while I purchased the App Store versions of all the apps and all were displaying the start delay, I also then downloaded trial version from your web-store and while at first they started normally, in a couple weeks they also started to display the start delay similar to the App Store versions. I removed the trials as they were no better than the App Store at that point. Given it's been 2 months since this started and you're "still investigating", it sounds like it's no
  4. Even more sad that Affinity isn't communicating what is going on and when we can expect a fix. The problem wasn't there in the previous version and suddenly appeared in an update. Is this really rocket science? Is there an OFFICIAL FAQ somewhere on this? Since it affects all Affinity Apps and the forum is divided up by app, is there a central forum for bugs on ALL APPS?
  5. That is a known problem. There is a thread about it here: However, although it's been a known problem for over a month, the team at Affinity have not fixed it.
  6. This thread is mainly about how long it takes to just launch (start) any of the Affinity apps without opening any data files (ie., just clicking one of the app icons to launch it). That's the issue everyone here is talking about.
  7. Not related to Affinity apps, but yesterday Microsoft Autoupdate did the exact same thing -- took about 30 seconds to launch, with the icon bouncing in the dock the entire time. Could this behavior be something with Big Sur?
  8. FWIW, my website-downloaded versions worked normally for 2 weeks then suddenly had delayed startup. Seems neither app-store or website versions are immune.
  9. I would like to add here that now the apps that I got direct from Affinity are now also slow to start. Up to now, the direct-Affinity apps started normally (quick). Now they are acting just like the App-Store apps - 17 sec minimum launch time. Something changed, just not sure what.
  10. Any updates on when the slow launching issue will be fixed and an update available in the App Store?
  11. Well, that's comforting! But yes, your comment to Willem above did sound very dismissive of the issue. Hopefully it will be figured out soon! Thanks.
  12. Every single one of my apps are Universal, except for one. I've made a point of installing only Universal versions (including a beta of the Universal version of Microsoft 365 apps), and none of them have this issue. I'm not a developer so I don't know how the process works, but there must be a difference in the code between the App Store version and the standalone version. I see the size of the file is different, so they are not the same. In any case, I'm stuck on using a trial (which is temporary) so please don't sit back and wait to see if others have the same issue. You have
  13. I am not using WIFI. I use Ethernet. But even with it unplugged (no internet), it is the same -- slow startup.
  14. I do have some other 3rd party apps from the App Store, but no issues with them. Just the Affinity apps from the App Store.
  15. Thanks. I had read a similar article, but it mentioned that App Store apps don't use OCSP. Not sure if that's true or not, but I do not believe that is my issue for a few reasons: The article says the OCSP check is cached for 12 hours. My Affinity apps from the App Store have the long delay EVERY TIME they are first launched or a long period of time goes by since it was launched. The article says that if the Mac is OFFLINE, the check is skipped. I can disconnect my Mac from the network and the launch delay is still there. It is no longer November 12, 2020. The delays in
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