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  1. You might want to post this as it's own topic to get a better response because this thread is about STARTUP delays when launching Affinity apps, not slowness when USING the apps.
  2. My V1 was from the App Store and was plagued with startup delays. I bought V2 direct from Affinity and have no issues.
  3. Just launched Designer 2 after having launched it this morning, and it took 23 bounces on the dock before it launched. (MBP 13 M1) Disappointing.
  4. Pretty sure Apple had nothing to do with it, otherwise V1 apps would launch lickety-split now. But glad to hear V2 launches like every other app now (fast).
  5. Anyone try Affinity V2 apps to see how fast they start? Web or App Store versions?
  6. According to an email I just received, "Something BIG is coming...". New versions? Probably. Free upgrades to those of us that already bought? Hopefully (but unlikely). Will the apps launch quickly? Not unless Apple fixed something on their end.
  7. Interesting, but none of the "fixes" I have found to work long term. They may work for a few weeks, but then...BAM! back to the 17-23 seconds of bouncing icon on the dock.
  8. So the lingerling "logical" questions are why this happens MOSTLY with Affinity apps and why it only happens with the App Store versions? Does Pixelmator Pro, for example, not use codesigning and somehow bypasses Gatekeeper as the reason their app launches immediately? Why do your Web versions, for the most part, not delay on start? Secondly, there is no way to provide Affinity Web Store replacements for people that can prove they bought the Apple App Store versions since this seems it will never be fixed? Also, YES...there are reports of other apps (mostly complaints of MS Office) that exhibit similar behavior, but if you read the posts, most say they have no issues with other apps (except MS Office, in the case of the particular thread). It just seems if Apple changed something, then why isn't EVERY app exhibiting the delay?
  9. You sort of answered your own question. If they cared, they'd redesign their software to work like literally every other app that doesn't stall on start. I would guess they have zero resources working on this.
  10. Seems you have hit upon a bit of good luck then. Metal didn't work for me as a fix. Unfortunately, no one else has chimed in with their experience using Metal setting.
  11. Have you rebooted a few times? I just rebooted and my apps are back to 15 bounces before opening. Before rebooting, they were quick at launching. As a matter of fact, right after updating to macOS 15.4 they still launched fast. But did a manual restart and then back to slow again. Checked Preferences and still on "Metal" for all three apps.
  12. I've rebooted mine after fast opening and sometimes it still opens fast. Sometimes it doesn't. Like I said, it's very unpredictable. Come back in a couple weeks and let us know if any of the apps have reverted to 20+ seconds. Basically, Affinity has said that the problem is with some sort of "check" with Apple servers that is failing. Why they are the only app that has this check is yet to be explained. I don't think (and my results don't show) that switching how the video works fixes the startup glitch.
  13. I'm not disproving your results, I'm saying the OpenGL --> Metal change doesn't work for me. I do know that the apps don't always stall on opening after a reboot. It's very random. As is how long the copy-app "fix" stays working. By your results above, Designer and Photo should be opening in 2-4 seconds normally. Even after your "fix", they still take 15+ seconds. That's not "fixed". Is it quicker? Yes, but not "fixed". I just don't want others to think that switching an app to Metal fixes the app so it opens in 2-4 seconds because it doesn't.
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