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  1. A number of old bugs have managed to make their way into V2 (2.1.1) SLOW app launch, all apps, north of 20 secs. AGAIN! Apple recently pushed a number of security updates that I'm sure have caused problems with Affinity's app signing NO output preview in All apps except for the following formats: PDF, EPS, EXR, HDR I don't understand how this is a problem, AGAIN! Still waiting for single click document opening from the dock when you have multiple documents open. These may seems a bit trivial to some but these issues should not persist at this version of the suite.
  2. Come on Affinity! App window restoration on a mac is a core component of MacOS so why don't Affinity apps restore windows by clicking the app icon in the dock like ALL OTHER Mac apps do? This has been a long standing issue that should have been fixed long ago but Affinity doesn't seem to think it's important enough to fix.
  3. I'm running 2.04 and the problem still exists. I can create and modify an outline with an existing document but can not with a new document.
  4. Still no restore minimized application window from dock. Seems like a pretty basic Apple app requirement. No? Might seem trivial but it really screws up productivity when you have to click and hold then select a minimized window. Seriously Affinity. Why?
  5. Still NO PDF Export Preview. Still NO Restore Minimized app from dock.
  6. My bounce of death has not occurred with Affinity Apps V2 as long as I don't open V1 of the apps. The bounce usually returns only once the first time the Affinity Apps open after an OS update.
  7. No Preview here on any format selected. MacOS 13.1 (22C65)
  8. I have not found a way to automatically EMBED a SVG in a Designer document. No matter what I do SVG files are always EMBEDDED in my Designer documents. Here's what a I mean by WEB document. CREATE a new WEB document from the New Document dialog.
  9. Until recently I have always been able to PLACE a SVG file into a Designer document then double click the SVG to open the embedded asset then select ALL and copy and paste the SVG back into the original document. However today when I tried placing a SVG into a new document and double clicking nothing happens. SOLUTION: If you create a WEB document you will be able to PLACE a SVG file then double click it to open it in a separate window as an <EMBEDDED> item. While in the EMBEDDED document you can SELECT ALL and COPY then PASTE it back into the original document and be able to edit the SVG freely.
  10. This is really bad design. No other apps on my Mac use this behaviour. Having to long press in order to open a minimized document makes ZERO sense. How did this make it past QA?
  11. What assets are imported by the V2 installer when it asks me to import custom assets? I wasn't sure so I said no but it would be interesting to know. Thanks
  12. I've been using all three V2 apps on my M1 Max since yesterday and the apps had been opening almost instantly. But this evening I started Photo V1 and it started slowly. Since then Photo, Designer and Publisher V2 ALL take almost a minute to startup. This issue NEEDS to be addressed. PLEASE!
  13. Hey folks, Today I did my monthly Super Duper! backup and after the backup finished I shutdown my MBP. I just started my MBP and opened Affinity Designer (Photo and Publisher) and they are all back to 30+ sec. start up time again. Strange.
  14. Another update. Last evening I cold started Designer after booting up my MacBook Pro and for some reason both Designer and Photo both took 20-30 secs. to open. Nothing had changed on my system aside from installing a few new fonts. I rebooted several times and the slow app start persisted. I figured my fast app open free ride was over. BUT... this morning I started my MacBook Pro and alas all Affinity apps now open in 2 secs. I can not explain what is happening. Nothing at all chaged on my system from last evening and this morning but no the less all my Affinity apps again open very quickly. Very strange behaviour.
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