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  1. Brushes imported successfully. Imported 40 vector brushes into category "Crayon Brushes". Obvi they don't show because they're all Vector. Frankentoon has come up with some new website sign-up the old site needed an update nonsense for a wonderful marvelous experience that I don't want. Or need. Thus I can't be bothered. So there's that. I'm not wasting any more of my time with it. I've moved on.
  2. They're the Frankentoon brushes. They import fine in Designer. I can't get any of the Frankentoon Crayon brushes to show up in Photo. I deleted vector_brushes.propcol, but of course I have no idea if that took away the 4 or not, since the Crayon Brushes don't show. Thanks for your help. When I re-import them into Photo, it says it takes all 40 brushes, but none show. And to add insult to injury, Frankentoon has changed their web presence, so I might as well forget about that. If it's not one thing in the stupidity of vendors, it's another. Bye bye Frankentoon.
  3. I'm trying to get to see the four copies of Crayon Brushes that I've imported into Photo, but the arcane search responses I get don't allow me the slightest bit of inspiration. How do I delete three copies of these so far invisible brushes and keep only one?
  4. Gosh, with all the scuttlebutt about Affinity being in the Dead Zone, I hurried to uploaded another pbook to Ingram and Amazon. Ho-hum. Which reminds me, after that last post I was forced to reinstall the product and search through a multitude of landfills to retrieve all of my work. Just another busy day in the life of a dedicated user of the product. Which one of you was it that convinced me Affinity was dead and useless??? Well, you were def wrong!
  5. w0w. After reading this thread, I deleted all of my Affinity software and all of the work I did while using it. Now I'm sitting back with a coffee, congratulating myself for my forward thinking in doing so. I mean, really, if the outfit is d.e.d., why bother any longer?
  6. I think this thread has jumped the shark.
  7. I was very happy with my Citro├źn 2CV in Djibouti in 1974.
  8. I think we're all at an impasse.
  9. There sure are a lot of people wanting to see these products dead and buried, aren't there? What's with that? While it may not work for some, it certainly works rather well for the likes of me - and many others.
  10. Can't be. I just used it an hour ago.
  11. Once the magical .docx is prepared from a Scrivener export, it takes me no time at all to clean it up. It's my job. I just do it. I have 13 POD print books up on Amazon and Ingram Spark. I used Affinity Publisher to prepare and upload the .pdf files from a .docx using templates. I can't compliment Affinity enough for allowing me to prepare the templates I have designed to do that. I do admit it was a bit of a bear learning to build my own templates, but I set aside time to learn to do so, and it worked for me. If I can't figure it out, I come here to ask questions. I use calibre to convert my .docx file into an .epub for direct upload to Google Play Books and Kobo. Amazon gets a .docx. Another site gets a .doc - easy peasy, and as a Save As from the .docx. I use an aggregator to hit the rest of the sites, including but not limited to Apple and Barnes&Noble, and at least a dozen others, if not more. I have over 50 ebooks in addition to the print. In an average year, I get around 20,000 ebook downloads from Google Play, Barnes&Noble, Apple, and others. But like I said, I do my own work, and consider it my job to do it. I have it down to a science. It takes me hardly any time at all once I have the .docx. Now, I will admit I don't prepare books with images, or technical manuals, etc., so concerning that, I have no knowledge. Before I forget, I use Photo for the covers of all of my books. Sometimes, I even dip a finger into Designer to do so, but rarely. In case anyone hasn't noticed, I'm happy with the Affinity products. When necessary, I will use any and all of the other tools required and available to do my job as an author and get my books to my faithful readers with a minimum of fuss and bother. As always, one's mileage may vary.
  12. I appear to have solved the problem on my own (more of my renowned finger/keyboard problems). I now have the ability to select or deselect Color space: CMYK in my Publisher export to pdf settings. Thanks, thomaso, for your help.
  13. As stated. Now I can't de-select it in the export settings, no matter what I try. I don't need CMYK. It's a POD book going up to Amazon, all black and white. They won't accept it in CMYK format. Nor will Ingram Spark. Edited to add that I'll give it a try anyway to see what happens.
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