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  1. I had to scan a couple things this morning so I used Preview. I forgot to to turn the scanner off and decided to try scanning in PV2 since the scanner was already warmed up and it worked... for the first time ever. No banding or colour issues. Not sure what this means except that I can work. For me under certain conditions anyway.
  2. I also have problems with acquire image in V2 but also has issues with V1. It has just never worked on mac for me. I would love to be able to scan directly into AP!
  3. Excellent, I might be starting a job scanning and retouching a few hundred photos soon and this bug would slow me down quite a bit!
  4. Lately, no matter what the file type, if I use the RAW developer persona and just click on the white balance slider, it crashes the program. This happened with the first version but if I saved the file before touching the white balance it would work. Now that doesn't work, the white balance filter does, however.
  5. Not a problem, I Put it in the new feature requests, I wasn’t sure if it was implemented and I missed it.
  6. Especially for PDF files which often have to be customized for different printers.
  7. They open for me in V2 but it crashes if you use the develop persona immediately. Even saving it as an affinity file doesn't help.
  8. There might technical limitations but hope it comes to iPad as well.I can see referencing external files as a problem on IPad as everything is pretty much self contained.
  9. Nothing special at all. The enlargement functions don’t work, but the rest do like the sharpen, denoise. I haven’t had any problems since I installed them in photo V2. Maybe delete it as plug-in and reinstall?
  10. Hello Walt I settled the page number problem buy starting over again with the problematic chapters and it worked. I also added sections to a couple of them as a test and that produced the same numbering issue so if anyone is having this problem that is the first thing they should check out. This was my "test" project for V@ and it crashed the app a few times until a moderator saw that there was a problem linking to the illustration folder and I think that might have damaged my files in some way. Who knows? Not me. I only know it works now! Thanks for your input!
  11. Good question, no I wasn't. I haven't found a good use for sections in my work so far and haven't used it.
  12. Hi Walt, the numbering in the list of of files is wrong (see image) but also when I save the book out as PDF the pages number within each story are not sequential. One story starts on page 13 as it should, but the next pages are pages 1,2 and 3. I have tried every setting I could find to be honest as I was playing around with the feature and grabbing at anything I could. I have deleted and started over several times but the same problem arises. None of the stinking seems to change anything. I feel like there is a good way to set up the files before making the book that I am not aware of or messed up somehow.
  13. I am very excited to to use the book feature and have made an experiment using and yet unfinished book of short stories. I separate some of the stories into APub by saving as the name of the story and deleted the rest, others I just deleted text in an already separate story and replaced it with the new text. Everything work as expected except the page numbering which is all over the place. are there limitations or best practices I do not know about yet that could fix this? This is a feature I would like to use to sell a client on using Affinity over a 15 year version of Quark Xpress, which I honestly have never liked since it was released.
  14. I forgot how much I wanted a spiral feature! It’s was one feature illustrator had I missed when I started with Designer.
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