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  1. I forgot how much I wanted this feature!
  2. Honesty I briefly thought about that and then discarded the idea thinking it might not work. It makes more sense coming from you than my own brain! *edit. Just remembered what I was thinking. I didn’t want to open Photo instead of designer when double clicking.
  3. I would like to convert a large amount of clipart from eps to AD or SVG and was surprised that batching doesn't do that! PDF would be nice as well. I assume there som technical hill to climb to do that but it would be wonderful not to have to so 1000s of files one by one!
  4. I would love to be able to apple a pressure setting to the FX outline feature as you can with curve stroke. I have been using curve lines to represent a cartoon arm or leg and adding the outline FX so it can look more hand drawn and still be bent into different positions. A puppet tool deform in Designer might do the same thing but that seems more complicated to pull off.
  5. Restarting was the most sure way of getting them back but sometimes a zoom in or out would do it or switch to another doc and back. Oddly I haven’t had the problem with publisher or photo. I will definitely check the history and report when/if it happens next!
  6. The disabling did not seem to affect it. I have read in other posts recently I am not the only one with this problem. It is really random, for example all day yesterday it did not happen even once while the day before it happened every hour or more.
  7. I didn't see anyone else having this problem. Te transform box around objects will disappear while I am working on any object I click on. It's still there but invisible. I have to restart Designer to get it visible again. It's very random. I van work for hours with no problem and the then it happens, or it happen right away, a minutes into working. It's on every design file I open but I haven't seen it in Publisher or Photo yet. It slows me down but I can still work.
  8. Thanks a million for explaining what happened and fixing it in the document !
  9. I made a simple PDF of a book to send to a client and an image had a big error, the white cloud character was black. I tried a couple PDF option, always the same issue. I opened Designer, saved that one image as PDF and the issue remained. It does not appear with any of the other images. I have included a PDF showing the problem and the original file. I made a copy of the problem layer, rasterized it and that works fine in the PDF so the client is still getting the update he needs at least! six- kites,geese_POF problem.pdf six- kites,geese.afdesign
  10. I can confirm the delete key on the Mac suddenly stopped working when I updated to 2.2 this morning. I was able to delete the layer in the layer panel but I will have to work out a solution very quickly.
  11. A nice clear tutorial, I thought I had already subscribed to your YouTube channel but I didn’t. Fixed that today!
  12. I did another from the same part of the parade. A little more dramatic this time. I was surprised how much the face looks like the real guy in spite of, or maybe because of, the large sunglasses.
  13. Another try at drawing in Photo in the iPad and I think it's going better. Thanks to the staff I was able to get the blur brush working again and though subtle is did help with some blending issues. This is definitely a case where not good photo can make a much more interesting illustration. Isolating the marcher form everyone else made for a much better composition.
  14. That is interesting, I am glad I brought it up. However it still had an issue fro me. I resized the sky to be sure it wasn't over the borders as well but it wasn't. Still weird it's only that one group and the 2 islands are fine. This won't be finished for a while and I plan to use PDF/X-1a for printing but I hope if this is a problem and not just me, it gets solved. let's count to ten.pdf
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