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  1. I know this isn't the ideal solution fr all and has been mentioned elswhere. I have recently taken most of my idesign templates I use for various clients , exported them as PDF and opened them in Publisher, including multi page documents, and it did a VERY good job reformatting them to Publisher. Most needed zero after the fact tweaking. Fonts were correct, as were all the text and paragraph attributes. So I too would like indesign import/export functionality but I am finding it less crucial than I thought as I wait for Publisher to get an official release and start it's road as a viable Indiesgn replacement.
  2. nomi02118

    Head up to the team: Batch processing broken in Mojave

    I just had the same issue so it doesn't seem like ti was fixed yet.
  3. Thanks for the link! We will see how the final version of publisher comes out, but this might be a good option if I switch to it for my main clients.
  4. I already changed them all in my document so I haven't re-tried that again. When i did originally it just did not do anything. Granted that was a couple updates ago. I did discover I could use preferences to change the entire document to use the quotes I wanted and that seemed to work when I imported new text. I have to say overall, the typography in Publisher is excellent right out of the gate.
  5. Sure, I use it in my work to find all the numbers in a document and replace the font. I know this sounds odd, but I have several clients who we use one font for text and another for numbers. last time I tried doing this in Publisher it couldn't happen. Also I will import a large text document with regular quotation marks but have to change them to double straight ones (my personal favourite) or to guillemets since here in Quebec we often have text in English and French. My needs may not be all that common I admit!
  6. It certainly is! Thanks for pointing that out to me! It's dead easy!
  7. I have been working on a personal boo project with Publisher now for a while and overall, it went from OK to really liking some of the features and the experience. At the same time i was reviewing Quark 2018 and Indesign CC2018 so I've been busy! I am looking forward to the official release of Publisher and know, like the other Affinity products will take a little time to get truly up and running as new features are added. A few features I think are pretty important: Better find and replace options Indesign (idml) import - Quark 2018 includes this and while I know Affinity isn't including it right away - it's really important I work on a magazine which means many people on the same document, Quark does this well but Publisher should also. Layout programs often have an edit original feature for images, this might also be useful for text, writers and editors can be updating documents, it could save a lot of time and allow for more fluid workflows. More options for customizing Pdf exports for finicky printers Import text that automatically adds enough pages to accommodate and flows naturally. Hand making text columns and hand flowing the text brewer them on a long document is torturous. Indesign can do this in a very clunky way and Affinity would win over a lot if indesign book designers with a more elegant workflow. Those are just my note so far, working on a project has really let me get to know the software and how I'll end up using it much more than just playing with it now and then.
  8. nomi02118

    TOC bug

    Sorry did not see this until now. I did find the problem yesterday. There were copies of the chapter titles, invisible, on the page. I only found them them by moving everything off the page and then selecting everything and taxes appeared they were not visible when selecting everything before. They did delete and the problem went away. As it's a new app and I'm just playing with it to see what it can do, I wouldn't put it past me that I did some weird combo of things that couldn't be reproduced if I tried! Updating the the TOC works as it should now!
  9. I have been using the beta to set up a book for Amazon as a practice test and to learn the software and noticed that when I deleted a chapter heading that was a text object and added the heading in the body text, both came up in the refreshed TOC. So ti seems like it remembered the deleted heading somehow.
  10. That would be no good at all for me. Imagine getting a document several hundred page and having to change each number to the new font one by one. Indesign has a very robust find and replace function, I am hoping we get most of what it has (or better!) in upcoming updates. I have become a little obsessed with the idea that I will someday soon be able to do my design work on my iPad while away instead of taking my laptop. I did some changes on a logo with Designer from a file I had on dropbox in the iPad and it was so convenient! With Photo and someday Publisher this would be so awesome!
  11. I hope this isn't mentioned elsewhere. In my work with books and other documents, I use the find and replace opine in Indesign to find all the numbers as an example and replace the font with another one. I can also save this find and replace as a preset and if you have ever tried to change the font of only numbers or change all the quotation marks to straight double quotation marks in a 150 page book, you can imagine how time saving this can be. I am very happy with this first beta, there are already things I can see loving to use in my work and look forward to hopefully ePub exports, the ability to import large texts documents that will automatically create additional pages to fit the text, packaging files for the printer and likely a ton of features I never thought about but you guys will come up with.
  12. nomi02118

    New NIK Collection Released by DXO

    Mac High sierra 10.13.5 installation worked for photoshop, but none show up in Affinity. I deleted all the old versions of the plugins and installed from scratch. Still nothing. I'll keep trying as foolishly paid my money before verifying it work!
  13. nomi02118

    New NIK Collection Released by DXO

    I was excited to hear this, but does it work in Affinity still? I am having some u=issues getting it to work so far.
  14. During the beta testing my NIK plugins for the most part worked on and off. It was stated that compatibility with photoshop plugins was one of the priorities but on release... seems like ti didn't happen. I did contact the NIK plugin people to be sure they were on board and they stated it was up to Affinity to implement the compatibility. (Not sure if that's 100% true, I don't know how these things work). So I am asking when/if such a function might be brought back into the software. I use these particular plugins daily for work and if they were all working in Affinity photo, honestly i could pretty dump photoshop for just about anything else i use it for currently.