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  1. Sorry to take so long to reply, I have been super busy. the problem has disappeared since I wrote the post and I can't replicate it anymore. Maybe it was a Mac OS issues that a recent update fixed. As an aside, one of the things keeping me so busy was I have been preparing my primary printer to take my files produced with Affinity Publisher and they are impressed with the result so far. At first they were horrified, thinking I was asking them to use Microsoft Publisher!
  2. I had two text boxes grouped but only needed to move one of the boxes slightly to one side. I double clicked the group which let me move the box, but when I clicked off the group it slid back and then some. I tried it a few times, sometimes it slid back, other times no. It works as expected if I ungroup, make the move and then re-group.
  3. nomi02118

    DNG import bug

    Well this is a good example why I switched to Affinity a couple years ago. You guys really work for our business.
  4. nomi02118

    DNG import bug

    Sorry I guess I forget to mention it is a panorama. I did try and the chromic aberration adjustment but it didn't work out. (Chris B earlier found the same thing.) Might be just this file so i will keep an eye out if I get another form this client.
  5. Thanks guys, i posted that just now. I was confused because i was trying to use the way it is done in the other programs as they are so close in interface.
  6. I may found it, you have to go to the master page, right click and select spread properties. That seems to be where its hidden!
  7. If you open a new document, the setting I need are there. If you are already in a document you don't have access to those settings. The closest is file/document setup and this is all you get. I don't see a layout page setup button anywhere and it wasn't listed in a search I did. like I said I might just be missing something that's right in my face.
  8. Yesterday I had to resize a document in Publisher for a client and thought it would be the same as Photo and Designer... simply go to "resize document" but I couldn't find that. I had make a new document and copy and paste the info to that. Seems like I am missing something.
  9. nomi02118

    DNG import bug

    I did that as well, sadly I had to open it photoshop to make it work and it opened with no problems. I don't have to work with DNG often, but when I do its for a client so I hope this gets sorted out! Thanks!
  10. nomi02118

    DNG import bug

    Uploading it now, the white flowers on the far right are where etc problem shows up the most.
  11. nomi02118

    DNG import bug

    I used photoshop to open the dng without any problems, then exported to tif for use in photo. I am just concerned in future, i wont have a working version of photoshop to use as a backup. I guess it could have been a problem with the camera, but knowing this client, it seems unlikely. He is the only person i know who uses the format at all. Its not a bad idea, just almost no one seems to have adopted it in the end.
  12. nomi02118

    DNG import bug

    It is tiny corner of a larger file. It doesn't happen in photoshop, so I thought there might be something about the AP DNG import.
  13. nomi02118

    DNG import bug

    I have (one) client who sends me DBG files occasionally and this time I noticed chromic aberration on the white areas which makes the file unusable. I opened the DNG in Photoshop and it looked perfect, so I exported it from there to tif for the project. Is DNG a bit buggy in Photo?
  14. I am fine, the last heard it was going to work sometime in the beta version and thought that might have been delayed.
  15. The two buttons for Photo and Designer are there and I was wondering if on release of Publisher if they work. I have been curious about the integration. I know it's only days away and I'll know then, but my curiosity is getting the best of me!

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