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  1. Publisher for iPad coming this summer is the best news I have had in a LONG time.
  2. I think the images show the problem well. If I pull down on the text block to enlarge it slightly, the text pops back to where it should be. Only just noticed this after the new update but it might have existed earlier and I just didn't encounter it.
  3. I remade the first placed psd file as an affinity file and it works like it should. There was something not right with that one file that set publisher off it seems. It was a Krita file saved as PSD which might be the issue though so were a few of the other placed files. Thanks for the advice and help.
  4. I think you are right, these have multiple layers and are big files, even though they are linked it might be taxing Publisher a bit.
  5. They are located on an external disk. I had already placed about 40 over the last couple weeks before this happened today. They are a mix of affinity files and .psd files (made in affinity). It's strange because I did some work on this file the day before with no problems. I did restart the computer in case there was some conflict going on but it didn't help. It might mysteriously fix itself, but I thought I should mention it.
  6. Single or multiple images. Just started happening today and it takes along time to load completely. Been using it since the last update with no problems. First time I have had to stop working because of a problem with any of the Affinity apps! The document is a book of illustrations so it's very graphics heavy.
  7. I don't usually work in a team but I still need to group pages into chapters. A book of short stories, for example, will often need to be have those stories moved around. Having them in chapter groups would allow for the TOC the update the order and the page number. Presently I have to select the pages in a chapter and drag them to a new location which is awkward and doesn't always work. I would also love to have a document that could reference exterior files that could be worked on by separate people and updated in one document that could be exported as a Pdf for printing. I work for a magazine doing design and if that were possible they would switch to Publisher gladly I think as their current workflow uses Quark which to be honest, I HATE using. I hope I explained that properly!
  8. Running big sur on an intel imac. I have some workarounds like opening in dxo photolab, using Viveeza and then having the file open in affinity photo from there. It’s not optimum, but it works!
  9. Apparently there have been some crashes between Affinity photo, Big Sur operating system and NIK plugins so it is being looked at!
  10. I really appreciate the effort and at least I know what the problem is. I seem to remember years ago there being some unhappiness with Affinity only supporting 1.4 but I assumed like a fool that no one would be using anything lower at this point. I was able to import it but then couldn't open it after the file was closed and saved, So I am hoping I can just place the old pdf in a document and export to a newer pdf version, not save the document and just use the new file. It's not exactly efficient use of time but it's faster than crashing Publisher with old files!
  11. This definitely seems to be a problem with the old version. I tried another file saved into pdf with publishers at version 1.7 and it was super fast and no problems at all. I never thought that apple's program would be saving at such an old version and Publisher only handles down to version 1.4 from what I understand. I guess the next step is to encourage Apple to provide more than saving as 1.3 as an option. Seems reasonable to ask for that but who knows if they will do anything or not! I might have to import my source files into publishers and export them as a higher version and hope that works!
  12. Turns out Apple's Preview app only saves as 1.3 and seems to convert files to 1.3 for "compatibility" which might make sense in general but might be working against us here. Many of the files I recieved were from institutions and were in 1.4 - 1.7 these places are notorious for never upgrading but also need to send stuff to places that might not have the resources to update. I will try and find a way to save the files to a higher version and see how that goes,
  13. Ok I remade a version of the document and like before it worked like a charm and I saved it. Then I tried to package it and that transferred the PDF to the folder and never went any further after 20 minutes. I had to force quit and reopen and it did not reopen. I just kept loading for 15 minutes and I had to force quit again. So instead of the package dossier I made a dossier with the pdf and .afpub file. I hope that can help you recreate the problem there. (EDIT: I tried to reopen the folder again and it did... after 15 minutes so I tried to package it again and after another 20 minutes fgot this message but it seemed to work to I uploaded packaged dossier. Maybe seeing both will help. So even though it finally worked in the end, it's definitely hanging up somewhere along the way. Thanks for looking into this. Being able to use PDFs is part of my plan to convince a client to switch to Affinity over their 17 year version of Quark Xpress.
  14. Hello Gabe I deleted those files as they were making organization confusing. I did reorganize it all and can recreate it if you like. It might take a me a couple days but it would good to know if it's a problem that can be solved.
  15. DXO did get back to me about the problem and are looking into it. I sent in a detailed report for them so if I find anything out, I'll publish it here.
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