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  1. A bit violent, but I like the humor of Death delivering pizza at gunpoint. Or is it death STEALING a pizza at gunpoint?
  2. Great work Roxanne. Just about anything Halloween that's not smiley and cute is number one in my book. Scary vultures, a full moon, and a spooky house with a Mansard roof (think Addams Family). Couple of tweaks on the Halloween one with various filters and lighting and it's perfect. What and how you do it is up to you so experiment away. Some mysterious stuff going on in the Valentine heart.
  3. I could look at your work all day long. Elegant and amazing.
  4. Not sure about the color scheme but I like the whole logo. Nice attention to letter spacing and balance. Aside from the color the only other bit I'd experiment with is the ampersand. I love type-centric circular logos that work and this one is just about there.
  5. All great photos, but the one suspended in flight is brilliant.
  6. Love it. I can imagine Goldfish dream of flight from the cramped confines of their glass bowls. I like the fact that its a pair of fish.
  7. Love the idea. "You go that way, I'll look to the right." Only minor suggestion would be a slight bit more clarity/sharpness of the De Havilland.
  8. I'm reveling in all the details and contrasts (not the light/dark, etc. but the buildings and architecture). I agree with BarKeegan, the "worm's eye view" is perfect.
  9. I like that it's not exact. The only element I'd add is shadow on the bowl (same way you have shadow for the "Scepter"?). It looks like an attached shell-I'd refine the detail on that a bit (not so blurry) to bring it more in line with how you've rendered the rest. On illustration overall, I think the minor quirks are far superior to a LOT printed and online pieces I've seen that some on-high decision maker thinks is good when they look more like the mistakes that never should have seen the light of day. Keep up the great work. Very inspiring.
  10. Impressive work. Working on the grid would drive me batty. Love the logo work too.
  11. Fantastic work Pedro. Proves that even a simple subject has a far more complex underlying structure. Love the red ones. How about a groovy "Grateful Dead" tie-dye version?
  12. I appreciate the night version but the daytime version is really fantastic. Very "Grapes of Wrath" feeling to it. A little Andrew Wyeth as well.
  13. Lovely tribute. Love to see a version where the text doesn't cover his face. He was knighted, yes?
  14. Another winner. I'm suspecting that side views of these cars don't exist😉. Quite a unique style you have. Not only is the object well done but the background (black as it may be) also lends an evocative mood.
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