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  1. As a Mac user I think there are some good options already available at reasonably low prices (or even free) that have a standalone one-off purchase price (or alongside subscription plans). Typeface RightFont FontAgent Whilst there are other options available, the feature-rich are subscription-based ones whilst the free alternatives are somewhat limited or 'feature-light'. The three that I have listed are a decent price-to-features compromise in the perpetual license category. Personally I have been using Typeface for a number of years now (having migrated from Suitcase Fusion and Linotype FontExplorer) and think it's pretty good (for my needs).
  2. Aperture, for image management, is still (IMHO) king. There just isn't anything available that can do what it can do with ease and speed… and then there's the Light Table feature, which is still unique (within the world of photo editing/management apps) to Aperture. Despite Aperture being killed off by Apple years ago, I still keep it running happily on a dedicated older Mac to maintain a massive library of edited/completed images. Whilst Capture One has taken over the batch image processing duties, its image management abilities are shockingly bad in comparison to Aperture. Every time an image editing/management app has been released or got updated, the feeling of disappointment continues as all the developers seem to concentrate on nowadays are new features that might create headlines or outdo their competitors. Feels a bit like the car manufacturers game of chasing stupid horsepower or acceleration figures. I really wish someone, anyone (I no longer care if Serif/Affinity can/will do this or not, but great if they can/will), would come up with a proper image management alternative to Aperture that goes beyond just the basics.
  3. Thanks for the update. Whilst it is not a seriously bad issue, as there are workarounds, it is irritating so an eventual fix will be greatly appreciated. During my course of testing I had also tried various configurations of the View Quality, Retina Rendering and Metal Hardware Acceleration settings – but all without any noticeable improvement. Additionally, I don't know if I have mentioned this before or if it helps, this problem happens in MacOS Catalina, Mojave and High Sierra – but I haven't tried in Big Sur as I am not yet running it on any of my Macs.
  4. OK. I'll drop a few files in there shortly – the one used in the screen recording, as well as a couple others worked on prior to v1.9 (but they now also display this particular issue, when they didn't before).
  5. My Mac Pro (2013) does have DUAL AMD Radeon D300 GPUs, so the app is reporting correctly. Turning off MHA was one of the first things I previously tried but the issue still happens. It also happens on my 15" MacBook Pro 2014 and 11" MacBook Air 2011 (again, regardless of MHA). On all three Macs, the issue only happens when there are lots of layers in the document and gets progressively worse as more layers are added. As more layers are removed, then the issue progressively improves. With the exception of the File Recovery Interval setting, I have tried adjusting ALL the other settings (on/off, least/most etc) in the Performance tab but none had any effect on resolving the issue.
  6. Yes, at first I thought I had a problematic Shift key as I didn't have it pressed when making the selection. I even swapped to a different Mac and it still happened. A little further investigation today has revealed that it is something related to the number of layers in the document. I have been testing the issue with some older documents and those with more layers displayed a similar problem. Documents with few or no layers either had no problem or it was less severe. Reducing the layers, or even completely removing them either diminished or eliminated the problem. I have attached a screen recording that demonstrates the issue coming and going depending on the amount of layers in the document. AP 193 – FST problem.mov
  7. Thanks for replying. I didn't have the time or patience to troubleshoot it any further, so worked around it by using the Pen tool to make the selection instead.
  8. I am working on three different multi-layered images in Affinity Photo 1.9.3 and using the Freehand Selection Tool without any issues until, suddenly and only with one of the three images, the FST will only make selections like it is in Polygonal mode. Regardless of what I do with the settings, it will not make any selections in Freehand mode. This does not happen with the other images I am working on, just this one particular image. I have tried closing/re-opening the file, copy/pasting all the layers into a new document, restarting AP and rebooting the Mac – all without any success. The FST still does not work in freehand mode in that one particular file only. Am I missing something really obvious?
  9. Thank God that the Picture Frame linked content issues have been fixed!!!
  10. Yeah, as far as it stands, it's not going to replace Capture One Pro (or even Aperture) for me – but I think I will keep an eye on its future development.
  11. Have any Nikon shooters seen or tried their new NX Studio app? As far as free v1.0 software goes, it's not half bad. https://www.nikon.com/news/2021/0304_soft_01.htm
  12. If Apple had replaced Aperture with something usable then I can understand it – but, six years on, the replacement Photos app is still just as shit and useless as it ever was at the beginning. Heck, even iPhoto (simultaneously ditched with Aperture) was waaaaaay better. I had been searching constantly for six years to find a suitable Aperture alternative… to no avail. Nothing even comes close to Aperture’s photo management abilities, never mind its unique Lightable feature. Like you, I doubt there’ll be an Affinity DAM any time soon (or ever) but, I am over the moon that I can still use Aperture. I still have the C1 safety net (C1 can import Aperture libraries) if I need it. That said, I would dearly dearly dearly wish that there will be an Affinity DAM.
  13. As a Mac user, I had migrated from Aperture to Capture One Pro earlier in the year. Whilst RAW processing is awesome, unfortunately, C1’s image management is utterly woeful in comparison to Aperture – which I still feel is king when it comes to photo management (makes LR seem like 💩). Having previously given up running Aperture on macOS Catalina, I have recently found that it can be patched to run on the very latest OS. So, with Aperture running sweetly, I have reverted back to it for basic batch editing, photo and metadata management as well as brainstorming with its unique Lightable feature.
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