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  1. I also don’t think that such are helpful statements. It’s awesome that Affinity products live fully up to your expectations of your game development context. It's equally nice for everyone else who made similar experiences. It’s very bold though, to state that customers with all sorts of other backgrounds, working habbits and hardware must be equally happy ‘otherwise they just haven’t tried properly’. I as a longtime Adobe user was very furious about their SAAS switch and the fact that they don’t let you access your intellectual property after letting expire their service contract. Hence I never subscribed to CC – heck I even wrote several protest notes to offices at European Union, in charge of guarding competition and intellectual property. Yes, I would be more than happy to stop using my 5 years old Adobe CS6 products. But should I do this right now? No, at least for my use case and my hardware this would be plain foolish – and I have purchased both Affinity apps as soon as they got available for Windows. Thus far with Affinity I can not edit at the speed I’m used to. Batch loading of RAW files takes forever (they are instantly there in PS), I can’t develop stacks of of files with equal settings, I experience latency in numerous tools (the software even needs to think for a second to fill a blank canvas with a solid colour). I’m even running into show stopping graphics defects on pretty decent hardware. Win10, i76850K, 32GB RAM, GTX1070
  2. Setting a custom stream to default works as well:
  3. O Oh thanks! I was sure that I had condensed already checked. This works for me now.
  4. Thanks again. I see how this looks now – it's clearly better now but not as compact as I wished it was. I only need category, poster, title, that's it. A view which made sense to me:
  5. Thank you very much Dan! I have just set up a custom stream and hope this works. I'll let you know. No chance to make this the default view? I never want to see the forum in another way.
  6. There's no matching category – please move as appropriate. I complained already when this forum framework was updated – and I still can not get a quick and efficient overview of recent activities, even when logged in. What I want is really basic: A single entry for every new or updated thread, chronological sorting newest to older No social reactions (likes) littering that list Essentially a list that is so slim and simple that there's no need (given the overall moderate post volume) to subscribe to threads to keep track. Is there any way to set this up, when logged in?
  7. hifred

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Maximized App window cyling issues: Win+Shift+Left and Right arrow keys is the Win 10 mapping to send maximized application windows to another screen. I use this shortcut all of the time to send graphics apps to my Cintiq, often just to paint some strokes or fine tune a rough selection. While my two main sceens are identical, the Cintiq has a deviating resolution. When I do this with Photoshop the app remains maximized on all screens – that's what I think is expected. Affinity Photo however seems to lose this information and gives me a randomly sized app window on the Cintiq (or rather on the device with a deviating resolution). Cycling back on the regular screens I get a maximized app window again.
  8. hifred

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    I tried cutting out an object with a path for the first time (mobile phone jpg). Also when drawing a path I often (not always) see a dash of latency in what I do: When placing a node or editing handles etc. Further I ran into really bad screen refresh issues on Zoom. Here’s a little clip. Used various Zoom methods (Z, Scroll+Ctrl, Spacebar+Ctrl), they all behave the same way. Sometimes I also see simple black blocks (rectangles) while zooming. Graphics drivers are up to date, I see no performance-problems in other program Win10, i76850K, 32GB RAM, GTX1070
  9. I should add that the same peculiarities apply to the Layer thumbnail itself: Also the Layer Preview is super tiny and hardly helps me with orientation in the document. And it's again always square, regardless of document aspect ratio. That's not good either.
  10. Thanks both (also for moving the thread)! I had thought of posting this in feature requests – but then I was sure I must be missing something :o)
  11. hifred

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Here's another quick clip: Switching over to Tone-Mapping The file specs are visible on top.
  12. Coming from Photoshop I have quite a problem with the Mask previews in Affinities Layer stack: The Mask preview is tiny + its size can not get adjusted The Mask preview doesn’t show the actual mask, but a splotch icon (!) The Mask preview appears square, regardless of document aspect ratio Is there a good reason for any of this? I’m serious. Mask preview in Photoshop help me greatly... with orientation with many documents open when editing a single document across several screens (e.g. Cintiq) and most of all inside documents with poor/non-existing Layer naming With a large Mask preview I can (in most cases) see right away what this layer does – without even having a layer name. I can confidently click the correct mask for some further tweaking – in Affinity I have no idea what the mask does (until I Alt-Click it). With a Mask preview that matches the document aspect ratio I can see right away whether the correct window has focus (the correct layer stack for the document is showing). How can you all work with this – what am I doing wrong? Obviously there's people who have hundreds of Layers and want things as compact as possible – but why isn't this configurable? Photohops Mask Preview in comparison.
  13. hifred

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    I would be very glad to discover these :o)
  14. hifred

    Slow RAW loading times

    Here for starters are a few clips and a bit of an explanation of my editing scenario: My day job is something else but I help out my partner with footage for her Online Store. Time is money here, there’s a lot of images to process and a lot of cheap services in India which handle E-Commerce images for bargain prices. I try not to spend more than 1-2 minutes per frame – every second needless wait sucks. Input is RAW (usually Canon or Samsung) and I usually load at least series of 5 RAWs at once to apply common corrections to all frames. Afterwards I crop each frame, mask out the background and paint back in a faint ground shadow. The last step is painting out dust and other imperfections. Clips: Program load time: Photoshop CS6 vs. Affinity Photo Load time single RAW frame: Photoshop CS6 vs. Affinity Photo Load time 10 RAW frames: Photoshop CS6 vs. Affinity Photo (I stopped the recording at some point here) (best is to actually download these files – Dropbox preview is rather poor) Besides load times the way Photoshop deals with the RAW file is superior for my work. It gets completely embedded with all sorts of non-destructive and re-editable settings, but I can re-export an unprocessed .dng as well. One therefore has everything together and can safely delete the input RAW file. When time allows I try to do some more clips – but I know that it is quite hard to capture small latencies (as also screen recording software introduces delays). I’m sure you all can imagine what I mean when I say: "filling a layer with colour lets the program think for roughly a second". I frankly don't see sense in sending files. I see the described latency for the fill tool on a blank canvas already. And the RAW files are nothing extraordinary either :o).
  15. hifred

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Thanks Paul, I’d probably triple check Video drivers (even with all other programs behaving well) when my work would rely on Photo. It thus far doesn’t. In addition I’m pretty convinced that everything is in order and up to date graphics-wise :o) Hence I'm somewhat hesitant. A debug app by the developers to extract what’s going wrong would probably be more effective. I gave Affinity plenty of RAM, that can’t be the issue either.