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  1. We users are in neither of these roles. Not in the role to mull over Serifs business strategy and possible complications, caused by some decision or another. Not in the role to patronize fellow users either – on what adequate expectations might look like. There's also zero point in building an argumentation based on the price point Serif has chosen. That's again entirely "their beer" (up to them) as we say in German. I would gladly pay considerably more for a suite of tools on a perpetual license, which is on par performance-wise with Adobe's offering. As a matter of fact work on the DAM has already begun and it should be helpful for Serif to get feedback. I understand that you don't consider a DAM important – that is perfectly fine. I personally can state that I wasn't willing to use an otherwisely highly mature Affinity Photo 3.0 in 2025 if it still dealed with RAWs in the same the way it does today.
  2. hifred


    @Chris B I just tried the Beta for the first time with a Cintiq. Doubleclicking the knob with a pen doesn't work, the click target is simply too small, every tiny offset with the second click registers as repositioning. Just try it our yourself :o). To support Pen input properly one either had to enlarge the hotspot around the knob or – what other apps offer – is alternatively clicking onto the Slider Title, which is a larger and static target. This should work with pens as well.
  3. hifred


    Nice! Yes thanks, I have seen dmstraker's later post, where he mentioned this. I personally think overdragging to Undo would fell even more direct. One usually already knows while dragging that one has messed up – that way one could undo without even releasing the knob. Also a lot of retouchers work with tablets / pen displays – and the doubleclick event generally sucks with a pen. A similarly pen-friendly implementation is btw. overdragging to remove nodes in graphs (like in curves). So, if you still have a line left on your notepad... :o) Node removal by overdragging in Photoshop. The gif drops a few frames, but I guess you get the sense.
  4. hifred


    Very useful! While at it one might consider implementing a second, equally useful power-user feature: Return to previous slider value by "overdragging" the slider considerable. This differs from the new double-click functionality insofar as on may also return to previous custom values. If the previous value was zero however, the slider gets reset. That way one can freely play around but can be sure that the previous value isn't lost. It's more flexible than Undo in multiple slider adjustment layers, works very well with pen /tap based input and can't get in the way.
  5. Ok, I have to admit that this is better than nothing (also available on Windows). Still it's certainly not where I would search first – admittedly biased from my Indesign background (which doesn't give individual objects layers but uses Layers as folders for similar stuff). For me text is primarily text and I would look in its associated options, in order to turn it to dumb vectors.
  6. @Mark Ingram ,all Devs. Yes, that is the real question. Why does one make it up to the user to activate an arbitrarily chosen workmode to get access to Text to Curves Tool? It's bloodcurdling not to have Text to Curves in the Menu / the RMB-Menu of the Text tool but having to change to the Move tool. Left: Publisher, Right Indesign. Yes, it generally makes sense to offer context-adapted toolsets. But one has clearly overdone things when one forces users to memorize and obey programmer determined artificial editing sequences which have no practical foundation: Just in order to get access to certain tools.
  7. @Mark IngramIt's a step in a good direction to show bigger thumbnails. But it was still required to have them in document aspect ratio. The current implementation isn't as readable as it could be – it is even is misleading – as it suggests the user that the document is actually square but cropped in some way. This really needs to get fixed. Also the Mask should never display a checker pattern,, but always appear in greyscale. Interestingly Alpha Channels show the correct aspect ratio:
  8. Hi @Mark Ingram Here I have piled up and explained a few other UX issues. They all, without a question fall into the "changing the default behaviour of the application is a thing which we rarely want to do" realm :o) It took some time to collect and maybe you find some of this not too foolish after all... I'd be happy if you / the UX guys had a look, before the the thread gets burried in this ever growing feature-requests-thread.
  9. I meant: Please refrain from private judgment on fellow users attitude and from assumptions, how statements might come across.
  10. I can not know. You have no evidence of the opposite either. We only know three letters, which can mean quite different things. Please do refrain from further private judgment.
  11. The mentioned products are only tools to browse and sort images, but are also called DAM, yes. It also to me would make zero sense that Serif spend development time on a tool which is limited to these tasks. Many DAMs however include a RAW development module which allows for editing large amounts of RAWs at a speed and flexibility that is unthinkable with the principle currently used in the Develop Persona - think factor 100 faster. If one uses such a tool and wants to further edit developed images with a classic layer based program later, one needs colour management - the integration Adobe offers with Photoshop is quite attractive indeed. I think we all would profit, if Serif told us, what sort of program they actually plan to release - most of the users at least, who voted in my little poll don't only want a browser.
  12. Hi @SrPx I feel kind of bad that you spent time to write all this down. Honestly, I have a hard time sift through your (usually pretty long) posts and often give up soon. Where do you pick up what has been discussed, what's random scattered opinion /senior artist advice and chit chat? All hard to identify. Your posts seem to me like a stream of conciousness, as if you spoke freely into your phone and pressed the Send button. At any rate I didn't address you with my posts :o)
  13. I do understand this notion - however we are still looking at the 1.x version, right :o) Even Photoshop in version xx changed how Ctrl+Z works, quite recently... Of all those users who don't post in the forums - what scenario would you consider more likely: Relatively inexperienced users running into what happened to Patricia (neither being aware of the cause, nor of the recently introduced fix in Preferences). Or experienced users who use a lot of keyboard shortcuts and even like the concept of stacked hotkeys - who at the same time get just mad about little behaviour change, which they may get rid of with one little checkmark in Preferences? My personal preference is that software makers remain open for change - even on long established conventions :o)
  14. In contrast to you I am convinced that one could tell us quite a bit more. Not customer support staff, but management. You can't prove me wrong, neither can I do the opposite. But there's certainly nothing wrong with expressing a wish. The only thing which doesn't make sense are quarrels of this nature and fellow customers trying to speak for a brand.