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  1. Thank you, floresco. Looking forward to trying some of these.
  2. May I ask where you got your Kodak film emulation LUTs and if you're happy with them? I've been wanting to try some of those.
  3. I've been using Raw Therapee and I must say I'm very impressed, especially for a totally free software. You can even set it up so that it will open your raw processed image in Affinity so you can continue editing there, without the need for exporting, closing and then driving to it from AP.
  4. I have and XP -Pen device tablet as well and mine reacts exactly the same way. Other members with other devices seem to be having the same issue. I've tried several suggestions and it seems that none of them are fixing the issue. It would be great if we could get this fixed.
  5. I guess another item for my wishlist would be full screen preview... Not a big deal but it would be nice.
  6. I would love it if the adjustments and brushes etc. behaved the same way on a mask as they do on a pixel layer. Here are a few links to where this has been previously discussed. In the last link, smadell's Explanation of the challenge we're facing and the workaround some of us seem to be using are awesome. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/97719-adjustment-to-luminosity-mask/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/98463-luminosity-mask/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/103114-refine-masks-with-paint-brush-overlay-mode/&tab=comments#comment-555475
  7. The ability to easily edit masks without workarounds, please.
  8. +1 Not sure if eveyone's aware of this but if you hit "tab" all the toolbars go away and you can zoom into almost full screen. Then "tab" to get your tools back again. Not quite the same as an actual full screen preview but close.
  9. Thanks for the reply, mikerofoto. It seems that what a few of us are having trouble with (on this and another thread) is first making adjustments to the actual mask itself, so that the mask affects an adjustment to the pixel layer in the way we want it to. The only workaround I've discovered is to make a luminosity selection. add selection to a mask, then in channels right click "mask alpha" and create grayscale layer. (At this point you can delete the first mask because you won't be using it.) Now you can add an adjustment to that grayscale image, levels for instance, and drag the adjustment into the grayscale image. Select them, and rasterize to mask. At this point I temporarily turn off that mask so I can see what I'm doing to the background layer. Now you can put a curves adjustment, for instance, on the background layer to make the sky more dark and dramatic. Finally, you can turn back on your mask and drag it below the curves adjustment, so it's only affecting highlights and sky. Making the adjustment to the mask first, gives you more control over what is going to be affected by subsequent adjustments to your background image. In PS you can just click the mask and adjust it. (I mean the black and white mask image, NOT the background image) If there is a less convoluted way for me to do this in AP, I'd love to know about it, but his method works for me. It just requires a few extra steps.
  10. Hi Rainon. A few weeks ago, I asked almost the exact same question and received the same advice and ended up with the same results. Still couldn't adjust the mask. So I tried the method again when I found this thread and ended up with the same results which you show in your screenshot. I'd love to know if there is something we're missing or if there's something not clear in the way we're asking the question, or if Affinity just can't do what we're wanting it to do. HVDB Photography (Thank you HVDB) suggests using blend ranges, which can be very useful and I sometimes use, but that's a completely different approach. Although it works great in some instances I would still like to be able to just adjust a simple luminosity mask. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Thank you for sharing this, smadell! I'm new to AP and these luminosity selections are just what I was looking for. Cheers
  12. I'm new to Affinity so this is exactly what I needed. Cheers!
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