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  1. Hello! I have just tested the updated version of Heal, and it's working properly this time!
  2. I installed again Clean Backdrop, but I'm still having the same problems. I also tested all other plug-ins, downloading them again from the website, and these are the results: Both Skin Mask and White Teeth worked well, with no apparent problems. (Although White Teeth took a longer time to process than any other). Clean Backdrop and Fabric start normally, but when they load 100%, they crash and the AF closes completely. For Dodge&Burn, Heal, Portrait Volume, Skin Tone, Eye Brilliance, and Eye Vessels nothing happens. But oddly enough, no window opened, nor was Affinity Photo frozen. It was as if I had already used the plug-in and was moving on with the retouching. But regardless of Retouch4me's compatibility with AF, I'm very much interested in getting the software, and I'm sincerely thankful for your attention!
  3. Hey! Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. But following @Oleg Sharonov's advice, I installed the two most recent plug-ins from Retouch4me, and one of them did work perfectly. I suppose that it was mostly a coding problem with the other plug-ins. But thanks for the tips anyway!
  4. I installed the Clean Backdrop and it did open, but both the plug-in and Affinity Photo would crash/close as soon as Clean Backdrop reached 100%. I tried Skin Mask, though, and it worked perfectly!
  5. Hello, @Oleg Sharonov! I was able to install some the demos for Retouch4Me (Windows version), and they were recognized as plug-ins by Affinity Photo (they are even available via Filters > Plug-ins). But when I select any of them, nothing happens. Affinity Photo does indicate, in the History panel, that the plug-in was activated, but nothing really changes, nor does a window pop-up or anything like that. Is it possible for this problem to be fixed?
  6. Hey, guys! I'm new at Affinity Photo, and begun experiencing this problem recently. I start my editing process in Lightroom. I then select the option to open the image in Affinity Photo, and thus Lightroom creates a compressed Tiff (Adobe RGB, 16 bits, resolution of 300). Affinity then automatically opens the Zip, and creates a new .afphoto file. Everything is working perfectly until I close the program and reopen it the other day. The original base layer somehow becomes quite pixelated, and the only way to solve this is by importing the original Tiff file, to replace the pixelated one). Does anyone have any clue to why this is happening?
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