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  1. Thanks for the info! But when I posted this, affinity publisher didn't have data merge. Have a nice day!
  2. Hey I'm interested to see this! But all I see if I click on the file is this: Anyway you can re-upload or solve this?
  3. I am someone who constantly uses export persona with various file output types. Export persona is an amazing feature in affinity suite of apps but I feel there is one little upgrade that can be done. When exporting in export persona, there is no way to see the estimated file size like how it is possible during normal export. If we could see the estimated file size of selected slice, it will be awesome. I believe this would be simple but very useful when implemented. If anybody coming across this post thinks this will be good, do reply to the thread or like the post so that it gets moderator's attention. Have a great day! Thanks.
  4. Hello all! Contrary to usual belief that only Adobe XD, Figma, Invision are great at UI design, I have a strong feeling that Affinity Designer has more scope to grow because it has a lot more to offer. Designer is intuitive, has WAY MORE control over curves than the popular UI design tools and is a complete design software while the others just barely are one. Affinity sure doesn't have prototyping, but otherwise it is a killer application for UI development, because I get to work with things as small as the pixel perfection of icons in the UI to something as broad as having symbols, constraints and even re-usable assets. According to me, Adobe XD, Figma, etc., are "Tools" but Affinity Designer feels like a (end-to-end) "Solution" to all UI design needs. But I believe there are two little things that Affinity Designer currently needs to do to make the life of a UI designer better: 1. Auto Layout: Affinity's Constraints feature is amazing. It is simple yet very effective when it comes to UI design in Affinity Designer. But it lacks when I add text, that will be changed at different instances, as an element inside constraint group. The text flows into the group and there is no option to set the basic padding beyond which the container resizes according to the height/width of the text that is set to auto layout. Same thing happens when I need any design element to resize according to the padding and not just as a relative size of the parent container. 2.Design System Library: This is a simple one. I'm not sure if this is very important but here I go. I know .afassets, .afpalatte & .afbrushes exist. But it will be awesome if we can combine those files and send it out as one file, a .aflibrary for example, that when loaded, loads up the .afassets, .afpalatte & more at once. This could also mean something to other designers as well. Say the designer develops a icon system, brush style, color palatte and a highlighting system (quotations and more) for a book, he/she, just has to send the ".aflibrary" file to a co-designer (or even if he/she sells that design system) that loads all the required assets into the respective panes at once. Hope this is a usefull suggestion. Have a great day everyone! EDIT: Also, it will be great if the above mentioned ".aflibrary" file also gets saved along with the normal affinity file unlike the other asset files like afassets afpalatte and so on. This saving together could be an option like saving history.
  5. Hello! I believe power photoshop users would know that there is a way to batch process files using data set from a txt or a csv file. Those type of options allow us to create large number of files say: ID Cards or Visitng Cards with different names with ease. It would be amazing if affinity people can add such possiblities to affinity suite, especially designer or photo. I sometimes have to do such work and it is a big headache to create everything one by one manually. I know affinity templates can make your work easier but that is sort of a manual task too. I feel there is a lot more affinity templates can do with such dataset and variable connection capabilities. Hope this is the reason why affinity thought of implementing affinity templates since there isn't a great deal of difference between a normal file and a template file. Hope this is a valuable input. (People who agree can react to this post and show support for the request of this feature!) Have a great day!
  6. Hello People! Affinity Suite of applications already use a common file format that are editable in all of the applications. Moreover, I believe putting together all the three applications might not be necessary since: There are already personas inside each application and it would be confusing to combine them all. All the applications have a little bit of the capability of the other two: Designer can do bits and pieces of affinity photo's work in pixel persona and if you want to, you can still create small e-books and presentations in designer. I used to do that before publisher came out. So people looking for light photo editing and majorly vector work need not buy the "whole package of photo editing" and get confused with it. Designer will suffice them. The way they work tend to be completely different: Say let's take Publisher. For book creation, the kind of flow and options the application should have is completely different from the need to make an illustration. The people they are directed at are very different too. For example, Affinity photo is majorly for photographers and compositing work but it still is capable of doing simple graphic design works like posters or social media posts I believe "Edit in" and Studio Link technology are one of the best in class and makes designing more seamless and easier (also thanks to the common file format) than the popular alternatives out there. Adobe went into toilet for different reasons. Also, adobe's intercompatability (between photoshop and illustrator) is not as good as affinty suite's. I feel like they are sort of finicky and ask too many questions. Not much of a developer but with that much options loaded into one application, it might be hard for your computer to handle the disk and CPU needs of the application. Then, people might come complaining that the application "crashes often" and "is too RAM hungry". I've seen my old computer stutter a bit when I used all three apps at once. Assuming by considering the price range, affinity's users mostly might not be the kind of people who pump a lot of money into hardware. So that could be a serious problem, when the company needs to scale. Affinity have made things as simple as possible but making anything simpler might not be a great idea. So I believe, affinity should stick to the current model and continue to develop more awesome and highly compatible applications in the future! Have a great day.
  7. Hello everyone! This is a simple gradient set '.afpalette' I created to share with the community. Let me know if it was of any help to you in your projects! Great places to use will be Website and App UI development (loading bars, background etc) and logos if you'd like. Have a great day Sivadharshan Affinty Pallette - Gradient Set 1.afpalette
  8. That is an amazing initiaive. I've been dying to have native affinity mockups because currently the psd mockups don't work really well when imported. Wishing you the best!
  9. A new try to integrate two different meanings of one word into one design.
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