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  1. Hey I'm interested to see this! But all I see if I click on the file is this: Anyway you can re-upload or solve this?
  2. Oh? I didn't know it worked this way. Can you let me know of any other app on MacOS that allows me to use the color palette? I would like to try this out!
  3. Thanks for Responding Tried the same thing that is said in that link and like you warned, the color profile of my laptop screen got changed as well which was pretty annoying and sort of undoable. What I donot understand is that this behaviour is only within affinity apps and no other apps (for example, adobe suite is perfectly fine)! So even if I calibrate with a device or with the color profile, that could change how the same colors look in other apps isn't it?! If yes, I donot want that!
  4. Hello there! I found out that whites look off in my secondary monitor which is Benq VZ2250. My device specs are: Windows 11 version 21H2 build 22000.318, Intel i7 - 10510U, NVIDIA GeForce MX350 (with updated drivers) My Monitor: Benq VZ2250 as I mentioned earlier. Here is the issue: The yellow colored rectangle is actually a pure white rectangle. The blue-grey rectangle is actually only blue without any black component. The weird part is. if I move this to my primary display which is my laptop screen, the above magically turns into: If I switch from extend display to secondary display only, this happens: Where even the original whites in color palette also become yellowish. I've tried the same with another laptop and I remember the same happening with it as well. I don't understand the problem here. Is it my secondary monitor? Is it my laptop? or is it because of affinity? It is worthy to note that this wasn't happening in 1.10.x (until the recent release) and 1.9.x I remember this issue happening in my previous laptop until 1.8.x/1.7.x or something, I don't exactly remember. Also, the same happens in all affinity apps but doesn't happen in Adobe suite. How could I solve this? I would appreciate if someone could help me out here . Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey people! Today I used the insert filler text option and this is what I got! I'm unsure what this behaviour is and I don't know how to replicate this as well. This happened only once. When I used the feature again, I started getting lorem ipsum. Is this some sort of a new feature that I'm not aware of? I'm using
  6. Please see the below video to see what is happening. This is happening when I embed the documents as well. Disabling hardware acceleration didn't help too. (Please ignore my cursor position in the video, my video recorder messed it up) WNI1B37UO5.mp4
  7. Hey Serif! First of all, loving the new 1.9 update! Tons of feature improvements and they're all awesome. There is a bug that I'm seeing in the select same tool. When I use "Select Object > Unstroked Objects" , it works the same as "Select Object > Stroked Objects". It selects only stroked objects and not the unstroked ones. Here is a reference video. A1LXRiNPvj.mp4
  8. Hi Sean! Thank you so much for explaining. Yes, I just tried it with the 1.9 beta and it works. Thank you very much for bringing this feature in the upcoming version. It is a great time saver and a thing of huge importance to me. I understand 1.9 files can't be opened in 1.8, which is something I recently learnt but I can wait until 1.9 is officially out to use this feature, no issues 😃 You guys are doing so well with the beta! I've been testing them from time to time and trying to provide valuable feedbacks that I can. Thanks again, Siva.
  9. Hello! It seems like even after switching on "Copy items as SVG" in preferences, I can't copy vector items (for example, the icons that I create in affinity designer) as SVG into UI & Prototyping apps like invision, figma or similar apps. What is the reason for this? Is there a way to fix it? Has anyone faced similar issues? If anyone knows to fix it, please let me know. I use affinity on windows 10 laptop. (Believe hardware wouldn't matter, so not mentioning them) Have a great day!
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