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  1. @SrPx Thank you for the suggestion, my issue is solved. Whenever I double click on colour picker it kept crashing but once I set the scaling back to 100%, it started working. You are a saviour! @Ron P. I've reset the fills as well as per your suggestion just in case. What does "Reset fills" do?
  2. Thanks for the info! But when I posted this, affinity publisher didn't have data merge. Have a nice day!
  3. Hey I'm interested to see this! But all I see if I click on the file is this: Anyway you can re-upload or solve this?
  4. Thanks for Responding Tried the same thing that is said in that link and like you warned, the color profile of my laptop screen got changed as well which was pretty annoying and sort of undoable. What I donot understand is that this behaviour is only within affinity apps and no other apps (for example, adobe suite is perfectly fine)! So even if I calibrate with a device or with the color profile, that could change how the same colors look in other apps isn't it?! If yes, I donot want that!
  5. Hello there! I found out that whites look off in my secondary monitor which is Benq VZ2250. My device specs are: Windows 11 version 21H2 build 22000.318, Intel i7 - 10510U, NVIDIA GeForce MX350 (with updated drivers) My Monitor: Benq VZ2250 as I mentioned earlier. Here is the issue: The yellow colored rectangle is actually a pure white rectangle. The blue-grey rectangle is actually only blue without any black component. The weird part is. if I move this to my primary display which is my laptop screen, the above magically turns into: If I switch from extend display to secondary display only, this happens: Where even the original whites in color palette also become yellowish. I've tried the same with another laptop and I remember the same happening with it as well. I don't understand the problem here. Is it my secondary monitor? Is it my laptop? or is it because of affinity? It is worthy to note that this wasn't happening in 1.10.x (until the recent release) and 1.9.x I remember this issue happening in my previous laptop until 1.8.x/1.7.x or something, I don't exactly remember. Also, the same happens in all affinity apps but doesn't happen in Adobe suite. How could I solve this? I would appreciate if someone could help me out here . Thanks in advance!
  6. Please see the below video to see what is happening. This is happening when I embed the documents as well. Disabling hardware acceleration didn't help too. (Please ignore my cursor position in the video, my video recorder messed it up) WNI1B37UO5.mp4
  7. I'm seeing the same in 1.9.1 but with linked documents.
  8. Hey Serif! First of all, loving the new 1.9 update! Tons of feature improvements and they're all awesome. There is a bug that I'm seeing in the select same tool. When I use "Select Object > Unstroked Objects" , it works the same as "Select Object > Stroked Objects". It selects only stroked objects and not the unstroked ones. Here is a reference video. A1LXRiNPvj.mp4
  9. Great job on adding export preview! Awesome But I find this issue to come up everytime I open export preview in designer. The preview horizontally compresses the image. What export preview shows as ellipse are perfect circles but they look compressed.
  10. I just updated my graphics driver and I opened beta and IT WORKS LIKE A BEAST!! I don't think this needs to be logged as an issue. I think it's fixed now! Designer works fine!.mp4
  11. Hello @Gabe, No problem Hope you had a great Christmas and New year. My OS is Windows build 19041.685 and the version is 2004. My laptop specifications are: CPU: Intel i7-10510U CPU @ 1.8 Ghz - 8 GB of RAM GPU: Nvidia GeForce MX350 - 2 GB of dedicated Video Memory
  12. Hello! I am still seeing visual glitches created because of OpenCL enabling. I've attached the video regarding that below. I'm also sensing that once OpenCL is on, whenever I click on a item and drag it, it takes sometime for the item to move to the place my cursor is. It doesn't happen when the object is already selected is selected again. UON7iVkYUF.mp4
  13. Hey Wosven, I have seen this too, but I don't think it is exclusive to this beta version. My normal version does this too when I don't select any present JPEG presets (like "JPEG High Quality", "JPEG Medium Quality", etc.) It doesn't happen when I select any already available preset. Wasn't this happening in your 1.8 build affinity too?
  14. Hi Sean! Thank you so much for explaining. Yes, I just tried it with the 1.9 beta and it works. Thank you very much for bringing this feature in the upcoming version. It is a great time saver and a thing of huge importance to me. I understand 1.9 files can't be opened in 1.8, which is something I recently learnt but I can wait until 1.9 is officially out to use this feature, no issues 😃 You guys are doing so well with the beta! I've been testing them from time to time and trying to provide valuable feedbacks that I can. Thanks again, Siva.
  15. Hello! It seems like even after switching on "Copy items as SVG" in preferences, I can't copy vector items (for example, the icons that I create in affinity designer) as SVG into UI & Prototyping apps like invision, figma or similar apps. What is the reason for this? Is there a way to fix it? Has anyone faced similar issues? If anyone knows to fix it, please let me know. I use affinity on windows 10 laptop. (Believe hardware wouldn't matter, so not mentioning them) Have a great day!
  16. Hello Thomaso, Thank you for explaining. But this is something I am already aware of. What i'm asking for could be better understood if you read the whole line: When saving as a package, if I have all images as embedded, they continue to be embedded eventhough an empty folder called "images" is created by default. I'm saying, it will be great if the save as package option automatically converts all the images into linked images and puts them in the images folder. This way I wouldn't have to collect/make linked all the embedded files before saving as package. This would also reduce the size of afpackage file that is created which currently becomes high because of embedded images that aren't automatically converted to linked. This option need not be default, it perhaps can be checkbox that shall be ticked when needed. Also, another input to the affinity team. If all files that are created during packaging can be saved as a zip file by ticking a checkbox, that would be super awesome since I would have to zip it manually if I have to send it to someone, and naturally we would package mostly if we had to send/deliver it to someone. Have a great day!
  17. Impressive. I have one issue though, When using an embedded image and importantly when using images from stock panel and packaging the file, the images don't become linked automatically and get saved in the images folder. They show up in images section of packages panel as embedded and the embedded images don't become linked when saved as package. It would be great if there is an option to make all the embedded images become linked when saved as a package. (Something similar to collect for output) Cheers, Siva.
  18. Loving the account sign in and other features that have come up! I see that image placement policy has been added. Amazing feature! I've been waiting for this for quite sometime now. Two little suggestions here: 1. Adding save as package option as in affinity publisher would be of great, great help. 2. This might be a little bit too much to ask for but if AD could start supporting AI with linked images, it would be awesome. I will be more than glad if you can tell me if this is in the product roadmap for maybe even AD 2.0 Have a great day!
  19. I am someone who constantly uses export persona with various file output types. Export persona is an amazing feature in affinity suite of apps but I feel there is one little upgrade that can be done. When exporting in export persona, there is no way to see the estimated file size like how it is possible during normal export. If we could see the estimated file size of selected slice, it will be awesome. I believe this would be simple but very useful when implemented. If anybody coming across this post thinks this will be good, do reply to the thread or like the post so that it gets moderator's attention. Have a great day! Thanks.
  20. Hello Mark! Very excited about the next build. Anyways, I found one bug while using the Studio Presets. The main view of the design closes automatically when I choose a newly saved preset. I've attached a video below. I use Windows 10 Home version 1909. CPU: intel core i7 10510U with 8 GB of RAM and nvidia MX350 Graphic Card. Regards. untitled.mpg
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