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  1. @firstdefence Your second brush looks especially good. Just a shame that we don't have true vector brushes yet. Ultimately it depends on what the OP needs - if looks are most important then brush works very nicely, but if you need a vector output try dash/dot method.
  2. Take a look at the attached file. I added a Dashed Stroke to the heart, with a large stroke width, rounded caps, and a dash length of 0, to produce dots surrounding the heart. You will need to tweak the dash spacing (in my example I found 1.8 worked well), and the exact stroke width (11.4pt in example) to position the dots appropriately, and get a neat join at the start/end. You could then expand this stroke if needed to add a further outline (as in your original image) or use the Outline fx. Hope this helps. Lobed Heart.afdesign
  3. @DanOakley What a neat idea (until we get the ability to define our own paper sizes) - thanks for the work around.
  4. Yes I've seen this too. I think I persuaded myself that I was hitting the pen button (which possibly defaults to Eraser). Try changing the button actions to None in the driver settings, and see if the issue persists.
  5. Another effect of the same bug… Setting the Blend Mode of a Symbol affects all instances of that Symbol.
  6. Always good to discover different ways of doing these things. There is no right answer: what works well in one situation would be difficult else where.
  7. Seems pretty straight forward to me… (But maybe I'm missing something?!) Draw a Triangle using the Polygon Tool (sides = 3) Draw a Circle and snap it it the top point of the Triangle Move the Circle down to achieve the desired offset Show then Snap the Rotation Center of the Circle to the center of the Triangle Duplicate (Ctrl+J) and rotate 120 degrees Power duplicate to create the third Circle
  8. Can't see any way to edit the opacity of Global Colours (after they have been created) - sorry. Hopefully the devs can fix this oversight in a future version.
  9. @A_B_C @hperticarati Nested symbols are indeed currently possible, but they are very buggy indeed! The nesting often breaks one or both symbols (orange line in Layers panel becomes dashed) or the symbol simply vanishes (at which point Undo will not bring it back). Nested symbols are a key feature for me in my work, and at present it is a real struggle to use them
  10. Could we please have a keypress to select the parent of the currently selected object? This would allow for fast navigation within the Layers tree and adds a fine grained version of the Select All command, progressively expanding the current selection from a single object, up through the current group, layer, artboard, and document. Thanks for your consideration.
  11. Hardcopy only, with example files and resources provided via web links
  12. @Pšenda You are correct: As currently implemented the single user action does perform a double operation (with two entries in the history "Duplicate" and "Transform"). And to that end the two undos is indeed logical and consistent. However… Users are consistently saying that they find the behaviour unhelpful and counter-intuitive - some assume that it is a bug. Nobody is saying that they like the double undo. Nobody has given an example as to why this behaviour is useful, including the developers who acknowledge that what seemed like a good idea, was in fact a bad design choice. It is also inconsistent with how similar operations work in other applications. I just tried a mouse-based duplicate & transpose in… Adobe Illustrator Xara Designer SketchUp Make Microsoft Word Microsfot Excel Cockos REAPER Avid Sibelius None of the above record two separate operations, and as such all can reverse the action with a single undo. Surely it would be an improvement to simply log the Ctrl+Drag Duplicate action as a single operation ("Drag Duplicate" or similar). Then a single undo will be both consistent and useful; logical and intuitive.
  13. Totally agree. I have ended up with many unwanted clones many times because of this 'feature'. From the user's perspective a drag duplicate is a single operation, so it seems illogical that it doesn't undo as a single operation too. This issue has definitely been brought up in the past… Back in 2016 Andy (lead developer) stated that it was a poor design decision, as suggested that it would (possibly) be changed. It has come up regularly, most recently less than a week ago!
  14. @TonyJ Have you tried adding a keyboard shortcut to the colour panel (Preferences > Keyboard > Miscellaneous > Toggle Colour Panel). Then drag the colour panel somewhere convenient (floating in the work area). Hit your selected key to show / hide the Colour Panel Not a perfect pop-up colour selector, but pretty close.
  15. It can already be done, but is a bit more cumbersome than it should be, at least if you want to snap a node in one object to a node in another, then you have to use the node tool. See: