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  1. Another alternative method: use the Contour Tool. Duplicate Line 1. Add a contour of size 1.5cm Convert to curves. Delete the unwanted inside of the contour.
  2. I'm afraid not. There is no timeline, and hence no animation features in any of the Affinity apps.
  3. 1. The object that you are using to clip your lines is shown as a Donut. I think you have expanded the hole in the center so that it 'becomes' a circle. But it is not really a circle, but still a Donut. So when you drop the lines inside they are being clipped to an infinitely thin Donut, and hence disappearing. To prove this, select the Donut with the Node tool. Grab the orange handle bottom left, and drag it to restore some thickness... and there are your lines, correctly nested inside. I suggest replacing the Donut with an Ellipse (Circle) instead. 2. Simply put, you can't use Boolean operations on unclosed (open) curves: they disappear, as you discovered. If you want the two curves to become a single layer, you can use Layer > Geometry > Merge Curves instead.
  4. Don't use a screenshot. Instead use the Export Persona to set up a Slice that encompasses your complete tiled design. https://affinity.help/designer2/English.lproj/pages/ExportPersona/exportPersona.html
  5. Nope. Bug is logged as afd-3342, though this particular thread isn't tagged with that identifier. @Sean P Could you bump this with the team again please? It continues to be a disappointment that we can't have multiple strokes or fills on Text, 4 years after I pointed out the shortcoming.
  6. Xara uses this approach (left click = fill, right click = stroke). IMHO it is very quick and becomes muscle memory very quickly. This has been requested several times before... There are issues of consistency if the same approach were introduced to Affinity... Not all mice have right click. Can you right click on an iPad? Also, Swatches panel already uses right click to bring up a menu. So, sadly I can't see Serif implementing this.
  7. I just revisited this issue today in v2.3.1 and it appears to be functioning correctly? I made a symbol and duplicated it. Then applied a Warp Group to the curves inside the Symbol. Both instances of the symbol received the Warp Group and deformed correctly. So is this bug fixed?
  8. Hi @marcomourao. I tried it on my machine, and it opened in around 1 second. Obviously none of the linked images were present. Does this version of the file (without the images) still take ages to open? Perhaps temporarily rename / move the location of the images so that the file can't find them to do the test.
  9. @colinml You can change the defaults, and may indeed do so a number of times during the process of creating a single document as you work on different sections. I find the Affinity help to be pretty good over all, though I appreciate that it is tricky to know what to look for when you are starting out. Have a read of the page on Object Defaults. To answer your other question about dragging a line into a curve... no this will not snap as snapping only relates to nodes and handles, and you are dragging neither! If you wanted to take this approach, I would drag (holding Shift to constrain to vertical movement) and get the curve very close to where I wanted it (zooming in if necessary). Then I'd release the mouse, followed by a click to insert a new node, which can subsequently be snapped at the expense of (very) slightly distorting the curve. For a sewing pattern this tiny level of distortion will be insignificant, but if you want precision then the approach using the Crescent tool will yield a perfect result.
  10. There are a few different methods. Here is one... Draw a square 12" by 11". Draw a crescent, rotate, then rotate and resize (to get a perfect arc). Use the shape builder to merge the two shapes. Scale the bottom edge to 10" I hope that I understood your instructions! Draw Bag Sewing Template Example.mp4
  11. Did you investigate Point Transform tool as suggested? It is by far the fastest and easiest way to do what you asked... Point Transform to Align Groups.mp4
  12. Take a look at the Point Transform tool in Designer or the Vector persona of Publisher. https://affinity.help/designer2/English.lproj/pages/Tools/tools_pointTransform.html
  13. Hi @Bob32 and welcome to the forum. Can you provide the example file that you show? Without it we can't really see what is going on, so will be guessing at solutions.
  14. Disclaimer: I am an Adblocker novice. The following Adblocker rule should completely hide posts in the Unread Content stream from users that are on your Ignored Users list... ##div li.ipsStreamItem:has(.ipsComment_ignored) I have not thoroughly tested this, so it is possible that it hides relevant posts elsewhere, or even hides things that shouldn't be hidden!
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