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  1. @maxmax Are you wanting to do scale, skew, and rotate for isometric style illustration? If so, no need to faff about with scripting. Instead try out the new isometric studio in 1.7 beta.
  2. Draw 3 lines. Select 1, and use the Appearance panel to add a second stroke Result: Works fine. Select the other 2 lines, and attempt to add a second stroke Result: Fails. Original stroke is replaced by the new stroke. Then original reappears, and second stroke disappears when selected. UPDATE… Now select either line on its own, and you will see that the second stroke was actually added, but not shown!
  3. When snapping is turned on, it can be disabled during a drag operation, with immediate effect, by using the keypress (Default = ";") Snapping can even be disabled, and then successfully re-enabled, during the same drag. But when snapping is turned off at the start of the drag, and is enabled with the keypress, no snapping occurs until the mouse is released and a new drag operation initiated.
  4. Update: A system reboot seems to have got both installs running again.
  5. I am experiencing a repeatable crash to desktop when dragging to reorder the strokes in the appearance panel. Create a new document. Draw a shape. Add a new stroke. As one movement, drag the original stroke above the new stroke Result: Crash to desktop. As an aside, this killed my installation of Designer! 1st run after the crash produced this… Splash screen never disappeared. Popup (which should be informing me about a recovery file) white, with only one visible option ("Yes"). Subsequent runs of, after the crash, instantly crashes to desktop! I just tried running 1.6.5 out of curiosity, and that is dead too!
  6. This was discussed last month (on the Mac subforum) and it looks as if the issue was fixed? But I am seeing the same bug on Windows… When I first select an object with multiple fills the Delete icon is greyed out and unclickable. Clicking on the current fill (which should be unneccessary) does not enable the Delete icon. Selecting a different fill does activate the Delete icon. Right clicking and choosing Delete does work.
  7. @blessrain Welcome to the forum. It is probably better to start a new thread about you question, because it is a different issue than all of the preceding discussion. That said, it looks to me like you have antialiasing on the shadow because you have increased the Intensity right up towards 100%. In my experience values greater than ~80% create hard edges which are, in most cases, unusable. Perhaps there is another approach that will get the end result that you are looking for, without using the Outer Shadow effect?
  8. The 1.7 beta introduces a new tool - "Point Transform Tool". It can rotate / scale / translate around any point, and can use all of Affinity's numerous snapping options. As yet I don't think we can shear about a user defined point - but I'm not sure I can even visualize what that would mean, so I for one probably don't need that function!
  9. Always a good idea to search the forum. Many (if not most) issues have been looked at before. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q="At least one file is currently being opened"&sortby=relevancy Hope this sorts your problem
  10. Aammppaa

    Dash line ?

    Check that your line doesn't have a pressure profile assigned. At present lines can't have a dash pattern and a pressure profile. Pressure overrides the dashed option, but doesn't show any warning.
  11. At present it can't be done (easily) in Affinity - because it is just a bitmap image stretched along the path, not a true vector shape.
  12. Aammppaa

    Expand stroke like weird

    It is the usual issue... Expand strokes distorts shapes. Please search the forum for numerous previous threads on the subject.