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  1. It can already be done, but is a bit more cumbersome than it should be, at least if you want to snap a node in one object to a node in another, then you have to use the node tool. See:
  2. @Ben From other threads I see that you are looking at node snapping at present, so will you be able to look at… 1. Inserting nodes at pre-snapped positions? 2. Symmetrically opposite movement of node control handles? At present it is tedious to adjust one control handle (holding Shift to Constrain) and then go back to move the other side to match. I don't think that Ctrl modifier is used at present when moving control handles, so could this be the key to symmetrical movement? Thanks
  3. I agree that a Snapping Panel that could be repositioned, resized, docked, undocked etc would be an improvement. Alse icons / buttons for Presets rather than a drop down would save a click each time. Little animated tooltops demoing each snapping behaviour would be awesome!
  4. @acapstick Thanks for the improvement to the documentation. I wonder whether the Assistant should also inform the user that the Shape has been Converted to Curves? This message would help users who weren't pouring through the help files.
  5. Nice. Is there a particular reason why you started in Sketchbook Pro, rather than using AD or AP from the beginning?
  6. 1. Layer > Expand Stroke
  7. Seems in keeping with some of the other names in the set… Nice Not So Easy Unusable
  8. Symbols are containers (like a special type of group) Symbols are instances of anything that is inside them. Individual symbols / instances can be de-synced so that some attributes are unique to that instance. See: https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/pages/SymbolsAssets/symbols.html
  9. Recently discussed here:
  10. @Chris B Still seeing this bug, and it is greatly affecting my workflow today! Using the current Beta ( but I see the same in the retail build.
  11. @Ben While you are working on snapping options, would you consider whether there could be a modifier to allow snapping within groups? Coming from Xara Designer, where I can hit G while dragging an object, to temporarily extends snapping to objects within groups - both as target groups and in the dragged group.
  12. Looks like a Guide to me. Either drag it off the page onto the ruler (using the move tool). Or open View > Guides Manager, and delete it from there.
  13. I think that the red line is the spell checker!
  14. Lock the beta forum if there isn't a current beta? Relying on people to follow any sort of rule sounds awfully risky to me
  15. Various aspects of this have been discussed before…