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  1. Try nesting a couple of wiggly curves within the text. Give them a different colour, and perhaps a small gausian blur, maybe a bit of transparency. File: Affinity My Title.afdesign
  2. Create a new document and set a custom size (1000mm x 1000mm) Create another new document. Result: Page Preset shows A4, but dimensions are still 1000mm x 1000mm Expected: Either Page Preset shows custom, and custom sizes are retained, OR preset reverts to default, and sizes match the preset!
  3. Aammppaa

    corner tool problem

    If you convert to curves (or click bake corners on the corner tool context tool bar) before scaling up then the corners will remain as you drew them. The option to scale corners has been requested before, but is not currently available in Affinity.
  4. I have had several crashes while playing with rotation of selected nodes. I am not sure 100% of the recipe to recreate this but it seems to involve shapes with the corner tool applied to some corners, combined with rapid, prolonged transform of some selected nodes. In the GIF you can see my first attempt with the purple shape doesn't crash, even when I add rounded corners. But with the second shape Designer slows to a grind, and then stops altogether.
  5. Create a polygon with the Pen Tool Round the corners using the Corner Tool Use the Pencil Tool in Sculpt Mode to remodel an edge. Result: The rounded corner vanishes / resets to being a sharp node. Expected: Rounded corner remains. Note: The rounded corner is always affected at the start node of the polygon, but is usually not affected on other corners (though I have seen instances where they too disappear).
  6. @baigow @GabrielM Now we just need Affinity to understand the request, and implement the functionality! Please
  7. @Alfred I don't think that you are correct (which is very unusual!) Regardless of the marquee selection mode, holding shift and click dragging at the black I in the above example will immediately select the black rectangle and start to drag it across the canvas (constrained to 45 degrees). In Xara Designer (and according to the OP, Inkscape) the same action would not select the black rectangle, but would draw the marquee and only select the orange rectangle. To put it another way, it is impossible within Affinity to start dragging a marquee selection on an existing object. The marquee must be started on the artboard / page / canvas / pasteboard. The shift+drag ability in Xara & Inkscape is a very useful function for marquee selection when zoomed in, which doesn't require locking background objects.
  8. Already possible… https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/DesignAids/rotateCanvas.html
  9. Open a new document. Switch to Corner Tool. Hold Ctrl and click on the canvas. Designer crashes.
  10. I agree, styles at present are almost useless - they really need to work as you describe. Also the ability to stack styles would be a huge improvement… ie apply "My Dotted Outer Stroke with a Shadow" style, plus "My Super Shiny Red Gradient" style to the same object (with later styles over-riding those earlier in the list) just as happens with CSS styles for example.
  11. Aammppaa

    Scaling Object by Percentage?

    Just type the percentage into the transform box… eg 200%, 50%, 73.213% You can also type maths functions such as… *2 /2
  12. 1.7 has a lasso function for selecting nodes, which would make this easier.
  13. + 1 Xara Designer displays area and perimeter for the selected object, which I find useful.
  14. Aammppaa

    New brushes with 1.7 release

    I would find it very odd to add new features to the brush architecture and then NOT show off what can be achieved!
  15. Aammppaa

    My first try with Affinity Designer

    Another charming illustration Are you working from a sketch or do you just improvise the shapes as you go?