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  1. A roughen path tool has been discussed before, indeed it sounds like one is / was in development at some point…
  2. Update: Bins has received some updates since I last posted in this thread (current version I am happy to report that there is no longer a conflict between Bins and Affinity products. Yay! Best of both worlds.
  3. Affinity Designer has limited support for this (right click on a Layer in the Layers Panel and choose Properties). But there is no equivalent in Affinity Photo. It has been discussed on the forum several times before, going back at least 2 years… I'd really like to see the ability to colour layers improved in all Affinity apps.
  4. Aammppaa

    [ADe] Book Cover - The War Of The Worlds

    The Martian looks very cute… is that what you are trying to achieve? The top reflection in the eyes should perhaps be red (reflecting Mars at the top of the image)?
  5. There are already so many ways to zoom using mousewheel, keyboard, layers panel, navigation panel, zoom tool - all of which feel more elegant than having two tools each with such a limited function. https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/pages/GetStarted/zoom.html
  6. I have a radial transparency with 3 node (0%, 50%, 100%). Selecting each in turn shows the Opacity Value updating in the Colour Panel. But the Opacity Slider is stuck on 100%. A tiny cosmetic thing… but odd nonetheless. As soon as I touched the slider everything righted itself.
  7. This is by design, although I agree that it is pretty unhelpful!
  8. Aammppaa

    Resizing document

    Everything is linked in Photo?!
  9. Do you know that you can already paste without format by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Alt + V? Or via Edit > Paste without Format Currently Ctrl + Shift + V defaults to Paste Style. But there is no reason why you couldn't change these around in Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Edit > ...
  10. @Jon W Is it useful to send you the 3 install logs? (2 Failed and 1 Success) Where should I send it?
  11. For the first time ever… "Setup Failed" No explanation. Is there an install log somewhere? Tried reinstalling, and failed a second time. Ran Designer Beta (to confirm still version 119) - it was. Quit, and tried install a third time. "Setup Completed Successfully" Hmm. Odd. Also… Please, please, please can the installer show the full build number 1.6.5.xxx? Perhaps even tell you Current Version > New Version.
  12. Continue to be impressed, not only by your results but also your dedication and playful curiosity.
  13. Could you do the following? Create a layer called GUIDES. Draw a line with the pen tool. Rotate it to any angle you like. Ensure that snap to geometry is turned on. You now effectively have a rotated guide! You can also set a look for the guides layer, such as 0.25 point, dashed, magenta lines, to keep your guides distinct from your design.
  14. Just wanted to say how impressed I am that Affinity developers engage in such a constructive, open, cheerful and polite way with the community on this forum. This simply doesn't happen with any other application (let alone suite of applications) that I use.