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  1. Glad to have helped Have subscribed to your channel.
  2. OK - drank a double espresso, propped my eyelids up with matchsticks, and went in for another view… Still couldn't see any mention of the second graph?! Am I losing it?
  3. Aammppaa

    Inktober 2018 (Raster)

    Oh wow, that image really hits me. You totally nailed those eyes.
  4. Great video - nice clear explanation. Unless I nodded off, you never got around to the second graph… to be continued?
  5. Aammppaa

    I Drew a Poop Monster!

    What you claim… seems to be true!
  6. Aammppaa

    Tea cup illustration

    Brilliant. You must have gone mad aligning all those tiny details. I wish you a swift recovery!
  7. Agree that there should be a nice simple clean way to permanently reset the box. The Boolean operations (add, subtract, intersect, divide) use Alt+Click the button for their second action - a shame this isn't used anywhere else in the UI! Bounding box functionality has been upgraded (very slightly) in the Publisher Beta - it now flashes up a small message telling you which bounding box is being used! But it is still a temporary toggle. I try to remember that '.' (full stop / period) is the keypress to switch, as this is a little quicker to use.
  8. No problem. Glad it was what you needed.
  9. Instead of using the rectangle as a mask on the ellipse, clip the ellipse by putting it inside the rectangle. Make the rectangle transparent.
  10. Experiencing this again today, again while refining a mask in Designer. I no longer think that it is overheating - monitoring the temp of my CPU and GPU and neither goes over 52 degrees C. A new observation: this corruption starts at a very specific zoom level! Below 693% zoom I get no corruption. Beyond 694% zoom the image corrupts. The size of the texture / pattern in the corruption is linked to the zoom level. The corruption is always monochromatic. I cancelled the refine, and tried again and this time was unable to recreate the issue. Frustrating.
  11. Aammppaa

    Compound shapes crazy behaviour

    This is indeed a known bug, where shapes use smart nodes. See various other threads… https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q=smart nodes compound&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and If you change the nodes from smart to smooth, the compound should work.
  12. Confirmed - color picker (from any of the fill/stroke.color panels) only samples from the UI not the page.
  13. Place an image in a picture frame. With the Picture Frame selected, click Replace Image on context toolbar. Open dialog appears showing file types afdesign, afphoto, afpub plus the usual raster types. Cancel the dialog. Select the Image within the Picture Frame, and click Replace Image on context toolbar. Open dialog appears, but afdesign, afphoto, afpub are missing, only raster filetypes are shown.
  14. Affinity Designer doesn't have a gradient mesh yet. It is on the Roadmap though, so will be delivered as a free upgrade sometime before version 2. For now you would have to use other methods to create a similar effect.
  15. View > Studio > Text Frame has the control for gutter width.