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  1. Aammppaa

    My first try with Affinity Designer

    Another charming illustration Are you working from a sketch or do you just improvise the shapes as you go?
  2. Just head to the beta forum… https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/60-affinity-designer-beta-forums/
  3. @korie.psd you might be very interested in Alignment Handles that are coming in 1.7 They will allow you to align objects in an intuitive way, on canvas, without the use of any dialogue boxes. They allow for top, middle, bottom alignment of objects or selected nodes, and combine with the already powerful snapping engine. Simply select what you want to align, and click (to align in place) or drag the relevant alignment handle to the point where you want the alignment to happen! You don't even need to worry about the stacking order of the objects, or the order in which you select them. Instant feedback. Very versatile. You can try them out in the 1.7 beta which is now available.
  4. I find styles so limited that I don't use them! Really need to be able to update them. Would also love to be able to stack several styles onto an object… Example: Make a style for a blurred drop shadow, another for a certain font, and a third for a gradient and outline. Now apply some or all of them, in an order of my choosing, to any objects in the document. @Harold Trammel there is a difference between Styles and Text Styles.
  5. Aammppaa

    My first try with Affinity Designer

    This thread makes me happy! Thanks for sharing your work and process.
  6. Functionality of the symbols panel is very limited. There is no way to select more than one symbol, so you really do have to delete each one individually. And yes the confirmation dialogue will drive you mad.
  7. I hate the right-mouse modifier! It is so unusual - not used in any other app that I can think of!
  8. 1.7 is on the way - beta is available to test now. If you buy now, you get all updates until 2.0 for free. Given that there has been roughly on e major update each year, if you buy now you should be good until ~2021.
  9. It is working for me on Windows, using right-mouse as the modifier. Move the center. Hold left mouse, then hold right mouse as well. Move and snap as requested.
  10. HSL filter has been rewritten for 1.7 - have you checked out the beta? Has a colour picker and allows you to change the width of the affected range.
  11. Filters > Colours > Erase White Paper For Black you can invert the image first, the erase, then invert again. Filters > Colours > Defringe will help get rid of edge pixels. Flood Select Tool can also be used to get rid of solid coloured backgrounds (untick Contiguous to also select holes in the object).
  12. The rotation center should already snap based upon the options selected in the Snapping drop-down. Shortcut for Show Rotation Center would be soooooo helpful! (As would Lock Children!) Xara Designer uses an elegant method, with an object selected, a single click on the object toggles the handles from Resize to Rotate, and shows the Rotation Center. Another click toggles back.
  13. I experience the same thing, which is very annoying! Only really used Refine in the most recent version so can't say when this bug appeared.
  14. Aammppaa

    Green Artifacts

    No green artifacts here either (AD .123 Win7) I notice that the curve has a green stroke, and a gradient fx - so I guess it is possible that part of the overlay fx failed showing the underlying green, but I can't recreate that.
  15. I sometimes want an outer shadow over an outer glow, and other times vice-versa. Perhaps this will come when we get multiple repeated effects / fills / strokes per object? (Which is on the roadmap)