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  1. @firstdefence You certainly win the award for perseverance Agree that macros would be welcome in AD. But I really believe that a small tweak to the design of Power Duplicate would make it genuinely quick, powerful, and intuitive.
  2. @firstdefence Works(ish) until you have more duplicates that double back on themselves. Try a complete circle of shapes rotating 15 degrees each. No longer a trivial task to sort them out.
  3. But with the system as it currently exists we can not create any linear arrays with rotation, and I know which of those two operations I need more frequently! Secondly, the ratio feature is currently far less useful than it should be as it can only apply a ratio, not a step change… Draw a 500px square Duplicate Resize in the W transform box as -=50 Power Duplicate I would anticipate the series to go: 500, 450, 400, 350, 300 etc But the current result is: 500, 450, 405, 364.5, 328.1 etc Affinity is interpreting the resize as a ratio (a reduction of 10%) when I asked for a fixed change. If I'd wanted a 10% reduction I'd have resized with W*=0.9 I'd love the team to revisit Power Duplicate and make it more intuitive and more versatile.
  4. Ah! I finally understand why Power Duplicate behaves as it does, however… The help file does not mention local (or global) coordinates This seems like a very odd design choice! Can you suggest an efficient method, using Power Duplicate (or other tools in Affinity) to create a horizontal row of (45) squares, equally spaced, each rotated 8° from the last?
  5. Also look at Compound Shapes which allow easy adjustment of combined objects. Or use your group as a mask on the pixel layer (rather than nesting the pixel layer inside the group).
  6. But you can change the colour of an artboard?! Perhaps I misunderstood the request?
  7. Your solution seems fine, but I believe you could have don exactly the same within Photo since it has an ellipse tool, boolean compounds and dashed strokes.
  8. Aammppaa

    HB pencil brush - request

    Daub Essential contains a bunch of pencils… https://gumroad.com/l/IXbWp Or an earlier free version here…
  9. Aammppaa

    Stream line a brush?

  10. Aammppaa

    Stream line a brush?

    Photo has a node tool on the flyout from the pen tool.
  11. Aammppaa


    +1 from me. It should pop out as its own window / panel (as the Effects do if you want to see all the parameters).
  12. Playing with the brush engine in Photo & Designer and found that Hue / Saturation / Luminance Jitter work differently from other apps… In Affinity the jitter is applied per dab. Compare with Photoshop (and others?) where the jitter is applied per stroke. In my limited experience per stroke is more useful in digital painting for creating subtle variation between painted strokes. Could Affinity have the option to choose how the jitter is applied? Thanks for your consideration.
  13. Aammppaa

    First works (colorful video game)

    Looks nice so far. Regular updates please
  14. Aammppaa

    lens flare / sun flare

    According to this post it should be added to Photo in the 1.7 update, due later this year.
  15. Aammppaa

    Multiple Curves in one stroke

    @firstdefence There is no need to export with a background colour, it can be transparent. Affinity 4 Parallel Strokes Brush.afdesign