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  1. I'd argue that because there are so many keyboard shortcuts is precisely why the search box should search them! It is very frustrating scrolling through a huge list especially when you aren't sure where to look, or if the shortcut even exists. For example: Toggle Lock Children. I searched through ~300 shortcuts just to find there is not keyboard option available.
  2. I note that this behaviour is improved (though not yet fixed) in beta 1.8.532 Expand Stroke will now respect the particular stroke selected in the Appearance panel. But it still only creates one expanded stroke, rather than one per stroke. And still leaves redundant strokes upon expansion. Fingers crossed for the next beta I guess
  3. Posting this here as the Expand Strokes feature is receiving some attention in the current beta - but this issue also exists in 1.7.x Create a line, and use the Appearances panel to add a couple of extra strokes. Now Expand Stroke. Result: Only the currently selected stroke in the Appearance panel s is expanded, but it retains 3 strokes with zero width and no colour. Expected: All 3 strokes expanded, each taking the fill colour from the relevant stroke. PS - Thanks for the dramatic improvement to Expand Stroke accuracy!
  4. Yes Windows. The 'mess' isn't a really a visual thing, but a usability issue. I find the layout slow to navigate and difficult to find the items I am looking for.
  5. Hi Merlin. What you are experiencing is certainly unusual! Can you provide as much information about the problem as possible, so that people can assist you? Which version of Windows? Are you using the latest version of Designer? (1.7.2) Does this happen with every file, or just one specific file? Which tool were you using? What action were you performing when it crashed?
  6. Just wait til you try holding Shift and scrolling - your mind will be blown!!!!
  7. Erm... hold Control (on PC, so Command on Mac?) to scroll by 0.1 Should work in every box throughout Affinity suite.
  8. I agree. The three apps already have their own colour (from the icons: Designer = Blue, Photo = Pink, Publisher = Orange) so a tint or even single pixel rule under the panel name would really help.
  9. Here is a very quick tweak of the top left corner of your Aztec Water God image. I drew in a few of the blocks with the pen tool, and put a slightly scaled and rotated copy of the image inside block. Then added a drop shadow and bevel to the blocks to make them pop out of the surface. Only a few minutes work, but shows what could be achieved. Also think that a textured stroke on the black outline would really help bed the illustration onto the stone work. And let me reiterate - I love your work!
  10. @DeyanApp Love your illustrations, but these two aren't quite working for me. The image just doesn't look like it is on the rocks, instead it looks like transparency over a photo. Do you have Affinity Photo? If so, perhaps investigate the Displacement feature… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svaIoTqIWdU If not, perhaps a bit more experimentation with blending modes, or even chopping up the image and displacing it by hand might add some realism?
  11. Affinity doesn't have a Transform Again command. But Method 1 should still work just fine…
  12. @MickRose I still see the same behaviour in Publisher Beta 458. Can you provide an example of it working?
  13. I can think of at least 3 ways to do this, depending upon the specifics of the task. Lets start with the simplest… Select both lines. Select both nodes (with the node tool) Drag one node, and the other will move too. Method 2: use symbols. That way each line is an instance of the symbol. So any change will be made to all copies of the line. Method 3: I need to go try it out - will update if it works!
  14. I believe that the bevel tool in Xara also creates a raster effect (it certainly used to, but could conceivably have changed in a recent version).

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