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  1. P.S. And being able to duplicate a slice would also be very appreciated.
  2. I would appreciate it if slices could snap to the grid when moved or created.
  3. I haven't checked this out specifically but I will ASAP. However, for now I'm glad that I can use the Affinity software again. Okay, so Warp isn't really recommended even though the Affinity software is working with this setting for the moment. Normally I should be able to exclude a GPU driver issue as I did a fresh installation of my windows system about a month ago but I'll give it a try and reinstall the driver ASAP.
  4. I found a tip in another thread: Changing the renderer from "default (GPU)" to "WARP" has fixed the issue. Now new and also existing documents open directly without any issues.
  5. I had a similar issue with freezing/not responding Affinity V1 software when trying to create a new or loading an existing document. Here's the link to my thread in the forum: As I didn't get any real support for nearly a month, I wanted to know if this issue also appears by using the V2 software and so I tested the trial version of V2. The issue also appeared there, which has led me to this thread here. Changing the renderer from "default (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090)" to "WARP" did fix the issue and now documents open directly without issues on both versions, V1 and V2. So many thanks to @Pauls for this tip! Now I would like to know why this happens?
  6. @N.P.M "Uninstall all of your third party apps and reinstall them one by one to see which is the problem." I already did that as you should read in my second post but nothing changed. Well, except the apps from Microsoft, which can't be really uninstalled as they reinstall again automatically after rebooting the pc. "And you may not have noticed the notice" Of course, I've seen the notice but how long should I wait to get support for my request? It's been more than a month since I can't use the Affinity software and since I can't continue my work. It costs me time, which I didn't get paid for!
  7. It's already inconvenient for me that the Affinity V1 software doesn't work as expected, but the fact that I haven't received any help or support for almost a month now is very annoying. I paid for the software and feel completely let down.
  8. The recording software I used for the last video didn't capture additional windows so here's a more comprehensible video showing what happens: Affinity V1 Software Not Responding – Mit Clipchamp erstellt.mp4
  9. I did another fresh installation of Windows 11 a week ago and then I installed the Affinity apps right after. They worked as expected! But now I'm having the same issue as before. The apps don't respond anymore if try to open an existing or a new project. So the issue might be caused by either one of the afterwards installed applications, which you can see in the following picture (whereby I can proof that Virtual Desktop Service & Streamer aren't the root)... or the issue correlates with one of the latest Windows updates. Here's my current system info: Edition : Windows 11 Home Version : 22H2 Installed on : ‎21.‎12.‎2022 OS Build : 22621.963 Experience : Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22638.1000.0 I would really appreciate your help!
  10. I did a fresh install of Windows 11 about two or three months ago and there I also did a fresh installation of the Affinity Apps (not the versions from the Microsoft Store). However, they don't work correctly as they all start to freeze and also don't respond anymore as soon as I want to start a new project or try to load an existing one. I then have to force quit them. This happens in every app! Updating each app, disabling hardware acceleration and restoring factory settings didn't help. I appreciate any help! Thanks in advance! Affinity Photo 2022-12-16 14-37-52.mp4
  11. Hi, I'm currently having the issue that Photo doesn't respond after selecting a template since I updated to version 1.10.6. I also tried the mentioned and other fixes (like factory reset) but nothing helped. Affinity Photo still doesn't respond! Would appreciate every help! P.S. It also doesn't respond when I try to open an existing project
  12. Well, I've to admit that I haven't used Publisher very often or not at all in this time 🙈
  13. I'm on Windows 11 for a couple of weeks by just doing an upgrade from Windows 10, so I didn't had to do a fresh install of all applications I'm using. However, today I've noticed that a new version of Publisher (1.10.5) is already out there but for some reasons I didn't get a notification as I started the application. I had to download the new version manually. Just wanted to notify you about that.
  14. Okay, maybe I've encountered the issue. I thought the companies icons were just simple icons saved as PNG like icons normally are but they're saved in a format called ICO. So Affinity just probably isn't able to handle those file types even if they're saved as a appropriate file type afterwards.
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