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  1. I don't think I mentioned that I tried what Dan C. suggested earlier and had no luck. Whether I try to change file associations with Get Info or " Open With > Other... then choose Affinity Designer from the list and select Always Open With at the bottom of the window." it doesn't work. Right clicking and choosing Designer from open with or open with other works for the moment but doesn't fix the files within iCloud Drive. Different from emptyful, as long as I save the iOS files after closing them, they sync just fine via iCloud. My problem is an annoyance that would be great to fix; but is not a data loss issue. Emptyful, I do remember when I first started working with Designer on iOS I didn't realize that I had to save a file if I chose "open from iCloud". Not only do we need to navigate out of the file; but also then choose save from the menu. I made a little video showing what I mean. The screenshot from my Mac shows the file automatically updating. Anyway, if you're not using that extra step, doing so will likely fix the syncing issue you're seeing. ScreenRecording_11-08-2018 12-47-10.mp4
  2. Thanks for all the replies. As of yet, the notion of folder type seems most likely to me perhaps as a complication with publisher beta. I tried to do a little testing. First I can open the Designer files on iPad, save changes to cloud, and continue working in Designer on my Mac. I just still need to right click and choose "open with". Next I copied an afdesign file to my desktop. I used cmd I to get info on that file and was seemingly able to change all afdesign files to open with Designer. When I double click on the file on the desktop, it opens just fine into Designer. However, it still shows a the Photo logo when I do cmd I. afdesign files in iCloud still open with photo when double clicked. Below you can see a picture of the same file on desktop and in iCloud Drive. If I copy an afdesign file out of iCloud and double click on it, it will open with Designer. But always it has the wrong logo. I would have thought that this was simply some sort of Mac issue; but v_kyr is showing something similar and also had the publisher beta.
  3. For some reason recently my designer files will no longer open with designer when I select them. They default to opening with Photo. I can right click and then choose to open with Designer. The extra click is slightly annoying but I can still work with my files. Weirdly but I can't fix it permanently. First, I chose get info; but I couldn't change the file options there either as the movie below demonstrates. Then I tried uninstalling & reinstalling both photo and designer. This might have all begun when I installed the Publisher beta. I'm not sure. I'm on a MacBook Pro. Details pictured below Affinity.mov
  4. Thanks for the follow up. Since I can work on my Mac it is easy enough for me to send a draft to the pianist without feeling constrained by the iOS version. So it’s not a critical issue for me now. At some point when I’m traveling and working solely off the iPad then this would be more problematic.
  5. Attached is the original .afdesign file as well as its export from iOS Designer. There are two art boards, and I'm choosing to export the original art board at a width of 1000 pixels with ratio locked. iOS Designer miscalculates the ratio and makes the corresponding height 615 pixels. On my Mac, Designer properly calculates the height as 1294 exports the image correctly. The upload to this thread seems to stall. So I've dropped the file in your dropbox. It's called ChopinPoster.afdesign and comes from greg******@**.com Also, the resizing from the document menu would resize both artboards, so that isn't a clear comparison. Nor do I want to reduce resolution in the original file. This has a couple rasterized layers that I don't want to degrade and then scale up.
  6. Perhaps I should also say that I’m using a 10 1/2 inch iPad Pro in this document has two art boards. So perhaps it is selecting the option to export only one art board at a different resolution that is causing the issue.
  7. I was thrilled to see designer come to the iPad. Generally I like it but am encountering a critical fail. When I use export to share my image and rescale it there (with the ratios locked), Designer squashes the image into an unusable perspective. When I try to use the export persona, I find that it does not allow specifying pixel width or height as it does on the Mac. Whether I choose to save the file somewhere or email it the ratio is still problematic
  8. I'm having trouble with something I thought I've done before. I outline a shape with the pen tool and then load it as a selection. Then I refine the edge/feather etc. and use that selection for a filter/effect. However, today I'm not able to load the curves as a selection on a photo layer. I've searched around and couldn't find how to do this. Ideas? Thanks
  9. Just another vote for Lightroom replacement. I'm loving Designer and Photo.
  10. I wanted to draw a grid without creating a line and duplicating, placing etc. When I look up information on grids, all I see is grid view and snapping. Is there a quick way to Draw a grid? Thanks
  11. Increasingly I am working with different devices in different places. I do tend to do my design & photo work primarily on my Mac. However, I have used other apps like iDraw where I've done the primary work on the Mac but tinkering (with text particularly) on my iPad. Right now my vector work is spread across 3 apps, old CS6 AI, iDraw, and Affinity Designer. When Affinity gets trace (made comment in that forum) and iOS app, I can dump the other 2 apps. I would love to do this.
  12. ++ This would make a must have for me. It's the only feature that I miss.
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