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  1. Oh, and BTW, as far as I can tell, this seems quite related while copying a layer with attached masks (rectangles)
  2. Hi @Sean P, I'm experiencing this bug and I'm indeed using a clipboard manager (LaunchBar one). However, even with LaunchBar fully closed, Affinity (mainly Photo) do crash at minimum 50% the time when I hit ⌘c. Such a tool is a pilar need on my workflow, I would love this to be fixed. I'm fully available if ever you want a screen sharing to debug on my computer.
  3. Hopefully, I think we all know we can import PDF on Motion, I bet it's even on the manual. But as said by @Dudemeister, PDF is not Shapes. So on the countless list of "reasons this would not work for" us, let's start with path animation
  4. @Pšenda You nailed it!!! Could you please describe your process? @R C-R Sorry for the misunderstanding when I said "who can easily merge those curves […]" Still, the rest of my question was all about nodes merging: "Merging two overlapping points is a nightmare." ; "[…] so there is no overlapping nodes" ; (including the filename).
  5. Can someone on the team answer us? Merging two overlapping points is a nightmare. You think it's a detail? Try adding a stroke pressure to such a curve and you'll see awful glitches Edit: who can easily merge those curves so there is no overlapping nodes (file attached MergingNodes.afdesign)?
  6. « Sorry that you have experienced this issue, it is one we are aware of and it's been passed over to the developers to investigate further. » --> My yesterday e-mail answer. Wait, did I said it wasn't my fault (too)? Funny… From now on, since any new document is default created at 96dpi, I'll make sure to never ever change that in case I've some copy/paste to handle (plus checking triple… as I was always doing before in the end…). BTW Affinity team, when you'll fix this bug, please also keep the unit preferences, color, etc. When you're working on a "mm" unit document, and ⌘ ⌥ ⇧ n to create a new one, make sure to keep those units set on the new document. Chances are quite high the user will have to continue working following the same document definition.
  7. The "⌘ ⌥ ⇧ n" is a known issue by Affinity, they just confirmed it to me… It wasn't my day, I paid hard for this bug.
  8. Just to share a bad experience, even after almost 20 years in the creation process… Hope this can serve someone else than me. Hi dear Affinity Team, Almost since the beginning of your adventure, I'm a big fan of your apps. Bought them all, trash any single piece of Adobe files on my system, I just love your work. Well… until today… A few days ago, I've designed an Affinity Designer file, which contain 3 very precisely scaled shapes planned to be laser cut (document set in cm). The laser company needed separated files, so, for each of the three shapes to be cut: • I copied the group shape and pasted it on a new document (⌘ ⌥ ⇧ n). • Saved the new document for reference and exported it to PDF. • Sent it to cut to the company. I paid 209,33€ for the job (inox plates, 2mm thick) Today, I received the plates, and they are too small!!! I immediately checked my exported files, and indeed, they are too small!!! So: • Yes, this is my fault for not having double checked the exported files and the company has made no mistake, so their is nothing I can complain • BUT, YOU changed the scale during the copy/paste process!!! Why such a bug exist??? I was trusting you, didn't pay attention… This bug can be reproduced at will, cannot believe it!!! I'm absolutely revolted right now, both against me by my excess of confidence in the quality of your work, and by you because your lack costed me so much money! I don't know what to think anymore. Regards
  9. Put me on the list. I've an stainless steel plate to get cut and cannot provide a dxf file! Actually testing one by one any online PDF to DXF I can found, but yet none of them provided a dxf that seems to work.
  10. Hi MEB, Any update from the dev team? I experience the issue (also with perspective effect, etc.) The real problem is that I cannot even export, thus the feature is useless for me and quite a problem for my needs
  11. @Ulysses & @AdrianB: thanks for the proposal of not updating. But since you took this statement without having the big picture: perhaps I need to update because I'm also into app development (UI more precisely), and I've to be able to run the last system + Xcode to compile and test our apps for you guys I'm already more than 1 year behind (already with hack, else, I'm officially more than 2 years behind), but cannot continue now.
  12. Hi folks and Affinity Team, This is 5 years (June 2014) now that Apple have dropped Aperture. Since then, I've tested everything around and Aperture simply beats hands down any single other apps in the — DAM — aspect. (I'm not talking about the adjusting tools, which luckily did evolved on competitors). And if we speak about adjustments, it was a matter of 300kB with Aperture, which was describing all in a text file + some B&W masks… I've purchased Affinity Photo in July 2015, since then, I'm reading here people asking for a DAM (many, are still on Aperture like me), and Affinity is answering, "yes", "yes", "yes", then "no", then back "yes"… So I'm sticking on Aperture, it's that simple (sadly) The day an Affinity DAM will come, I simply hope it will vaporise Aperture, which no one yet have been able the achieve. But now, the wait must come to an end. Apple have officially dropped 32bits apps, and Aperture (which still has some 32bits code), can't work on Catalina. As professionals, we need to know were to go, how and when to invest. Please answer us guys.
  13. Let me correct this statement for you: “I too million this request” Reading it would “unlikely” be “in the 1.x cycle” made me quite sad.
  14. Hi @carl123, I've done 95% of this yesterday, but your italic statement right after point 5 made me understand. The fact some slices are not resized is because when you drag the small slices, the big one is still selected. If you select only the small slices (and you're right, their position / size must be the same), then all of them will resize together. So this is a solution, but… sadly, it only applies on this example, were all layers are the same. In my real need, all of them are different (I should have randomised all my discs sizes, sorry). Anyway, this points out the simple feature that would solve it all: The transform panel should not be greyed out at the moment a multiple slice selection is done. Thus we could use it. Thanks for your test, now it's time for the Affinity Team to fix this
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