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  1. My mistake, it works @R C-R. Thank you. I prefer this (pressing twice an arrow keep) as workaround.
  2. Hi Folks, @Pšenda thanks for the suggestion, but I will not touch my screen tolerance settings, which is good as default for my needs. Again, the point is not having to switch settings all the time for simple tasks. @R C-R Sadly, it's not doing the trick. lines are still snapping to the grid.
  3. Not true in many cases where for no "apparent" reason (could be an adjacent snap), the path jumps by 1px, sometimes by 0.5px, etc. Designing UI icons etc, is not only about straight line, sometimes, it's a more complex shape which still needs one of it's base to perfectly fit on the pixel grid. For this reason, a keyboard combination could force a 0.5px step behaviour whatever we do (move, transformation, etc.), disregarding any snap option. Edit: But in the end, a simple checkbox "Allow half pixel snapping" on the grid setting could solve all of this, without having to set end an heavy looking grid (spacing 10px, division 20px is heavy) Edit bis: setting a grid with spacing 10px, division 20px, is even not working… I still have unwanted 1px jumps because of some snaps (which by the way I need for many other reasons during the creation). Having the switch snap settings every single time depending the editing you do cannot be the right answer
  4. I see nothing has evolved on this point (both AD & AP) I decided to switch to Sketch for my next UI projects. I dropped it when AD have been released, but I've to admit Affinity isn't matching (at all) in this domain (yes I know, Sketch has become immensely specialised on it). But still, both app are sharing a lot. Not speaking about symbols (which by opposition are crazy reliables on Sketch), this "half pixel" thingy when doing UI design is a pain in Affinity At least, Affinity Team, provide us with a shortcut to move an item by +-0.5px In Sketch, moving a line seating on the grid will instantly make it jump to the closest half pixel, thus producing a perfect 1px non antialiased line.
  5. Hi Sean, sorry for the delay. If you we focus on the top right rectangle, you'll notice it has —no— filter effect. Still it's rasterised while it's a simple gradient with a transparent color. BTW, transparency tool produce exactly the same non expected result: a rasterised layer. Sketch however is behaving as expected for such a standard need.
  6. Tazintosh

    BUG? The Layer Activation Dance

    Hi Sean, Do you know if it's said to be fixed on the last actual beta? Because if yes, sadly it still occurs for me
  7. Hi folks, I'm noticing a behaviour which feels completely wrong to me (.afphoto beta file attached): • Create a basic rectangle shape and fill it black • Duplicate this shape, set it as vectorial mask of the first created rectangle, draw a gradient from 0% to 100% opacity black. Your document should preview like this: • Deactivate the mask for a moment and set your layer opacity to 50%, the preview should look like this: • Activate back the mask. Here is the problem to me: I see this a pale preview (0% to 25% opacity) while I should expect a preview from 0% to 50% opacity. Why the mask is double affected by the layer opacity value??? What I see: What I would expect: MaskOpacity.afphoto
  8. I agree this issue is particularly annoying. For the moment, my only workaround is to scale up (waayyyyyy up) my shape (checking "scale with object"), then expand stroke, then scale it back down again. Edit: oups, I didn't read the topic fully… BTW D'T4ils, you can still be precise if you scale up/down the exact same amount.
  9. Tazintosh

    BUG? The Layer Activation Dance

    Thank you Sean.
  10. Tazintosh

    BUG? The Layer Activation Dance

    Hi Sean, Here is the file attached. I'm using macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 Edit: Please note that I just discovered the issue is reproductible with any file, at the instant I create a first slice (selecting a layer and making a slice out of it). Pages.afdesign
  11. Hi, On Export Persona, when I toggle my layers visibility, all layers visibility toggles are starting a nice, but not funny dance Affinity - TheActivationDance.mov
  12. Hi Sean, Precision: the gradient are rasterised is one of the color contains alpha. BasicShapesToPDF.afdesign BasicShapesToPDF.pdf
  13. Hi, I just discovered that a lot of my recently exported PDFs were rasterised on the last Beta. More precisely: every gradients or masks present on my file will be converted as images once PDF exported (whatever the PDF export setting). The current stable version is however behaving perfectly as expected, producing vector based PDFs.
  14. Tazintosh

    Drawing bug with Depth of Field (DoF)

    Thanks MEB