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  1. Hi @Chris B and thanks for the answer. I've not previously reported it. But since it was getting way too irritating, I took the time. I'm running macOS Catalina 10.15.6 (19G2021)
  2. Hi folks This is now way to long (more than 1.5 year?) that I experience a bug when saving. But recently, because of the great lack of features on actions (no copy, no document switching, etc. ), I had to do a —lot— of manual manipulations and savings on many file, and I experienced the bug like 1x out of 3! The only way then is to force quit the app and to start over. That's a great amount of frustration. I'm on the Export Personna, when I click "export" for my slices, the save panel opens, and the app will hangs indefinitely (both happened on Designer and Photo, most probably on Publisher but I've not tried yet). The hang is not instant, it can triggers after a couple of seconds or more rapidly. I'm sorry guys, I don't know the responsible, but it's definitely there. I've seen a couple of posts here for such hangs, but users were using Windows, so I'm not sure. My feeling is that it has to do with "what's" actually on the Finder, like, mounted SMB, iCloud, etc. Still not sure. I'm 100% working with an SMB volume mounted (not the one I'm saving on and working though). However, all my working files are saved on iCloud Drive (Desktop and Documents on iCloud option checked). Thanks for the support. Cheers,
  3. Hey Affinity Team. THANK YOU SO MUCH For adding in 1.9 the ability to edit masks much more than before. We can now dodge and burn them, apply filters etc. A warm thank you. Next we'll be to allow masks to behave exactly like standard layers and only internaly you handle the result as a mask: That way, we'll be able to add to them Adjustments, live filters, etc. That the only feature they are now missing. Thanks again for your work guys.
  4. If I've decided to fully switch years ago, it's specially because the quality of my previous software compared to it's price was —pathetic—, as your remark in this case.
  5. Sure. Steps to reproduce: Select the layer named "Copy-Paste Me" Deselect it (do it) Select it back again Press ⌘C --> Instant Crash In fact, it's not a crash on Copy/Paste, it's just on Copy Crash on Copy-Paste.afphoto
  6. Hi folks, Call it bug, issues, or expected behaviour, the fact is this is now more than a year and this wrong behaviour, acknowledged by Affinity is still not "enhanced". (I'll say "fixed" if some don't mind). What's the situation here?
  7. Oh, and BTW, as far as I can tell, this seems quite related while copying a layer with attached masks (rectangles)
  8. Hi @Sean P, I'm experiencing this bug and I'm indeed using a clipboard manager (LaunchBar one). However, even with LaunchBar fully closed, Affinity (mainly Photo) do crash at minimum 50% the time when I hit ⌘c. Such a tool is a pilar need on my workflow, I would love this to be fixed. I'm fully available if ever you want a screen sharing to debug on my computer.
  9. Hopefully, I think we all know we can import PDF on Motion, I bet it's even on the manual. But as said by @Dudemeister, PDF is not Shapes. So on the countless list of "reasons this would not work for" us, let's start with path animation
  10. @Pšenda You nailed it!!! Could you please describe your process? @R C-R Sorry for the misunderstanding when I said "who can easily merge those curves […]" Still, the rest of my question was all about nodes merging: "Merging two overlapping points is a nightmare." ; "[…] so there is no overlapping nodes" ; (including the filename).
  11. Can someone on the team answer us? Merging two overlapping points is a nightmare. You think it's a detail? Try adding a stroke pressure to such a curve and you'll see awful glitches Edit: who can easily merge those curves so there is no overlapping nodes (file attached MergingNodes.afdesign)?
  12. « Sorry that you have experienced this issue, it is one we are aware of and it's been passed over to the developers to investigate further. » --> My yesterday e-mail answer. Wait, did I said it wasn't my fault (too)? Funny… From now on, since any new document is default created at 96dpi, I'll make sure to never ever change that in case I've some copy/paste to handle (plus checking triple… as I was always doing before in the end…). BTW Affinity team, when you'll fix this bug, please also keep the unit preferences, color, etc. When you're working on a "mm" unit document, and ⌘ ⌥ ⇧ n to create a new one, make sure to keep those units set on the new document. Chances are quite high the user will have to continue working following the same document definition.
  13. The "⌘ ⌥ ⇧ n" is a known issue by Affinity, they just confirmed it to me… It wasn't my day, I paid hard for this bug.
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