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  1. HI ! On a photo, I needed to push the sliders of details strongly, so in "develop persona". I noticed that the level of details obtained, decreased greatly by switching to "Photo persona".
  2. Good evening, I think all Affinity suite software needs a DAM, not just Affinity photo. Indeed, professionals or advanced amateurs easily have thousands of documents to classify, index, tag, note... And it is the native files that must be organized in this way (not the exports who have only occasionals use). I hope to see one day a DAM in Affinity which allows to organize in the same way all the native files of Affinity and why not, any type of files.
  3. HI, Effectively, windows' explorer show the thumbnails. I have an answer from Acdsee team : "actually for the moment version 1.7 is not supported by ACDSee and I think that even in Photoshop it does not work. ". I have to wait... if only Affinity had a DAM... we would not have to switch several software ... but this is another debate ...
  4. Sorry but i don't think so. Files afphoto saved before the 1.7.1 version of Affinity Photo can be read by AcdSee (thumbnails and preview). Files afphoto saved after the 1.7.1 version can't be read by AcdSee (no thumbnails, no preview)... The phenomenon can be seen on AcdSee Studio 2018 which has not been updated since, and also with the latest version of AcdSee Pro 2019 ... I think the coincidence is too big to be an AcdSee bug, especially without no update. I will report that to acdsee but I really think they are not for nothing . thanks
  5. HI, You changed something in the file format ??? I bought ACDSEE studio because it was able to display a preview of .afphoto and thus could serve as DAM (function that is sorely lacking and ... requires to buy other product ...) Except that since the last version of affinity photo, the .afphoto are no longer recognized by ACDSEE !! :-( Older .afphoto, continue to be recognized by ACDSEE. Please don't say me that i bought ACDSEE for nothing!
  6. Hi, Since version 1.7.1 The detail refinement tool created ugly yellow points as soon as you push a little sliders. Version does not correct this problem. Thank you for viewing the screen capture as an attachment.
  7. Hi! It's not easy to saturate/desaturate only one color in affinity. Photoshop have a color picker in its TSI filter : click to choose a color and simply saturate/desaturate it by moving the mouse up or down. It could be a really great ideal to develop the same tool i Affinity Photo.
  8. Yes, it's also a big advantage. In LightRoom, for example, you can choose to edit a photo (from RAW or an LR file) in Photoshop. Once the modifications are complete in Photoshop, the modified file appears in the DAM as a PSD (or TIF I do not remember). This is the kind of feature that would like to see one day in Affinity, it would be even more powerful because we would stay in Affinity, we would not switch to another software ... If Serif does that, they will become the big boss of the market!
  9. Oh sorry for my poor english... I will try to rephrase... with google translate :-) What I expect from a possible DAM integrated Affinity, would be to catalog, tag, file files as soon as they are imported, ie RAW, as well as files in native format Affinity. I would like to be able to go from one file of the DAM to another persona, to return to the DAM ... I do not know how to express it, but that there is an intimate link between the file Afinity and the RAW as in LightRoom. Hope being cleer Thanks
  10. Hi ! I agree but by buying Affinity, I was hoping not to buy another software. I saw in him an all in one ... Thanks
  11. No... an integrated DAM could work with affinity native format, that's important. When you have thousand photo, some with several treatments; you don't care organizing RAW or exports, you need to organized/tags/catlogs your work... the Affinity native format... Maybe you don't need it, but believ me, lots of people a know don't go from Adobe to Affinity because there are no DAM... After... maybe if people repeat usualy this subject, it's because Serif annonce THE DAM since years, and nothing are coming...
  12. Luminar has just announced that its latest version offers the functions of catalogs ... When will the Affinity team understand that this tool is important? I know a lot of photographers, amaters or pros, who stays at the competition unnaturally because of that ... and others, like me, who is thinking about coming back to Adobe or going to another competitor ...
  13. The DAM I need should look like LightRoom. The ranking of RAW files must be at the same level as the proprietary files. the DAM must be able to handle RAW and Affinity files the same way. The files must be able to be sorted quickly (stars or colors), to be classified in physical folders whose tree meets a set of criteria. Virtual classifications must also be possible (LR dynamic collections) by keywords, dates, badges ... I imagine this tool as a new persona able to manage the import of RAW files automatically in libraries (for example when inserting an SD card, like LightRoom). We must be able to simply move photos without breaking their referencing / ranking in libraries. In short, LightRoom is a reference in the field, if first version takes the big ideas of the DAM LightRoom, it would be great!
  14. Hello ! Here is your biggest mistake! Not consider the development of a DAM as a priority, it is deny all professionals as customers! Pros or knowledgeable amateurs have thousands of pictures. Their ranking is as important as the processing and as you have a proprietary format, there is NO DAM that can reference the native Affinity Photo files! Cataloging RAW or Exports files with other software is irrelevant; it's the retouching files that need to be classified! So there is no alternative to work with your software... I like your product and enjoy your business policy, but I can not afford that it's a mess in my job. Unfortunately, and like many, I think more and more to return to Adobe because of the lack of DAM. In the end, I wonder if having to buy Affinity Photo will not have been a bad operation and will not have made me waste precious time !! Could you at least be clear about this development, rather than promise the moon and cost fool your customers?
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