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  1. Thank you Carl123, your work around worked! I unlocked by selecting the layer name and now the macro works as intended, i was also able to rename the group and clear selection before stopping the recording. Thanks again for the help.
  2. I was just messing around so i did not save the file, but see attached AP file for new sample file. I also tried what you mentioned above and it did not work, the layers do not get grouped, i exported the macro in case i messed up your instructions. Thanks again for the input. test.afphoto HSV Check.afmacro
  3. Hi Carl123, There is no issue the macro i created works fine, i just want to tidy up the layers panel by having all the adjustments and layers the macro creates grouped beforehand. Basically i'm trying to recreate an arch viz. Photoshop script that i use in my workflow to AP. (see video below). I want the AP macro to do the following: create pixel layer and fill with white set to multiply, rename it Value isolation layer (so b&W adjustment can affect the layers outside group) create B&W Adjustment, rename it Value isolation layer create pixel layer and fill with red (r:255, g:0, b:0) set to luminosity, rename it hue isolation layer create pixel layer and fill with red (r:255, g:0, b:0) set to hue, rename it saturation isolation layer create HSL Shift Adjustment, set saturation shift to 45% rename it saturation isolation layer group the 5 layers stop recording. Its number 6 that's giving me the issue, the only way I've been able to select all the layers while recording the macro is by going to the Select, Select All Layers. As i noted on my original comment, if I record the command this way and run it on a new document with many layers, all layers not locked get placed inside the group the macro creates, which is something i do not want. Which is why i think my only option is to record the macro without grouping and then group the 5 layers after running the macro, unless someone know a better way. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the videos v_kyr, it explains the layer popup i was getting. I guess ill just save the macro w/o grouping and group the layers after i've applied the macro. Thanks for the help guys...
  5. HI I've checked the forum and did not find the answer to this, I'm trying to group several adjustment layers and standard layers while recording my macro, but I cannot select the layers individually in the layers panel to group them i get this popup asking me to pick a single layer. When i use the "select - select all layers" command it works, but when i run the macro (on a new file with multiple layers), any layer that is not locked gets placed in the group the macro created (i don't want this). Am i missing something, is there a better way to select the layers and group them while recording a macro? Forgot to mention i'm running affinity photo

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