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    Spread dimensions not propagated to all spreads

    Thank You Chris_K.
  2. Consider this scenario: Make a file with several, not-facing pages e.g. 100*100mm. Change the first page dimensions: Select the first page, click on 'Spread Setup...' select 'current spread' radio-button and enter e.g. 120*100mm. Press OK. The spread is resized as expected. Now, 'remember' you actually wanted to resize all of the spreads in this publication. Not just the first one. No problem. Back to 'Spread Setup...', select 'All spreads' radio-button, glance at the dimension input... alright... it says 120*100mm. Press 'OK' button and expect all spreads to be resized to 120*100mm. Scratch your head. They did not. Now, if user explicitly reenters the same dimensions that are already set in input boxes, the spreads will get resized. Therefore, it seems that Publisher is waiting for dimension input box edit in order to apply the change, but ignores the user input user commited on radio boxes. Perhaps an improvement would consider change/edit in radio boxes as user input/intent, too. Affinity Publisher Beta on Mac
  3. Switching OpenGL display modes in Preferences.../Performance/Display results in inconsistent behaviour, depending on the mode selected. When 'OpenGL' is selected: - Grid display is unreliable. Grid origin seemingly moves depending on zoom level. Grid snapping is working well. (bug?) - Doubleclicking a page in pages palette 'moves' user to that page. (as expected) When 'OpenGL (basic)' is selected: - Grid display is proper. (as expected) - 'Go to spread' contextual menu command does not work. (bug?) - Doubleclicking a page in page palette doesn't do anything. (bug?) Affinity Publisher Beta iMac (27-inch, Late 2009), macOS High Sierra, ATI Radeon HD 4850
  4. To add to the information above: display error with grid occurs if Performance/Display is set to 'OpenGL' but does not occur if set to 'OpenGL (Basic)' -- Affinity Publisher Beta