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  1. For us who do not use Tool palette, when using tool shortcuts Context toolbar will show tool name we are using at the moment. N - Pencil, P - Pen, M - Rectangle/Ellipse. Very helpful! But with Art text and Frame text tools - Tool titles are missing from the context toolbar. Since controls for those two are exactly the same, there is no way of telling whether we are in Art or Frame Text 'mode' (to be honest, status bar gives a hint, but still). It would be nice if those tools would consistently follow the convention set up by other tools and display Tool names in the context toolbar. THNX! Example 1, Pen tool - context toolbar includes tool name. Example 2, Text (Art or Frame?) tool - context toolbar omits tool name.
  2. Problem: Make some text in AD using a font with Small caps glyphs. Export this file to PDF for export or print. Now, open that very pdf in AD. Small caps are gone and have been replaced by lowercase and silly kerning. File displays properly in Preview. Expected: To see the font features preserved on opening. Example files are attached. Add.: I really love what you are doing. It is brave and in a couple of years you managed to achieve what that older competitor took decades. But, I would suggest it is time to stop pushing the envelope and sanitize your products. Less features is fine if what we have is reliable and solid. Pdf files that will not be returned by the printing office, converting to curves that works, no double nodes, not crashing when using some sliders... The price is cheaper than the competitor, but I feel much, much happier donating my time to contribute an open source solution than beta-test a proprietary software no matter how cheap I paid. Do you know what I mean? Thank you for your work. test.afdesign test.pdf
  3. Hello, Unless I am mistaken, it seems that baseline grids in text frames are wonky. See below... (there is afpub file attached, too) In short, text frames don't respect text frame baseline grid settings. Expected: paragraph aligns to text frame's baseline grid and so the text is where the grid is. Observed: Paragraph with 'align to baseline' observes the text frame's baseline grid spacing, but does not respect 'start position'. wonky baselines.afpub
  4. Aleksandar Kovač

    Vanishing "Search" input in Help menu

    1. Yes, just out of fullscreen for the screenshot. Not sure whether input box was missing during fullscreen (it is possible). On the other hand, I am sure that the input box was there before in the session and that it went missing during the session, and that window was fullscreen and windowed at various times during that session. 2. I use monochrome icons (set in Designer prefs) and Graphite appearance (set in system prefs/General). This is why, when window is selected, window controls appear grayed out.
  5. Aleksandar Kovač

    Vanishing "Search" input in Help menu

    @garrettm30 Here, fullscreen mode was in the game, too! Similarly, I cannot figure out a repeatable pattern. @Gabe Search bar disappears while using the app.
  6. Aleksandar Kovač

    Vanishing "Search" input in Help menu

    Yes. At this instance, only Designer (v1.7.3) was missing the box. Restarted it, opened the same file, and the box was back. (apps opened at the time & checked: Finder, Firefox, Affinity Photo, MacDown)
  7. Aleksandar Kovač

    Vanishing "Search" input in Help menu

    Another case of missing search input box. This time in Affinity Designer. Shall I make a another thread in Designer forum?
  8. Aleksandar Kovač

    Vanishing "Search" input in Help menu

    OK. Thank you for dedication. I must admit I have not noticed/paid attention to this lately. I will try to catch it and report here.
  9. Aleksandar Kovač

    Vanishing "Search" input in Help menu

    My preferred language is set to English, region (measurement units, currency...) Croatia.
  10. Aleksandar Kovač

    Left and right margin values switched

    Oh, yes! You have been exploring this much deeper. Indeed, strange things happen when changing one's mind from single to facing pages (and the other way around).
  11. Aleksandar Kovač

    Left and right margin values switched

    @thomaso Thanks for replying! I am familiar with inner and outer margins. But here, something else is happening. In a document where 'facing pages' is off and the document is consisted exclusively of single pages (let's say a booklet with verso only printing) margins behave as if there are facing pages. I am sending you an example of, what I believe to be an error. In the file, there is one master single page. If I try duplicating it, it will be duplicated as one master single page but with margins switched! In single-page layout that is not expected, I'd say. margins copy.afpub * "single page layout" - being non-facing-pages layout. As opposed to a file with one page.
  12. Modifying margins, I got this. Left and right margin values are swapped. Here, left input box controls right margin and vice versa, as you can see on the image. E.g. left margin should be 14mm, but instead, right margin is 14pt. I cannot say exactly how this happens but I think I get this sometimes when starting a document as facing pages document and changing to single pages afterwards. Sometimes I would switch from 'facing pages' document to single pages document and still see 'inside' and 'outside' margin input boxes.
  13. I cannot tell exactly how or when, but Search input vanishes from Help menu in Affinity Publisher 1.7.2: After restarting Publisher it is back there... Another fishy/indicative detail to notice is that the question mark for help shortcut is using different font when search input is gone. Or this... search input is here, but shortcut is not in the menu... It might matter or not but I have noticed it vanishing when working with a document that uses table of contents. I cannot claim that there is a clear corellation. Publisher was reset fully a couple of days ago. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  14. Aleksandar Kovač

    Print is blank

    1.7.2 Publisher with HP OfficeJet 8100 On High sierra. Resetting Publisher (Holding Control while starting Publisher and selecting all checkboxes) helped.
  15. Aleksandar Kovač

    Print option output blank pages

    Still having this problem. OfficeJet Pro 8100, but unfortunately 'playing' with print dialog settings does not help.

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