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  1. Check out these silly, silly rulers I have in Designer & Publisher (all 3 personas)... Everywhere and anywhere seems to be the exact same place! Oh! This seems to support certain philosophical ideas but it is not the condition I would want when working on a layout. I bet you can't guess how to get this! Actual area we are looking at is A4-ish, so it is not micro scale. What seems to trigger this? Rotating canvas 90 degrees and then moving mouse pointer, or zooming. Yup, rotating canvas will create a fine zone of singularity. I would expect rulers to merely switch X and Y axes, but the singularity. I'd never! Can you make your rulers silly, too? (Oh, to go back to euclidean universe just rotate the artboard back as it was.)
  2. Hi @Lee D, in my case switching to small (or any other) size does not fix the issue. Re-opening the file does regenerate layer thumbnails.
  3. Spoke too soon. Started getting the same issue in AD. On Mac.
  4. Exactly the same problem here but manifested in Designer persona in AP while AD seems unaffected. Lament: Why oh why this granular chaos? I love Affinity like an old, very smart, slightly unreliable friend, but come on, friend. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, take a good shower, clean up your act... Increasingly I find myself creating demanding vectors for illustration in Rhinoceros 3D and finishing them in Designer. There. I came out. Effortless view handling, reliability, precision, command line, procedural creation...
  5. This issue feels the same like the one GarryP has here on Windows: Using table tool, drag on the page to create a table. Resize the table a bit using bounding box controls. Try changing Table frame inset values using Table panel. On the page, they will be off as if scaled... Anyone else encountered this on Mac AP? Thank you! Affinity Publisher 1.8.4 @ macOS Catalina 10.15.6
  6. The same issue here. Also, when Refine process indicator is on the memory efficiency numbers on info panel just roll down really fast.
  7. Yes, sounds right. Typical. My luck. Entering the number of mm that happens to be the px limit. Still, could be improved, I believe. Dear Affiñititos, could you enlarge this limit, pretty please ? Or gently warn us, your meekish users working on large formats, when this limit is reached? (I am aware of the workarounds, so no showstoppers here. Still...)
  8. @Alfred Thank you. Yes, you are right.So, I have a feeling this might be a bug. Perhaps a conversion bug. For the following reasons: Document units are set to mm. Input box expects mm. Entering 100mm, as expected, results in corner radius 100mm. Entering 2000mm, results in the case below (notice the value accepted in the corner radius input box). Entering anything above 168.58mm (e.g. 200mm, 300mm) results in 168.58mm radius.
  9. While working on a big artboard in Designer, I have noticed that rounded corners function (Corner tool) has a limitation of 168.58mm. It is possible to input e.g. 2000mm radius, the corner radius would go to 168.58mm, while displaying 2000mm in the Radius input box. Did you noticed the same? I could not find relevant info on this online. Designer persona in Publisher behaves the same, and artboard size is not a factor. Judging from: lacking error notification when entering Radius larger than possible, (seemingly) arbitrarily limited size (not a rounded number of mm, feet, inches, pixels @my DPI...), relatively smallish radius, seeing 2000mm in the input box while dealing with 168.58mm in reality. ...this could be a bug. UX papercut for certain. My expectation is to be able to use radii at least as big as the artboard, or workspace. I am working on the latest non-beta version, High Sierra, Mac. Thank you!
  10. Thank you! Shall we mark this 'solved' then? I'd do it but I cannot seem to find how.
  11. More missing help search occurences. This time, no fullscreen was involved. Apps (1.8.2) have just been reset by starting with CTRL. I was in the process of adding new shortcuts, searching for a menu entry and noticed help search is missing in 2 out of 3 apps. Designer behaved, Publisher and Photo did not. Restarting apps gets them back, no problem there, but the phenomena could be an indicator of a deeper problem.
  12. UI text color on radio selection is inconsistent with the rest. See image below. This occurs both in 1.8.1 and beta 1.8.2.
  13. Short one: Preferences/keyboard shortcuts/ is still listing 'Exif' panel rather than 'Metadata' panel. Although, assigning a keystroke to 'Exif' will display 'Metadata' panel.
  14. Thanks @walt.farrell ! Preferences/keyboard shortcuts/ is still listing 'Exif' rather than 'Metadata' panel. Although, assigning a keystroke to 'Exif' will display 'Metadata' panel.
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