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  1. Hi MEB, that's okay. I am glad that the developers are working on it!
  2. Shortcut G seems to work (even with Mojave 10.14.6 @Old Bruce)
  3. Thanks, Old Bruce! I hadn't even tried that. But yes, it works
  4. Hi MEB, for information: APhoto Beta still has this problem. Best regards, Puck
  5. "not able to" as in tries and fails !! They are all tif-files which can be opened in Photo 1.7.3 without problems. I created them in APhoto. And as "Old Bruce" mentioned, tiffs with layers can be opened in the beta (I just discovered that because I usually never save tiffs with layers.) Unfortunately uploading a Tif does not work.
  6. Hello, unfortunately APhoto Beta is not able to open Tif-files, no matter whether via the menu (Command-O) or directly with a right mouse click (Open with ...) JPGs, PNGs, SVGs, EPS and aphoto-files works normal. Best regards, Puck
  7. Puck

    Some Firework assets

    Thank you
  8. I can reproduce this behavior with frequency separation, but only with Mac OS Catalina 10.15.2 -- with Mac OS 10.14.6 Mojave it works fine, also with High Sierra and El Capitan. See crash report. Catalina runs on my MacBook Air for testing purposes. When I look at the other bugs listed here on the forum that people complain about, I assume that there is a big incompatibility between Mac OS Catalina and Affinity Photo (-Designer, -Publisher). How about an intermediate update instead of keeping us waiting for version 1.8? Crash.Report.rtf
  9. Hi Meb, no need to keep it private Here's the file. flashlights.afphoto
  10. I'm glad you were able to reproduce it. Thanks for trying it out.
  11. Lucky Windows users Have a nice weekend, Walt
  12. I'm just playing with a few lightning brushes, the grouping of layers, layer effects and the radial blur. Metal activated (as usual)
  13. Nope, not with MacOS, in my experience. I tried it. If you right-click on the tool icon, nothing happens. Maybe you can set that somewhere in the preferences, but why should you, when there are already three ways to change tools with the left mouse button?
  14. Done! The artwork is of course not finished yet. Especially the shadows are not right. I just wanted to say

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