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  1. Puck

    Denoise on V1.7.0?

    Hi MEB, just give us back the old filter and everything will be fine
  2. Puck

    New From Clipboard Bug

    I can confirm this behavior. It also irritates me every time.
  3. Of course you're right ... same on Mac.
  4. Hi MEB, maybe it has already been mentioned elsewhere, but "Remove White Matte" and "Remove Black Matte" doesn't seem to do anything and has no function! But perhaps I'm just too stupid to understand what these functions should do ... hmmm ...
  5. Ok, got it.Yep, now it works. Thanks a lot MEB!
  6. No, it doesn't. The Beta did it, but not the final version
  7. My pleasure, Chirs
  8. For "Remove White Matte" and "Erase White Paper" you have used the same german translation: "Weißen Hintergrund entfernen"
  9. Hi MEB, thank you very much for the quick answer. Well, at some point this little bug will surely be fixed. Fingers crossed
  10. Hi MEB, it still happens in Photo Beta GM ...
  11. And it also happens in Photo beta 151 RC3 ...
  12. Hi! There's a little glitch with the Blur Brush Tool in Photo beta 150 RC2: It does its job, but the live preview becomes transparent. But not always! I guess it depends on the type of file ... maybe Metal on.
  13. You're welcome Andy Both of my problems have been fixed. Well done! Puck