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  1. Hi MEB, yes I'm talking about the Shadows / Highlights controls in the Tone Map panel on the right. Pressing and holding control-key (not 'alt' on a Mac) during restart dosen't solve the problem, neither with other images. The 'normal' Shadows / Highlights-filter (no matter whether life-filter or non-life-filter) in Photo Persona works fine!
  2. Hi there, First of all I wanna say I'm very happy with the new 1.7 version of Photo! But it looks like the 'Shadows/Highlights' filter doesn't work properly in the Tone Mapping Persona. 'Shadows' doesn't show any effect while the 'Highlights' are working. No matter whether metal is on or off. Best regards, Puck
  3. Puck

    1.7.0 DOES NOT WORK!

    I updated to 1.7 yesterday immediately from the App Store and Photo and Designer running smoothly on my iMac with Mojave 10.14.5 installed Regards, Puck
  4. Puck

    Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0

    Thanks a lot! I didn't know that
  5. Congratulatons!! I'm really happy about the GM. Very well done, team!! Best regards, Puck
  6. Powerful tool, indeed. However, the image buildup in general but especially if you change to 100% (especially with metal enabled) seems slower to me than with the Beta 128.
  7. Hi there, I tried using Publisher to search for whole sentences in a long document (168 pages). Is that even possible? Seems to me it dosen't work (Beta 337) Best regards, Puck
  8. I can confirm that. But it only happens in 32-bit mode.
  9. Yes, I can confirm that.
  10. Indeed, they had / have. This is an example made with Affinity Photo 1.5.2 ... The .psd-file opend in Affinity Photo 1.5.2 PS: Have you ever tried to open the .psd file in Photoshop? I can't because I don't have Photoshop. Regards, Puck