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  1. ... and most of the time when I use the View Tool ... but only a few times, then everything is back in place.
  2. Hi MEB, then you must right away add that one must hold down the command key. Now it works, thank you 😀
  3. Hey Chris, they bounce a few times, yes. Then they stand still. BTW ... it also happens in Publisher 1.8.4 and Designer 1.8.4
  4. Hi Gabe, just a reminder: The bug is still present in APhoto 1.8.3 MAS. Cheers, Puck
  5. Try this: Turn the lens correction off (if it is on, of course). The lens correction corrects lens distortion, and it may happen that something is "cut off" from the edge. If you turn off lens correction, the result should look exactly like your original RAW file. I don't know if that solves your problem, but I think it's worth a try.
  6. A lot of things work in Affinity Photo like in Photoshop, but not everything. This can be explained by the fact that Affinity Photo is not Photoshop (nor a Photoshop clone). It's a different program with a different approach. I'm sure another method will lead to the same goal 😀
  7. Hi gaufde, Hi Chris, I don't have any of these apps running on my Mac or any other clipboard manager or other additional software except the NIK collection (but that's another issue) ...
  8. I have not yet been able to observe this behaviour. So I've taken it one step at a time, just like you. Everything seemed to work out fine... but after I closed Affinity Photo with Command-Q, a message appeared after a few seconds that Affinity Photo had unexpectedly closed. Very strange. I've never had that before. In my daily work (and I often copy layers - even with several adjustment layers and masks - back and forth) it has never happened before!
  9. Hello, I can't confirm this behaviour ! Here everything works as it should.
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