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  1. I'm not going to switch, there are too many gaps in Designer. The question is wether I'll buy it to encourage dev team (as if it was crowdfunding) or not. And the lack of roadmap is quite annoying... this soft exists since 6 years and it may need 6 more years to become professionnaly usable... 😞
  2. This is what I'm asking and in Illustrator this is called "paste in back". And yeah by default, in Ai, "paste" will paste at the center of the screen and you can also paste in place like in many softwares...
  3. Yeah you're right. That's what I'm going to do...
  4. OK then switching to Designer needs some trust and faith in dev team...
  5. OK, how do we know if dev team is taking account or not of suggestions?
  6. Ah OK, you first press cmd+f and then without releasing cmd you press v! That's 2 shortcuts... Thanks it's a good workaround! In Illustrator, we have a single action for that: "Paste in back". Do you know if there is a public road map for Designer development?
  7. OK thank's! There a shortcut for "insert behind the selection", but it's not the same thing than paste behind... For now, I first "paste" and then I "Back one", quite the same... It could be a feature to implement , isn't it? If someone from the dev team could tell us if it could be on the road map, it would be great! By the way is there a public road map for 1.9? I'm afraid that's not possible because a single shortcut can't perform 2 actions (insert behind + paste). One action is associated to one shortcut...
  8. Like cmd+v is "paste in front", it would be great to have a feature "paste behind". In Designer, we have the "insert behind the selection" button but there is no shortcut... Thanks!
  9. +1 I'd like this feature too! Like cmd+v paste in front it would be great to have a feature "paste behind" (like in Ai). In Designer, we have "insert behind the selection" but there is no shortcut... Thanks! edit: I just see that this is the iPad forum, I'd like it for desktop, sorry...
  10. +1 If we can't preserve groups or sublayers when importing .ai and .pdf how are we supposed to do?
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