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  1. Confirmed. You guys seem to be working on the Windows platform, but with FontLab 7, it also works on the Mac now.
  2. Yes, I believe all problems described in this thread are solved now. Thank you again. There are a few others, but I created new threads for these. And these were already reported to the development team by @Gabe …
  3. A_B_C

    Expand Stroke Issues

    Cool drawing, by the way!
  4. A_B_C

    Free fonts

    Interesting typeface! Not sure how the “ligatures” will work in coding environments, but I’ll give it a try. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Thank you! The last glyph-related IDML fixes provided by Adam and his team work like a charm!
  6. A_B_C

    Disappointed that Stroke still overlaps

    Though there seem to be some screen rendering issues with more extreme shapes. Explosions. Bang.afdesign Bang.mov
  7. A_B_C

    Disappointed that Stroke still overlaps

    For the mean time, you could try the Appearance Panel. Works a little better with closed shapes.
  8. A_B_C

    Vector Assets:Camouflage II

    I already imagine to create a lovely Thanksgiving card for my American friend with your assets! I’ll make sure to give you proper credit!
  9. Hi, here’s another little issue. Type a word (for instance, “Left”) in an Indesign text frame, then use Shift + Tab to right-align another phrase (for instance, “Right”), like so: Shift+Tab.idml Then you’ll get the IDML (XML) context: But the shift tab isn’t recognised at all in Publisher: Please have a look! Alex
  10. Here’s an IDML context that fails to import properly. Here’s another one.
  11. This issue isn’t confined to stylistic alternates. The quoted IDML context seems to be more widely used. I was just reviewing some fonts and documents, and I noticed that with some older fonts, there are also other OpenType features encoded this way during IDML export, for instance, the sups feature: The superior k is incorrectly rendered as a standard lowercase k in Publisher. Maybe this IDML context is some sort of fallback (old Cambria font). I have no idea.
  12. Hi there, as a follow-up of my investigation into unencoded glyphs, here are some additional observations. There is an IDML (XML) context that isn’t still interpreted correctly. This is the original Indesign text frame containing some glyphs from Cambria Math and the IDML export (CS 5.5): M-phi-phi-salt.idml As you can see, I am using the standard phi (Unicode 03C6) from the Greek and Coptic block and phi salt (the common stylistic alternate). The IDML (XML) context for the latter one is: Publisher doesn’t interpret this context correctly, but displays the standard phi, not the stylistic alternate: Indesign reimports the file correctly. Please have a look! Alex
  13. Terrific job on that, Adam! Works like a charm. I am going to perform some more checks with my documents and report back.
  14. A_B_C

    Vector Assets:Camouflage II

    You’re awfully generous, Stuart! Thank you so much …

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