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  1. Oh my goodness, Walt! Thank you so much. Now I am feeling embarrassed, and rightly so. 😳
  2. Hi there, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been that way before: when you draw a shape with one of the shape tools, for instance, with the rectangle tool, the newly created shape isn’t selected after you lift the mouse button. This is a productivity impairment. For what would you like to do after having drawn a shape? — Right! You want to style it. So it should be selected automatically. Please, if that’s by design: could you please change it? 🙂 Thank you, Alex Deselected.mov
  3. If the space characters are present in a font, Affinity Publisher seems to use the metrics information from the font. I just checked this with a few examples yesterday. Otherwise, Publisher turns to fallback values. As @Wosven said earlier in this thread, most fonts do not support all the spaces in General Punctuation (U+2000..206F), but some do. So to avoid making methodically misleading comparisons, one would have to check first whether the spaces in question are present in a font.
  4. This is a strange bug. The selection marquee, when used across pages or spreads, doesn’t put the focus on the relevant page. Starting the drag from inside the page doesn’t change the odd behavior. Simplest possible file attached. MacBook Pro 16'' (2019), macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (19H1323), APub 1.10.1 MAS Version Selection-Across-Pages-Bug.mov Selection-Across-Pages-Bug.afpub
  5. This is lovely. At first sight, I wouldn’t have thought that this is an existing building, but it is. 😊
  6. Eventually, we may hope that a wider and more consistent implementation of the STAT (Style Attributes) table (OpenType 1.8, September 2016), both in font files and end-user applications, will resolve most of these issues. The information that can be gathered from this table should allow the creation of better and more unified user experiences with modern font families: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/typography/opentype/spec/stat
  7. Yes, please. Follow the system-wide standard on macOS. Would be lovely. 😊 I have been missing this option sorely these days. 😥
  8. I doubt you will be lucky with that, given the current implementation of dashed lines. I fear that’s not a simple export bug, I rather suspect it’s immanent to the current approach towards handling dashed lines. I hope there will be some updates to the entire dashed-line mechanism in the future (version 2.0?). Tables with dashed borders. Difficult. 😥 Tables.mov
  9. Thank you for researching this further. 🙂 Oh, and thanks for reminding me of the built-in calculator. Almost had forgot about this. 😀
  10. Hi there, I searched the forum, but there are either too many or too few results for whatever combination of search terms I tried. So this may have been already be discussed, and I’d be happy to get some pointers. This is the issue: when you use Spread Setup > Scaling > Objects will: Rescale and rescale your spread, the baseline grid is not rescaled as well. See the following example. Going from A4 to A3, for instance, effectively changes the text size, but not the spacing of the baseline grid. Which makes the scaling option somewhat useless for documents that rely on baseline grids. Or I should say, you will have to do the math yourself and readjust. 🙂 Thank you for taking a look, Alex
  11. Nice workaround, Lukáš. Thank you. And of course, I agree with your objection against the title of my initial post. 😀
  12. Thank goodness that there are a few other users who feel the same. This is such an essential feature, and I’m just sorry that I haven’t searched the forum more extensively before posting my own feature request. 🥺 I cannot agree more. 😀
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