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  1. Im Registrierungsdialog sind noch Darstellungsfehler und fehlende Übersetzungen. Siehe PrintScreen
  2. Version 1.84 Steps to the notification 1. Open Publisher 2. Create a new A4 document 3. Place the affinity photo (24MB) 4. Message appears (With the same photo as ipg (1.5 MB) no message appears)
  3. Richtig. Bisher hatte ich angenommen, dass der Fehler nur beim Anhängen, Importieren, Textstile importieren geschieht, wenn die Dokumente unterschiedliche dpi haben. Das oben beschriebene passiert aber in einem NEUEN Dokument! Correct. So far I had assumed that the error only occurs when attaching, importing, importing text styles if the documents have different dpi. The above described happens in a NEW document!
  4. · Öffne ein leeres Dokument mit Auflösung 192 dpi · Schreibe ein paar Worte in der Schriftgrösse 20 · Erstelle einen weise dem Text erstelle einen neuen Textstil (z.B. Überschrift) · Ändere das Dokument auf 300 dpi · Öffne den Textstil (Bearbeiten) nun steht 12.8 pt Es ist auch mit bestehenden Textstilen nachvollziehbar Gruss Andreas • Open a blank document with a resolution of 192 dpi • Write a few words in the font size 20 • Create a new text style (e.g. heading) • Change the document to 300 dpi • Open the text style (edit) is now 12.8 pt It is also understandable with existing text styles Probably related to: Greeting Andreas
  5. Hello everybody I had already pointed this out in version 1.73. However, assumed that the creator had scaled the frame. However, the problem continues. I have not yet found out exactly when the error occurs. With an idml file, however, it is always traceable. 1. Open the idml file with one (or more) text columns in afp 2. If there is no text overflow, reduce the text frame 3. Create a linked text frame (See also picture) But as written: It is not primarily an Idml import problem, but has to do with the link! Greeting Andreas
  6. 1. Open the IDML document 2. Reduce the text frame 3. Create a new linked text frame I've written the same thing before (1.73). At that time it was assumed that the text frame was scaled. The cause must be somewhere else. Gruss Andreas Textstil.wmv
  7. 1. Draw a shape with the pencil 2. Convert the shape into a picture frame 3. Place image
  8. Double assignment for the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + - (see illustration) Shouldn't subscript be on the dial pad? Missing translations for keyboard shortcuts (See illustration) Then it says Space instead of Leerschlag Left instead of Links Right instead of Rechts No assignment possible The arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right) are ignored during the assignment. Greeting Andreas
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