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  1. My second screenshot was from Indesign. Spacing the periods differently (i.e. adjusting the tracking of the ......... sequence) in order to arrive at a nice vertical alignment on the left would be a pretty odd idea, typographically.
  2. The app should certainly adjust the spacings between the last periods and the words to make it look right, shouldn’t it, Oval?
  3. “CleanMyMac” … do you really need that? That would be the first thing I’d disable.
  4. I think it’s not only the login items list to look for, Laureline. For instance, my Saffire Pro audio interface installed a driver that is loaded every time I login to my account. Okay, maybe that’s a bad example, as this driver was installed for all users on my Mac. But regardless, there might be plugins or drivers or any applications running background processes that are launched under your standard user account only, and these processes might interfere with the proper operation of the Affinity Suite. So you might want to open Activity Monitor from your Utilities folder inside the Applications folder and (a) check for processes running when you are logged in to your standard account and (b) do the same for processes that are running when you are logged in to your blank, newly created account. You can simply print the process list to PDF and compare. That should bring you closer to a solution. Hopefully.
  5. A_B_C

    BETA ETA (Windows Icon)

    (Everyone is constantly asking for an ETA of this and that … “Is there an ETA for footnotes and endnotes?” … and now that we got one, people are still complaining … )
  6. Can you start the applications from an entirely new user account? That is, a user account created from Apple Menu > System Preferences > Users & Groups?
  7. A_B_C

    Garbled text on PDF export

    Part of the problem with your .afpub document may be due to the fact that each line of your text is a paragraph of its own! At least, this is how my version of Publisher interprets your file. Try replacing the paragraph returns with a blank and see if it makes any difference.
  8. Adam, is it correct that the new beta comes in a .zip archive instead of a .dmg?
  9. Yes, this can be an annoyance indeed. I would suggest that pressing a modifier key, such as Control (which isn’t used in the image frame resize context), should interrupt the preview. As a temporary workaround, I would untick View > View Mode > Clip to Canvas and place the image somewhere outside the canvas before moving it to the final position. Seems easier than creating two image frames, if you don’t need them afterwards.
  10. A_B_C

    British summertime

    Same here …
  11. The only key sequence to deselect text in Photo and select the Move Tool afterwards, is first Escape, then V. This is working reliably for me.
  12. Command + D is only used to deselect a pixel selection in Photo. It has been working like this in Designer too, but now it takes me wonder that it also works for deselecting text and other objects in Publisher. Strangely enough, Command + D deselects text and objects in the Publisher Persona and in the Designer Persona, but not in the Photo Persona of Publisher! That’s somehow inconsistent. Hmm.
  13. Hold down the Command Key in order to click “through” to an object within a group.
  14. That’s also true, but at the moment it’s the UX that calls for an adjustment.
  15. The problem is that when you are working with different apps and switch between them (some workflows require that), you have to constantly change your habits when editing text. But I really don’t want to think about the ways I edit text. This is something that simply has to work in an automated fashion, just like talking works for most human beings. To me, editing text in Affinity Publisher is far from fluent at the moment. Custom shortcuts for navigating and selecting text will have to be implemented, at least at the moment when Publisher receives the long-awaited functionality required for typesetting long documents. Otherwise, I fear book typesetters won’t get on the boat …
  16. Walt, it’s indeed a very simple problem to solve. Just allow assigning custom shortcuts for caret cursor positioning and selecting text. We would just need the option to assign custom shortcuts for the list below. Remember, Indesign has this option. There is really no problem. If there is a shortcut conflict, a warning sign will show up. That’s all. Then you can either rethink your choice for the shortcut or keep going. It’s the same with any other shortcut.
  17. I am so happy that someone else is picking up that request too. I will never stop advocating for freely assignable keyboard shortcuts for navigating a text without the mouse. Until this option is implemented, that is. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/92646-text-navigation-shortcuts-cursor-movement-make-them-customisable/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/18412-consistency-for-shortcuts-in-caret-cursor-navigation/
  18. Yes, that is definitely odd. I would also say it should never happen. Replace All must pick up the newly entered term! Everything else contradicts the implementation of Replace All in virtually any other application I know.
  19. Thank you so much, Matt! I don’t know how I could delete the original email.