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  1. Hi there, I encountered some issues with smart shapes, such as rectangles: Sometimes the bounding box doesn’t stick to the rectangle shape itself. There is a gap between the rectangle and the bounding box. Reducing a rectangle to zero width makes the handles in the middle disappear. The width of the rectangle cannot be changed anymore. MacOS Sierra 10.12.6, Designer, MacBook Pro Vintage 2011, Snap to Grid active Thank you for looking into this, Alex Rectangle-Issues.mov
  2. Just quickly: I couldn’t find an answer to this question by trying different forum searches. Is it possible to copy or move a page from one document to another? Along with all guides and stuff? How do you do that? Thank you, Alex
  3. Hmm … it seems you are asking for How-to tutorials. But providing these is not the purpose of a technical documentation that ships with an app. Such a documentation is supposed to describe the functions provided by the app and how they are accessed. The information you are asking for, however, is of much more general nature. Curve and level adjustments can be applied in virtually every image editing software, so the proper places to look for the respective information would be general introductions to image editing techniques, available even in printed form, not only for Affinity products, but also for Photoshop, Gimp, etc., general Youtube etc. tutorials on image editing techniques, the Affinity tutorials linked by @dominik above, etc. The problem is that you might be able to show how a tool works in a short video added to the help files, but that won’t help you much with your particular file. There are the general principles on the one hand (these can be illustrated by videos), but there is also the individual file on the other. And the application of the principles to the individual file requires judgement that can only be achieved by gaining experience. Different files will require different strategies, and these cannot be covered within a technical documentation.
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    Assets panel

    Sorry, I must have misunderstood your clarification. Even if it was clear enough.
  5. I can get it to happen also with an existing rectangle that I select.
  6. I see, thank you. Yes, deselecting and reselecting the rectangle does indeed cure the bounding box issue, but not the problem with the missing handles.
  7. What do you mean by “cycling,” Sean? Rotating?
  8. I can reproduce the bounding box glitch reliably. I would also believe that it is a redraw glitch, as before it happens, there is always some sticky part of the rectangle fill for a split second on the screen. You can see this in my video. Mouse action speed doesn’t matter. And there is no difference whether I select OpenGL or OpenGL (Basic). Using Software crashes the app. Metal is not supported on my system. Hope that additional information helps …
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    Assets panel

    I can confirm that. Once you close a category, it becomes unresponsive. Assets.mov
  10. The second issue is present for all other smart shapes as well …
  11. Is that a preview of the new UI icons? If so, I love them, as well as the subtle background gradient of the panel bottom …
  12. What a gorgeous update! Nah, it should be called an “upgrade” …
  13. Hi there, I don’t know if that has been reported already. Here are the steps to reproduce the issue: Select the Crop Tool, and adjust the crop area. You will see that you can reposition the crop frame by simply clicking inside and dragging the crop frame around Apply the crop Reselect the Crop Tool, and try to reposition the crop frame as you did before It’s not possible. Click + drag will create an entirely new crop frame! Not good. Thanks for all you do! Oh, and what about … uhm … sticky settings for the Crop Tool …? Alex Crop.mov
  14. That’s a great and useful improvement, really. Love it.
  15. I have to concur with what was said in this thread. With lots of character and paragraph styles present in a document, the panel simply becomes confusing, and the suggestions made by Dave are only kind of patches on a more fundamental issue. There are already many good ideas articulated in this thread, if splitting the panels is not an alternative (which I would prefer). Please consider improving workflow and ergonomics here. I know that Publisher is currently not aimed at creating complex documents, but I don’t believe the current implementation has the scalability that will be required later in the development process.
  16. Hi there, for the previous iteration of Publisher, I reported a bug in a somewhat obscure place, buried in a long thread on hyperlinks, so I am not sure whether this bug has already made it on your list. Please have a look here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/65514-hyperlinks-for-affinity-publisher/&page=3&tab=comments#comment-414231 Basically, the application becomes completely unresponsive after renaming a hyperlink by double-clicking the entry in the hyperlinks panel. The issue persists in version .249. Thank you for looking into this, Alex
  17. As far as I can see, yes. MacOS Sierra. Control + Run up of no avail.
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    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Well, sort of … http://footage.framepool.com/mov/731-913-763.mp4
  19. An additional piece of information: just closing the dialog, that is, clicking the red close button in my screenshot, but neither Cancel nor OK, results in the same irresponsiveness of the UI.
  20. Usually, I tend to make new threads, as I understand this problem. Sorry for that. But yes, the dialog is completely black, without any labels. Somehow I must have been under the impression that this was the correct state …
  21. I am sorry. Please disregard my post above. This is the same issue that has been found by Peter Kahrel and Walt in the Windows version. I should have performed a forum search first … Thank you, Jens, for looking into this! But it seems my problem was rooted elsewhere.
  22. Confirmed. Seems to be the same issue that I found in the Mac version.
  23. +1 for nudging the crop area with the arrow keys. Furthermore: Extend the settings for constraining from the Move Tool to the Crop Tool! Or define a new setting, if “Automatic” gets in your way! Just make the Shift key functional … it is currently under-used …
  24. Does anyone know why some hits are not highlighted in a story or a text frame when using some regular expressions? Why is “Charles” highlighted when I use the search term Charles, but not when I use \bc\w+s\b, that means, when I search for a word that starts with a “c” and ends with an “s”? Why is “Charles” found, but not highlighted in the latter case?