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  1. I'll be thinking HARD on throwing out money again for an Affinity app, if V.2 ever comes out and they charge again for it, as rumors say :)) You can find the workaround in my year old post. Aka. let it crash 2-3x, then DON'T turn off your mac. After every mac restart, it WILL crash 2-3x. While I do understand Affinity has a staff of 10 or so, I do not consider it OK to let errors like this linger for a full year or more. And other bugs too that make you lose money and time to find workarounds.
  2. In the future as.. 2047? Because I've reported this a YEAR ago, and still not fixed. This and many other still present bugs, like the now famous crash when cloud drive app is installed. I'm sick of exporting to rasterized PDF then convert to pixel image in Photoshop.. It's a simple bug that is present since 2021 and nothing was done to fix this!
  3. Well, the only workaround is to not shut down the pc or laptop after you force close the app. I just had to force close it 3x before I could export my file. Other times 1 force close and it works after that. Just remember, after every restart, you will have this circus of force close.
  4. Don't expect to be fixed, this is happening to me since Spring/summer of 2021. And still NOTHING! I'm glad that more and more people experience this, maybe this way they will fix it by the end of the year, and proves that I'm not nuts! Just force close it 2-3x, and after that you won't have any issues UNTIL YOU RESTART YOUR MAC, so try to leave it in standby. Let me guess, you have some Google drive or some cloud drive (even if you're not saving files in it) ?.
  5. I wonder if this issue will ever be solved. It's ongoing since last year. And getting worse and worse. The forum is full with threads of export persona crash, yet moderators still ask questions instead of reporting it over and over and over again. I believe I was the first one to post this, after last year's update. Still no answers, still not solved. 1. Crashing happens after first computer start in export persona. 2. We have google drive installed, but crash happens even if you don't save to cloud. 3. Force quit is the only option, and it won't happen again until you reboot your mac (at least for me) 4. Happens to EVERY type of file. new or recovered. 5. Providing crash reports solves nothing and makes absolutely no difference. I have been sending them in and posting them here since last year. NOTHING!
  6. This is an ongoing issue on Intel as well, since last year's summer, and they still haven't fixed it. My thread about this is constantly being ignored. I had this 1x on my intel mac, after a force close it was working fine until another restart of OS (i just close the lid, for weeks). But now with latest update I get it randomly multiple times. Single page documents, multi page documents. Just hangs in export persona and beachball spin until I force close. Honestly I am glad the messed it up even more, maybe they will put their heads into it and fix it this time. Other that that, crashes randomly to desktop. Even when there is nothing opened. Sometimes when I maximize from dock, it disappears.
  7. Done. Thank you, the Add did the trick. Also not sure what gradient are you talking about, as i just selected the circle, pressed add, and it snapped. The circle has no gradient and the 10 has a gold gradient, but they are individual objects. Anyway, thank you
  8. Hello. I have a weird file, that has a rotated element. Because it's at -45 aprox, the boundry box messes up alignement of the logo, as it makes the selection larger than the actual shape (when selecting everything, to align). How do I "apply" this rotation, so the boundry box snaps to the right edge of the circle, instead of showing up at 45 angle. (select the circle under 10, and you will understand what i'm talking about). Thank you rotation.pdf
  9. Just restarted my laptop for a OS update, and after 3-4 exports, the 4-5th froze the app. Brilliant! It won't happen again until I restart my laptop again (I restart very very VERY rarely)
  10. Well, too bad, because they'll sure as hell won't fix it in this version :)) Maybe in the upcoming update.. It's been 3 months and no reply, no fix, no nothing. I get around this by not restarting my Mac after I force close 1x. After you encounter this issue, do newly saved thumbnails show up OK? (only affinity files)
  11. Exporting to PDF gives me bugs, as I have mentioned it on the forum some time ago (transparency bug thread, by me), but surprise surprise, Ignored and present till this day. All I wanted is to rasterize everything via TIFF export, because I want to get what I see, and don't need further edit.. And export that rasterized image with bleed.
  12. Again I need a TIFF document with bleed and AGAIN I can't export it. Admins seem to ignore this issue.. What should I do now??? Why the F*** did I pay for this beta app is beyond me. You must understand my frustration, as I am against time, making money, and can't give the client what he wants!!!
  13. I sometimes make artboards for labels, and just fill them with black, instead of making a rectangle and dragging to the bleed edges.. it worked until recently. There is no need to add a rectangle as background, instead of coloring the background.. It's an extra step, and like I said, it worked before. Other people on this forum suggested it to me, because I was working like you, making an artboard, then making another background on it (for no reason). It shouldn't work like this, because guess what, if you don't use artboard (but still use bleed) and repeat the same thing on a non artboard document, it exports fine. When you create objects over bleed area, the export ok as PDF. But not in JPEG, TIFF etc. That's a different bug, still bleed related. That's why Bleed is a joke in this app. It behaves differently in every situation, when it simply shouldn't.
  14. If you make an ARTBOARD, and fill it with black (no square, no nothing, fill) and export, it will export as white bleed. If you make the SAME but no-artboard, a simple print A4, and fill with black (no square, no nothing) export, it works..
  15. No it doesn't work. Make an artboard w bleed, fill with a color, export it as PDF. Bleed is White. - It only exports correctly if you make a black rectangle or whatever color on the artboard, if you just fill it, it won't work (but IT DID BEFORE!). Bleed is a total mess in the latest designer versions..
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