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  1. They messed up the delete in publisher too. Great start! I've noticed it after 3 clicks, as I had to delete the 3rd layer after startup.
  2. This happens a lot of times even with simple shapes like rectangles that have strokes, then modified with the contour tool.. Even tho there is only one point before expanding stroke. All other corners are OK, but there is always that one weirdo.. Screen Recording 2023-08-11 at 11.00.38.mov
  3. Not willing to mess up my files with beta, as I have a LOT of work at the moment.. But yes, I still use the last Intel Mac so it may be intel related. Will wait out the 2.2 and see, as (luckily) this only happened with this artboard. Was sweating a bit, as I had to send the file ASAP and couldn't do anything about it to export.
  4. If you enable that, some PDF will be incompatible with other apps. When I first jumped to Designer, I had to send my print partner a lot of experimental recipes to figure out what works and what not. Advanded features was what caused the issues (files were pixelated, just when you import a stock vector image that is made in Illustrator, and it converts to raster). But the Crash is mostly random, as the first time I managed to export the file, then a lot of crashes after that (had to move the text a little bit up), then worked when convert was off, now not working whatever I do. So it's random.
  5. Not working anymore not even with convert disabled.. You can see my recipe in the video. Also saving to desktop. Crashes even if I select save as. And only this artboard. Screen Recording 2023-07-18 at 14.33.33.mov
  6. My last nerves are dying with this app. No matter what I do, I can't export the file as "PDF + bleed + convert color space" without constant crash. I have already exported this same design multiple times in different dimensions, with same recipe, and worked OK. If I unselect convert color space, it exports. Why? TEST.afdesign
  7. 2023, V2, and shortcuts are still set wrong by default :))) Had to manually change.
  8. Cool. Hope it doesn't take long.. you should release hotfixes not "major" version updates.
  9. I just want these serious bugs to be fixed.. That's all. We report them on time, give details, admins log them, yet somehow they always manage to screw it up. We give valuable info back to them, other companies have to pay testers for, and still they fail.
  10. It doesn't matter when you first reported the bug. I reported the export hang bug waaaaaay back in 2020 and it barely just got fixed. I reported the TIFF NO BLEED bug back then too, still not fixed, and that is an important one for all who print stuff.. I just feel sorry and pity Admins, as they have absolutely no control over the situation. 2.2 will come in 3-4 months and maybe we will see a fix. If not, there is always hope for V3
  11. Yeah, the usual Serif letdown :))) Was so happy to update, just for the bitter taste of "F.U." from them. Oh well, maybe in V2.2. You guys want more features when they can't deliver a proper bug fix. I feel really dumb reporting stuff here. Only 1 problem was solved from all my posts, since I use Affinity suite. That also after 2 years of waiting. Whatever I write, is a known bug, yet not fix, ever.
  12. I have been posting this for a year+ now, whenever you export an artboard with bleed to TIFF (+bleed), the bleed will be ignored and transparent pixels will show up. it's has been V2 since them V2.1, and it's still NOT FIXED!!! How can you call this professional app or your company professional, when a simple save WITH bleed is a pain in the @ss since.. 2021 or even 2020. How can I send the client what he/she is asking for when your app fails me? I always have to workaround and rage, for years, because you can't manage to fix the most basic commands.. Save and export..
  13. Is it just me, or sometimes hitting export does nothing...? It's the 3rd time already, randomly, when hitting export closes the dialog box normally, but nothing gets exported.. Exporting again, after that, works.
  14. Is this crap re-logged at least?? I just started to work on a design with small and large fonts, and boy o boy it's annoying AF!!!! Honestly I don't see an excuse for not being fixed since it was logged in NOVEMBER!!!!
  15. Yeah, they don't do that here. Game breaking bugs like the "failed to save, I will now dump your work to trash" took 2 months to fix. There is no hot patching anymore, like in the V1 days.
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