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  1. Hi, Same issue with new build. However I figured out that the issue was caused by a corrupted font. Replacing the font fixed the issue. However it was working with older affinity versions. I would suggest to not throw a too generic error to the user if possible Thank you Amedeo
  2. I would like, but contains confidentiual material. I'll try to reproduce in another file.
  3. This is the error I get on same files I was already exporting without any issues on 1.7.x
  4. It won't work for me too. Export is broken since version .1.8
  5. Yes, I know, butf file navigation inside the "import from icloud" is terrible, no column view
  6. yes, the terrible thing is that the Files view inside the application have no column browsing, which is so bad. However may be that this is not something in control by the app but by the system framework.
  7. Opening an Affinity file on iPad is the worst thing I have ever seen Open button just bring a quicklook view where you cannot ever zoom The contextual or share button have the option of opening with several apps except the affinity ones I just discovered hat dragging the file on the side opens with Affinity App, but you can't choose Designer or Photo Can you please fix this and at least add Affinity Apps to the contextual menu? Thank you Amedeo
  8. Hi, making it a lower dpi would just reduce the artifacts amout due to less subdivisions, but the bug would still be there.
  9. Hi, I'm experiencing this issue: I have an image clipped inside a rectangle (mask), and the rectangle also have a stroke set. When exporting, or rasterizing the layer artifacts appear on the image edge, it looks like there is some computation error in the subdivision. To reproduce just open the attached Test.affinity and export in Tiff with default settings. Additional info, the issue happens when the clipping mask stroke is set to be inside, see stroke setting pic. Affinity Photo version 1.7.2 release, issue reproduces both on macOS and iPadOS Test.afdesign Test.tiff
  10. Hi, Did you move this one ? I don;t see this in feature request
  11. Hi all, I'm using Affinity Photo since a few weeks and I literally love, however due to some compatibility need I have to use alwqays the PSD format. Tha issue is that if you have a layer the exceeed the canvas and you save/close/reopen file all the stuff outside the canvas get lost, the image keeps layer informations, but everything gets cropped to the canvas area. This is a big issue The PSD supports layers overflowing the canvas area, could we get this improvment to AF photo ? Thank you Amedeo
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