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  1. Thank you, MEB. I saw the sneak preview of 1.7 and it's definitely encouraging. I hope we see it this year sometime. Or early next. I'll stick with Serif. Like Macbeth, I'm in deep enough that turning back would be as long as going forward. I wait patiently for the day that AD has all the tools many need. Some tools, like the one I mentioned, are very basic to any illustrator. Maybe I'm assuming, but AD from 1.5 seemed to get confused about what it is. Personally, I don't see the point in competing with Sketch. I hope when Publisher is out, some focus will eventually return to AD to not only round out its capacities in layout design of various kinds, but its capacities as a vector illustration environment. The bells and whistles are great. But don't forget those who need to output only and pure vector.
  2. Someone asked me recently about Gravit. I took a look and recommended against, for all but small time web graphics, maybe. I recommended AD instead. But even Gravit has a vector knife tool. And it's free.
  3. Maybe I'm missing something, but so far as I can see you cannot. Boolean operations will close the curve, so I cannot arbitrarily divide a square, for example, precisely with no gaps, with a line. Or I expand the stroke and deal with the gap.
  4. Yes. Obviously.
  5. A vector knife tool should have been in v1
  6. Sorry, but that is not realistic at all. And it's not only about clients. It's about the print shops clients would send final files to, and the software they use, and what they need from files. I don't know how Publisher will address this problem, but I hope it does.
  7. Yes. You can see the "b" in the image above.
  8. Doesn't work for me, sadly. In general, I have trouble copying text from within Designer to apps or locations outside Designer. For example, say I have a simple sentence. If I highlight and command-C, if I go to any app (Mail, Chrome, TextEdit, or anything else), press command-V, nothing is inputted. I use the app Paste for clipboard control (quitting Paste makes no difference to the error), and it shows this if I copy text within Designer. I have no clipboard issues in any other app.
  9. I detest how Adobe has had a chokehold on the design community for a quarter of a century, so I'm in support of Serif. But it's chicken and egg, precisely because of the last 25 years. Yes, Designer has a long way to go. We all know that. But the rate of adoption would be far higher if exported files could be opened without critical issues in the industry dominant software. Ironically, this would reduce the urgency of compatibility, and .afdesign files -- or at least Affinity-outputted .pdfs -- might gain a foothold. Editable text seems such a basic. And .pdf is a non-Adobe standard. But Ai spits out otherwise valid .pdf files. Sadly, of course, Adobe has no interest in mutual growth. Doesn't work? Tough. So to deliver industry-workable files, we're left with only one choice if we stick with Affinity: create in the environment we prefer, and recreate in the industry dominant software. To be honest, what working graphic designer has the time? I bumped this thread in hope that someone had a neat trick up their sleeve. A method, no matter how bizarre, that didn't entail recreating designs. No problem if your document is a few pages. But if it's 30+, the comfort of the UI becomes a luxury no one sane can afford. We speak of problems none of us (I'm guessing) could technically solve. I have no doubt Serif knows what it is doing. I just wish there was an interim bridge. Some kind of workflow that was viable.
  10. Today I took my kids to see Ferdinand, and as I'm sat watching the incredible animation, I'm thinking, "I cannot get a simple text box from Affinity into Illustrator and remain formatted and editable." I understand that the majority of the problem lies in Illustrator. But heavens above. This week I faced the task of producing editable .pdf files from Affinity. Yes, I know Acrobat can handle them (or I think: it had no problem reading my export as unified paragraphs), but the truth is, my client wants a file he can open in Illustrator. Simply put, I found no way to do this. At all. I looked into bridges. Sometimes different software can fill in gaps, or change something critical. Nothing worked. Sketch outlines text, Acrobat brought the same errors into Illustrator (or Illustrator read the .pdf in the same way, creating errors). InDesign is useless. Illustrator: a) destroyed some tracking; not all, just some; b) resized fonts in some cases, and not all; c) outlined two lines of text in a paragraph for no apparent reason; and d) put everything on a single line each anyway. I had to recreate a complex text layout from scratch. Wonderful. Again, I know Adobe and Illustrator do their own thing. But is it impossible to figure out what they actually do? Is Publisher, when it arrives, going to resolve this? Will Designer also benefit from whatever you're developing for Publisher? Watching two hours of incredible animation made it so stark how hobbled we are in our everyday tasks while also trying to be loyal to Affinity.
  11. No, you cannot. But you can export as .pdf, open in Ai, and export as .psd from there, I believe. But success in this depends largely on what you did in Affinity in the design, as a lot of things won't translate well into .pdf, depending on end requirements. Others with more experience can correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. I have loved Affinity Designer, but I think I'm nearing the end of the road in how I can use it. Recently I made a company brochure in AD. It was all more or less fine as I only had to prepare print-ready files which, when I flattened and consolidated some of the image effects I had used, I could do. But yesterday, the client asked for editable source files. Illustrator or Photoshop. And layered, for ease of use. Impossible. The .pdf format when pulled into Illustrator loses the layer structure. For some reason, .svg (which usually preserves the layer structure) was totally unable to output the file as it should be. EPS is useless. In the end, I had to output to .pdf, open in Illustrator and remove all text, then add a .svg output of the text layer and resize. Of course, .svg is not too great and getting the colors right. Close, but not exact. Illustrator was throwing errors on opening .pdfs. "To preserve appearance, some text has been outlined" and, in exporting to .psd, "Some containers in the AI document have been flattened." I know the .ai format is locked and proprietary. I also know that the .pdf has the layers intact, as you can see in Acrobat. But the issue is (and I wish it were different), 99% of clients have access to Illustrator or Photoshop, and I have no sure-fire way of exporting source files from AD in a way that they can use as intended. So my question is: Are there significant improvements in this coming, at some point? I'm at a fork in the road, I feel. Secondarily, if anyone has insights and tricks as to how to export layered and accurate and editable output from AD in a way that Illustrator or Photoshop can easily use, please let me know. I love AD, but I feel that one day it's going to lose me clients. Yes, Adobe Suite is a mess (in my view). But isn't there something that can be done? Thanks for reading.
  13. Ah, yes, it seems so. Aligned to outside plays up a bit (not as much), but align to centre seems fine. Thank you! I guess I can stick with centre.
  14. Just to add, it doesn't happen at every percentage of magnification. I'm up around 1400%, but if you go a few steps more, it disappears, comes back, shifts position. So it appears to be a bug or problem in the magnification as such.
  15. I've been using v1.6 in beta for a long time, but I'm seeing something new having recently upgraded to High Sierra. These are two standard ellipses, around 120px in diameter. Depending on the view magnification, I see odd artefacts and jagged edges. I know that Expand Stroke is still problematic, but these are not expanded. It makes working a little bit odd and scary. I'm using Metal. And this is based on a wipe and clean install of High Sierra, so there should be no issue with macOS.