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  1. No, you cannot. But you can export as .pdf, open in Ai, and export as .psd from there, I believe. But success in this depends largely on what you did in Affinity in the design, as a lot of things won't translate well into .pdf, depending on end requirements. Others with more experience can correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. I have loved Affinity Designer, but I think I'm nearing the end of the road in how I can use it. Recently I made a company brochure in AD. It was all more or less fine as I only had to prepare print-ready files which, when I flattened and consolidated some of the image effects I had used, I could do. But yesterday, the client asked for editable source files. Illustrator or Photoshop. And layered, for ease of use. Impossible. The .pdf format when pulled into Illustrator loses the layer structure. For some reason, .svg (which usually preserves the layer structure) was totally unable to output the file as it should be. EPS is useless. In the end, I had to output to .pdf, open in Illustrator and remove all text, then add a .svg output of the text layer and resize. Of course, .svg is not too great and getting the colors right. Close, but not exact. Illustrator was throwing errors on opening .pdfs. "To preserve appearance, some text has been outlined" and, in exporting to .psd, "Some containers in the AI document have been flattened." I know the .ai format is locked and proprietary. I also know that the .pdf has the layers intact, as you can see in Acrobat. But the issue is (and I wish it were different), 99% of clients have access to Illustrator or Photoshop, and I have no sure-fire way of exporting source files from AD in a way that they can use as intended. So my question is: Are there significant improvements in this coming, at some point? I'm at a fork in the road, I feel. Secondarily, if anyone has insights and tricks as to how to export layered and accurate and editable output from AD in a way that Illustrator or Photoshop can easily use, please let me know. I love AD, but I feel that one day it's going to lose me clients. Yes, Adobe Suite is a mess (in my view). But isn't there something that can be done? Thanks for reading.
  3. Ah, yes, it seems so. Aligned to outside plays up a bit (not as much), but align to centre seems fine. Thank you! I guess I can stick with centre.
  4. Just to add, it doesn't happen at every percentage of magnification. I'm up around 1400%, but if you go a few steps more, it disappears, comes back, shifts position. So it appears to be a bug or problem in the magnification as such.
  5. I've been using v1.6 in beta for a long time, but I'm seeing something new having recently upgraded to High Sierra. These are two standard ellipses, around 120px in diameter. Depending on the view magnification, I see odd artefacts and jagged edges. I know that Expand Stroke is still problematic, but these are not expanded. It makes working a little bit odd and scary. I'm using Metal. And this is based on a wipe and clean install of High Sierra, so there should be no issue with macOS.
  6. That would be fantastic! I don't have a magic mouse, so I don't understand their problem, but this capacity to hold and do gestures at the same time has been so important to me. Right now, I can see that I can hold and move with one finger. But when I reach the edge of the view, I need to wait for the auto scrolling to kick in. I much preferred it as it was. So if an option is possible in a beta soon, that would be great. Thanks Matt
  7. Great work, Matt. One concern, not sure it has been mentioned. When I select an object to move it, I used to be able to hold down the button on my trackpad with my thumb, and with my middle finger and third finger use the two-finger gesture to scroll around the artboard. In effect, the artboard would move around below the object. Sometimes this was really important (like, hugely important) depending on the scale you're working. If I needed to drag something outside the physical space of the artboard on my screen, I could selected and scroll the artboard below the object. This disappeared on Beta RC1. It's really important. The ability to do this has been one of the joys of working with Affinity Designer! Please bring it back
  8. Sorry to be so late to reply. I think it may be a matter of the complexity of the symbols (I don't use constraints: I'm talking about using symbols in geometrical graphic design), or perhaps hitting font limits because of the sandboxing issue (which I truly hope was not the case). At any rate, the next time this happens in the normal flow of my work I will save the file aside and send it to you.
  9. Please investigate the Undo function when working within symbols. A good 70% of the time, Undo crashes AD for me. And this has been the case for pretty much since symbols emerged.
  10. ah, okay. Thanks so much. I know the very latest beta was an interim release.
  11. Until they get there, can we have the simple version??
  12. I don't know about your example, but consider the video below. Here, Joe White is using an early version of Adobe Flash. With a tablet and pen he's erasing sections of curves and building his image. No big deal in Flash, or if you have a vector eraser. No masking (which is useless if you need vector only output). (You don't have to view the whole video. Any section (for example, 24:00) where he's working on the image will illustrate the point.) This work is impossible in Affinity Designer. It shouldn't be. I agree with you that boolean operations and expand stroke need work. I can usually find ways of working with the former, but if I have to do the latter, I'm almost always recreating the image by hand with the original (unexpanded) underneath as a guide. On tight corners, the automatic output is not usable.
  13. This is not new behavior to this beta. It's been there for a good while. But Undo when working within symbols almost always crashes AD, for me.
  14. Is this because technically it's very difficult to create this function, or for some other reason? There are many things Illustrator has that I wish Affinity Designer had, but this thing is more than a wish, and as someone who has used AD for around two years now, I'm bemused that vector erase still has not arrived.
  15. The Reset Fonts preference button is still not working. It doesn't make available fonts activated while AD is open. You still have to quit and restart the program, which defeats the point of the reset button Not sure if you saw my note on this on the thread of the last beta, so I'll tag you @MattP