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  1. BTW: Publisher crashes in the same way, with the same test document above.
  2. I have the same issue on 1.8.4 and the latest beta. A test document is attached. Also the crash report. I have one .jpg image, and it is duplicated and cropped within Affinity. I want to copy and paste this cropped image into another Affinity document, and so select and go command-C and Affinity crashes immediately. Same for command-X. I use Paste (http://pasteapp.io/) as a clipboard manager, but the crash happens whether Paste is active or quit. test.afdesign crash.txt
  3. Maybe that's the case under Windows. But under MacOS, there are only binary files.
  4. You're probably right, but I'm as dumb as a rock. I can't see how to get that icon back in the toolbar. Like the OP, I don't have that icon anywhere in View/Customise Toolbar. And "Set baseline grid" doesn't exist as an option in Keyboard Shortcuts either. So I can add "Snap to baseline grid" in the Snapping options, but I can't get to that panel to set the baseline grid.
  5. Habit. If I'm in Publisher, it's for the special tools that are there. I got used to AD over the years before Publisher existed. It's a fair point, but I never thought of using Publisher as my alternative to Illustrator. Yet, if that is possible, why wouldn't baseline grids (which is hardly the whole of what Publisher offers) be available in AD? Again, especially as AD has a toe or two in the web/app design field. I didn't explore, but is there anything you can't do in Designer Persona in Publisher that you can do in AD? If not, and you're new, why buy AD? In other words, the mirror of the weird discussion above.
  6. I stumbled across this bizarre thread by hazard. I'm an AD user since the beginning, and I love Publisher. I use AD as an alternative to Illustrator mostly, but I also create presentational files in AD, as I'm more comfortable there than in any other graphic software I have. I was working on one presentation tonight and was looking to implement baseline grids, but no dice. Baseline grids are an important option to have available for web and app design, and as AD has at least one toe in that pool, I'm surprised at what I read above. Publisher has a very different set of tools, and no way can I do in AD what I can do there. Nor is Publisher a space for web or app design. Adding baseline grids back into AD would never end my need for Publisher. Honestly, I can't think right now of any other feature of Publisher I'd like to be available in AD. Perhaps Serif can reconsider adding this small feature back into AD in a future update.
  7. I used to have the MAS version of AD, but I deleted this and bought AD direct from Serif because this version isn't sandboxed. I used to face permission/save issues when I reached (often) the limits on active files under Apple's sandboxing environment. (I deal with a lot of fonts in my work, so I always have a base set of a couple of thousand active). I've not seen that issue since getting the non-sandboxed version, but I get hard crashes on v1.8.1 that seem related to those others are reporting around fonts. As soon as I activate a new font outside of AD (in Typeface or FontExplorer X Pro), AD crashes. Under AD 1.7x I was always able to activate fonts, go to AD's preferences, clear the font cache, and be able to use the newly activated fonts without closing and restarting AD. Not now.
  8. I used to be able to do this in AD1.7. Trying this on 1.8 doesn't work. Example structure: All the lines should change when I change one of them. Even though all symbols are seemingly synced, this is not happening.
  9. It's not a matter of the OS. It's the number of fonts active. Clearing the font cache is useless. You need to deactivate fonts, to get below a certain threshold. Restart the app when you've shaved off enough fonts and the app works as expected, but this is a miserable limitation that Serif should address or find a workaround for.
  10. Is this issue ever going to be addressed? I'm so sick of it. I have 2,700 fonts activated on my system. This is nothing compared to the number I have overall. Even at this number, I get this error in Designer. And Affinity is the only app I have that throws this error.
  11. How could this be? One or two files open, only vector content. Multiple iterations. The file is 376MB. AD 1.6.1 Macos 10.14.2 Beta (18C38b) 16GB RAM 75GB free storage
  12. Sometimes I literally put Artistic Text in a rectangle the size of the artboard and copy and paste into Illustrator. That way, you keep your positioning, and you get editable text. But I don't know if other losses are incurred. I prefer working in AD. But when text is involved, it becomes too much of a pain to stick with it. Again, eager to see how Publisher handles this.
  13. Is your text made with the "Artistic Text" tool, or the "Frame Text" tool? The latter is useless: I cannot find a way to export this in a way that remains editable, for example in Illustrator. The former remains editable, but you suffer the loss of flexibility that the Frame Text tool allows in terms of layout on blocks of text. I'm not talking about .eps especially, but any way to get text from AD to remain editable in another program.
  14. Thank you, MEB. I saw the sneak preview of 1.7 and it's definitely encouraging. I hope we see it this year sometime. Or early next. I'll stick with Serif. Like Macbeth, I'm in deep enough that turning back would be as long as going forward. I wait patiently for the day that AD has all the tools many need. Some tools, like the one I mentioned, are very basic to any illustrator. Maybe I'm assuming, but AD from 1.5 seemed to get confused about what it is. Personally, I don't see the point in competing with Sketch. I hope when Publisher is out, some focus will eventually return to AD to not only round out its capacities in layout design of various kinds, but its capacities as a vector illustration environment. The bells and whistles are great. But don't forget those who need to output only and pure vector.
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