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  1. It would also help if there's a way to generate a list of all set shortcuts - like a PDF file or even a simple TXT file as the .afshort is unreadable. This way we can print it and have it always nearby to help memorize our custom shortcuts faster. The panel in Affinity is very difficult to use, it's small and has two sets of lists - for the personas and for the categories which makes it impossible to easily access all the shortcuts at once.
  2. Kaze

    Too many nodes

    Related to this, is there any smart node removal tool? Or is it in development? Something like this:
  3. I think there should be some temporary shadow/dotted line shown, it doesn't make any sense to me from an usability point of view. On the other hand, you can switch to outline mode and see the base line.
  4. Ah, you're right - sorry. What I needed to use was "Show/Hide Column Guides" - which is working. Showing/Hiding the regular guides works too. Please disregard my previous comment.
  5. Thanks Sean. I forgot to mention but there is also the problem of not being able to turn the guides ON/OFF anymore.
  6. I cannot add or change guides margins (any - left/right/top/bottom) in Customer Beta -
  7. After I'm creating Guides using the Columns option I cannot switch them off. Changing the Color -> Opacity slider for them doesn't work either.
  8. +1 I'm surprised to see this option doesn't exist.
  9. Kaze

    Selecting locked layers

    Billiant, thanks @raptor for the Outline mode workaround!
  10. Kaze

    Save Workspaces

    +1 it's definitely cumbersome to rearrange the panels each time.
  11. Kaze

    Selecting locked layers

    +1000 for this. It doesn't seem very hard to implement and would make the workflow soo easy. Maybe use a modifier key (Alt, Ctrl) when clicking the object to selected it in the layers panel. Obviously, this feature it's missing in Illustrator.
  12. I think it useful also to have the option to paste, not just to copy.