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    Swap Symbols

    This would be useful. This can be done manually by deleting the current symbol content and replacing it with the new content, but it is cumbersome.
  2. Now that we have the ability to transform each object in a selection independently, I would like the ability to do so by a random amount. Example: select all instances of a screw head in my illustration and rotate by a random number of degrees between 0 and 360. Function would be something like… rnd(min value, max value)
  3. @John Rostron Thinking about it again I see that you are right. I guess that without the ability to parse the list of objects, the random() function would not be as helpful as I'd imagined
  4. Node alignment is included in v1.7 - you can try the beta right now to see how it works. The beta installs in parallel with 1.6 so no danger in trying out all the new features. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/60-affinity-designer-beta-forums/
  5. Wanted to try and create a connector (for flow diagram type illustrations) using the new arrowheads on strokes feature. Create a number of lines, to form the connector. Add arrowheads to the start and end. Group. Apply a constraint to one of the objects in the group. Result: The arrowheads get clipped to the area of the group. Desired: The arrowheads are unaffected by the constraint.
  6. The new Layer Colour tags are superior to the old Layer > Properties > Colour because… They are easily visible (unlike the 1px underline of the old system) They are quicker to add / change (2 clicks vs 3 clicks) They can be applied to any object type (not just Layers in Designer) They are available in all 3 apps. Layer > Properties does however allow for a free choice of colour rather than the 8 choices in the new system. Could a 9th choice be added that pops up the colour wheel? Regardless - I suggest that the old system is depreciated to avoid duplication of functionality and the potential confusion arising. Thoughts?
  7. Can the two features not be combined? It just seems really odd having two features that are so similar and yet accessed in different ways, with different UIs. One thing I really value in any app is consistency and simplicity where possible, and this is where Affinity began. My fear is that as it grows more feature rich it will lose the slickness and become cluttered like so many other products.
  8. Aammppaa

    Power Duplicate should have a panel

    What would you want the panel to show?
  9. Use the pen tool to draw a closed polygon. Ensure that the arrowhead is set to None for both ends of the line. Toggle between "Place arrow within the line" and "Place arrow at end of the line" Notice how the node where the shape closes is open when the arrow is within the line. Should the arrow within/at end option even exist when there is no arrowhead applied?
  10. Exploring the new arrowhead on stroke feature and many of the names seem (to me) to be incorrect / inconsistent… 1. Filled shapes are sometimes referred to as Solid, other times Filled, and on other occasions there is no special classification at all. Example: Circle Solid, Datum 45 Filled, and Triangle are all filled shapes. 2. Unfilled shapes are sometimes referred to as Blank, and sometimes no special classification. Example: Datum 45 Blank, Circle are both unfilled shapes. 3. Working on the basis that a stroke has width, then Tall and Wide are the wrong way round. Example: Triangle Tall is wider than Triangle, and Triangle Wide is more slender. 4. Datum 60 Bank appears in the list twice. The second instance should be Datum 60 Filled (or solid - see point 1!)
  11. Draw a shape, and give it a stroke and fill in different colours. Use the Order toggle to switch between Stroke behind and Stroke in front. Notice that the order in the appearance panel doesn't change. Draw the stroke below the fill in the Appearance panel. Notice that the effect is the same as using the order toggle, but the toggle doesn't reflect the change. The fact that these two are disconnected is confusing!
  12. Definitely a bug. It is possible to get it to stick temporarily by using the mouse wheel, or keyboard, but it always reverts as soon as you click onto another object.
  13. Hi and welcome to the forum People here will give you great help, but we really need a bit more information to go on! Can you provide an example of what you want to achieve? And what you have to work with? Even better, the file you are working on. Without those references I'm afraid your question is too abstract!
  14. Create a new document and set a custom size (1000mm x 1000mm) Create another new document. Result: Page Preset shows A4, but dimensions are still 1000mm x 1000mm Expected: Either Page Preset shows custom, and custom sizes are retained, OR preset reverts to default, and sizes match the preset!
  15. I have had several crashes while playing with rotation of selected nodes. I am not sure 100% of the recipe to recreate this but it seems to involve shapes with the corner tool applied to some corners, combined with rapid, prolonged transform of some selected nodes. In the GIF you can see my first attempt with the purple shape doesn't crash, even when I add rounded corners. But with the second shape Designer slows to a grind, and then stops altogether.
  16. Create a polygon with the Pen Tool Round the corners using the Corner Tool Use the Pencil Tool in Sculpt Mode to remodel an edge. Result: The rounded corner vanishes / resets to being a sharp node. Expected: Rounded corner remains. Note: The rounded corner is always affected at the start node of the polygon, but is usually not affected on other corners (though I have seen instances where they too disappear).
  17. Try nesting a couple of wiggly curves within the text. Give them a different colour, and perhaps a small gausian blur, maybe a bit of transparency. File: Affinity My Title.afdesign
  18. Aammppaa

    corner tool problem

    If you convert to curves (or click bake corners on the corner tool context tool bar) before scaling up then the corners will remain as you drew them. The option to scale corners has been requested before, but is not currently available in Affinity.
  19. @baigow @GabrielM Now we just need Affinity to understand the request, and implement the functionality! Please
  20. @Alfred I don't think that you are correct (which is very unusual!) Regardless of the marquee selection mode, holding shift and click dragging at the black I in the above example will immediately select the black rectangle and start to drag it across the canvas (constrained to 45 degrees). In Xara Designer (and according to the OP, Inkscape) the same action would not select the black rectangle, but would draw the marquee and only select the orange rectangle. To put it another way, it is impossible within Affinity to start dragging a marquee selection on an existing object. The marquee must be started on the artboard / page / canvas / pasteboard. The shift+drag ability in Xara & Inkscape is a very useful function for marquee selection when zoomed in, which doesn't require locking background objects.
  21. Already possible… https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/DesignAids/rotateCanvas.html
  22. Open a new document. Switch to Corner Tool. Hold Ctrl and click on the canvas. Designer crashes.
  23. I agree, styles at present are almost useless - they really need to work as you describe. Also the ability to stack styles would be a huge improvement… ie apply "My Dotted Outer Stroke with a Shadow" style, plus "My Super Shiny Red Gradient" style to the same object (with later styles over-riding those earlier in the list) just as happens with CSS styles for example.
  24. Aammppaa

    Scaling Object by Percentage?

    Just type the percentage into the transform box… eg 200%, 50%, 73.213% You can also type maths functions such as… *2 /2
  25. 1.7 has a lasso function for selecting nodes, which would make this easier.