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  1. Although affinity is a very good software, the lack of mesh warp, warp brush or puppet warp prevents me from using it as a production tool. Exporting from one software to another to do specific common actions is a pain. It's surprising that this tool isn't implemented with all the traction affinity has.
  2. Hi Lee, It doesn't appears to work in the Beta, objects appears as <Non-Native Art> in illustrator. -Tarc
  3. There doesn't seem to be anything currently assigned to the right-click in the color wheel, is there? it would make an very useful low-level productivity shortcut. -Tarc
  4. Hi Lee, Good to know this aspect is considered in the development. Will test this! -Tarc
  5. Hi Reminous, this would be an awesome solution ! I find it a tedious and unproductive to always stop and watch what is on focus, outline or fill ... -Tarc
  6. Forget my poor knowledge but otherwise, what technique to use to quickly close pencil paths or continue drawing at the end of selected active objects? -Tarc
  7. Hi, Really liking the software, great work. Would it be possible to preserve simple linear or circular gradient while exporting to PDF ? Some clients require AI files, and while I like affinity more than illustrator for creating artwork,there is no export option retaining vector gradients in CMYK mode. -Tarc
  8. It would be very handy indeed. Maybe with a modifier key, hovering over the start point would close it.
  9. Hi, Is there any modifier or shortkey to close curves while using the pencil or brush tool ? Thanks
  10. +1 for a light UI. I always work by daylight and it's better in my perception .
  11. Thanks leduc, sad to hear there's no setting for this. It’s somewhat tedious to be aware of what you manipulate not to change the settings, or hitting reset or applying styles all the time. It would be nice not to have this in mind while working, it seems like a simpler way. tarc
  12. Hi, Is there a way that new objects doesn't pick up properties of last selected but always use default? tarc
  13. Hi, I always found the fill/line toggle selector to be a slowdown for such a repetitive task. It would be nice to be able select line or fill color directly, not having to stop and focus on that icon. For example, Alt+clicking the color wheel (or swatch) could set line color. Shift+click could force select the fill color... Thanks
  14. Nice ! Glad to have found this thread. I agree, it could be more descriptive than that, maybe scaling constraint ?
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