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  1. Agreed. At least I know what the heck is going on now. AD has been a little buggy for me from time to time here recently so I know not to chalk it up to that at least. Thx.
  2. @v_kyr Thanks for the reality check. I was sure I had done this in the past but apparently I'm mistaken.
  3. Hi all, In my appearance panel add stroke is disabled for text. I should be able to add multiple stroke to text correct? Am I missing something? It's usually something on my end sadly. Thx.......
  4. Stitches

    Crazy Brush and Assets Library

    @StuartRc Thanks for the generous contribution!
  5. Stitches

    Letter Grids

    @grargemeister These are available at Designcuts. https://www.designcuts.com/product/grid-builder-layout-composer/ and https://www.designcuts.com/product/letter-builder/. I received both of them in a bundle a while back for much less than they are asking now fyi. Anyway, not sure if this is what you are looking for but they are out there to check out.
  6. Stitches

    Knock on Wood Styles

    Thanks for sharing these!
  7. Stitches

    Graphic Novel Effect

    Thanks @smadell. Looking forward to taking this for a spin.
  8. Hi everyone. What I wound up doing was uninstalling and reinstalling my brushes in order. This still doesn't let me group sets of brushes in say a category for nature or illustration. Thanks @Callum for the response. I agree with @Hilltop and @R C-R about having the ability to organize brushes down the proverbial road.
  9. Cool! Maybe I'll download a trial when I have time to explore.
  10. No worries and thanks for the reply regardless. Good to know should purchase Publisher in the future.
  11. Thanks Walt. Couldn't be any simpler than that! Another mystery solved. I'm actually not seeing that option in the Designer view dropdown menu. Interesting.
  12. Hi again, second quick question today. Is there a way to temporally hide the bounding boxes when editing? I find them distracting at times such when I'm testing stroke colors or editing smaller objects. Again, Many thanks.
  13. Hi everyone, Is there a way to change/edit the order of categories in the brushes panel? I loaded some brushes by double-clicking on them after unzipping them and they loaded out of order. See image please. I'm finding it makes it difficult to remember which brushes are where and I like things in order. Many thanks!
  14. Yeah....that was me. Seems to be fine now that I noticed the error of my ways. Sorry to waste your time.
  15. Ummmm. Just checked the doc I uploaded and feeling a little stupid. Apparently it's much larger than 4000px X 4000px. Doc defaulted to mm and I changed it to px without noticing that Designer recalculated size.

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