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Found 9 results

  1. Vector Assets: Camouflage III A simplified outline set of Ground Plants used in Camouflage III Used in combination with Bumble trees Categories 1. Plant 01 2. Plant Textures 01 3. Leaf 4. Plant 02 5. Plant 03 6. Plant 04 Multicoloured variations not shown and detailing has been removed. Samples as below and .zip file for installation: Camouflage 03 - Ground_Plants.zip
  2. Vector Assets: Camouflage III Part of the Tree Builder Project A simplified cartoon like Tree Construction Kit based on the 'Bumble Tree' assemblage in Camouflage III Supplements Tree Builder Kit 03 which has a lot more assets! Categories 1. CF 01 - CF 10 Tree 2. Textures Detailing has been removed. Samples as below and .zip file for installation: Camouflage_03_Bumble_Tree.zip
  3. Vector Assets: Camouflage IIIA simplified outline set of Landscape Shapes used in Camouflage IIIUsed in combination with Bumble trees and Ground PlantsCategories1. Crater2. Boulder3. Jawbone4. Mesh 5. Textures 016. Boulder (dimensioned)6. Textures 02Multicoloured variations not shown and detailing has been removed.Samples as below and .zip file for installation: Camouflage III - Landscape.zip
  4. Landscape Builder Kit Version 01 After @FraGar effort to create a landscape based on images/shapes from a compilation of toolkit builders I put together the 'real thing' to play around with like Test 2 Initially consists of 2 AD files (rather than Assets!) which include a small selection of vector objects from some of my larger build kits 1. Vector Texture Toolkit (already on forum but re-uploaded here) 2. Landscape Builder Asset Composites (Foreground Builder) This is a new asset selection based largely on Camouflage III vector kits but also elements from Undergrowth (Poison)
  5. Vector Texture Toolkit When working on latest project: Rock Monster World.I needed a tool to create textured backgrounds using only vector elements. Added a truncated version to resources hope you find it useful! Contents The Toolkit contains various elements to allow for the construction textured backgrounds using vectors but some aspects will need to be refined independently according to requirements (Size for instance!) A. A set of simple styles that define transparency B. Set of vectors (These are contained on a separate artboard) C. A set of vector assets sub-dividend into
  6. Vector Assets: Camouflage II Extended Camouflage I vector assets with a new set of vector assets based on Camouflage II consisting of: 1. Mushrooms (12) 2. Mesh (10) 3. Textures (18) 4. Leaves (11) 5. Plants (16) ...Subcategories Detailing has been removed. samples as below and .zip file for installation: Camouflage II Assets.zip
  7. Vector Assets from Inktober 2019 Added a set of snowflake assets to resources 60 Snowflakes (Compounds and grouped objects) 30 Basic Elements (So you can make your own!) Assets file containing all vector elements and some adjusted shapes Attached file includes Asset Library and AD file as pages below: Flakes.zip
  8. Vector Assets: Camouflage Added some vector assets based on Camouflage consisting of: 1. Mesh (10) 2. Composites (7) 3. Textures 01 (10) 4. Branch (10) 5. Plants:Leaves (32) 6. Plant:Forms (11) 7. Textures 02 (10) With the exception of Composites detailing has been removed. samples as below: Vector Assets Camouflage_01.pdf Vector Assets Camouflage 02.pdf Vector Assets Camouflage 03.pdf Vector Assets Camouflage 04.pdf Version 01: 6 categories and 43 Vector Assets in 6 Categories Version 02: Categories and 90 vector
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