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  1. Thank you, I'm going to look into all of this :-)
  2. I'm on Windows 10 I might upload to YouTube, but would probably need to speed up the recording. No sound, I don't think my PC has a mic... it was kind of custom built. might add a mic. I'd like to be able to record the whole screen.... I have a monitor & a Huion tablet, so I'd have the full screen image on the monitor & record that. This is all just an idea really.
  3. Not really an Affinity thing, but you guys seem pretty knowledgeable about tech stuff. Can anyone here recommend any decent free screen recording programs? I'm thinking of recording my drawing process. I'm not a gamer, but most screen recording seems to be set up for that these days. Appreciate any help.
  4. Is there a Shrugging Emoji? I have no idea... that sort of thing is not my area :-(
  5. Sorry, honestly I don't know. That kind of stuff is pretty alien to me, I just made sure it matched my monitor, & re-started the programs.
  6. That's frustrating, thanks for letting me know... Guess I'd better buy Publisher from the Affinity website!!!! :-D
  7. I've played with the monitor colour setting for my Huion Tablet, as it wasn't doing it on my standard monitor... seems to be fixed. I hate Techy stuff!! lol
  8. ...again. I'd fixed this on my previous version, but this one is doing it again. Using the PC version
  9. no, wait... I bought it through Microsoft's website!! I've managed to install the update. Can this be linked to my account with Affinity? I'd really like to have both accounts together.
  10. I've just updated Designer, very happy. I bought this via your website, & it prompted me to install the update. I bought Photo via google play (there was an offer on), & it's not asking for me to update it when I open it? Any ideas? I'm working on a PC. Thank you.
  11. Bum.... ok, thank you.
  12. I need to design a document that when I export as a pdf can have spaces that can be filled in digitally, without having to print it out.... like, names, dates, answers to questions. Is this possible? Thank you!
  13. Legends of our time!!! Thank you (I probably should have been able to find that myself)
  14. Hi, This has probably been asked before, but I can't fond a topic on it. How can I convert a stroke/line into a shape/curves... it would be 'Expand' in Illustrator (dirty word) Thank you.
  15. Don't worry... something to do with RGB ICC colour profiles... tho I have no idea what that means Fixed (for now)