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  1. I need to design a document that when I export as a pdf can have spaces that can be filled in digitally, without having to print it out.... like, names, dates, answers to questions. Is this possible? Thank you!
  2. Legends of our time!!! Thank you (I probably should have been able to find that myself)
  3. Hi, This has probably been asked before, but I can't fond a topic on it. How can I convert a stroke/line into a shape/curves... it would be 'Expand' in Illustrator (dirty word) Thank you.
  4. Don't worry... something to do with RGB ICC colour profiles... tho I have no idea what that means Fixed (for now)
  5. I'm loving using Designer & Photo, but why does everything have a horrible yellow tinge to it? As you can see from the pic, the box is meant to be pure white, & is pure white.... but clearly isn't. This isn't a problem with my screen or tablet & whites & colours in other things appear brilliant. What's going on? Thank you.
  6. GaryRS

    Bug with digital pen tablet. Brush/Eraser

    I'm pretty sure it's the latest drivers, downloaded from the Huion website. Tried it in both Designer & in Photo for a while this eveing and it hasn't glitched once. I've not set up short-cut let's on the pen yet.... Hesitant!! My daughter's seem happy it's working
  7. GaryRS

    Bug with digital pen tablet. Brush/Eraser

    Probably speaking too soon, but I think I found the problem. IMHO (with very little tech knowledge) it seems to me that Windows 10 with it's 'Windows Pen & Ink" was clashing with the Huion Pen. I had set the windows pen options to Nothing, & Allow apps to overide thinking this would be for the best. I've now set all the options to "Windows Ink Workspace"... & still "Allow apps..." Hope that makes any kinda sense! Seems to have worked Something to do with it think that the end of the pen is the eraser!?! dunno... still .... working!!!
  8. GaryRS

    Bug with digital pen tablet. Brush/Eraser

    Hi, Pretty sure I'm not pressing the buttons on the pen. I tried various options with that in mind, but it made no difference. I've reinstalled the drivers again, and it works for about 10 mins (which makes it even more frustrating) I've emailed Huion, including a video of the issue, so I'll see what they say. Gotta fix this somehow.
  9. GaryRS

    Bug with digital pen tablet. Brush/Eraser

    Hey All, (just joined) I'm having the same problem with a Huion GT 191 using WIndows 10. I've uninstalled & reinstalled the latest drivers, & it worked for about 5 mins, & went back to the same problem again.... Any other ideas? I'm wonder if the problem first pops up after you adjust the eraser setting (e.g. brush size) for the first time, & the glitch kicks in. Cheers