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  1. There is a simple solution for making transparent PNGs. Go to "Document Setup" Select "Color" tab Select the "Transparent Background" checkbox Export your PNG Vola!! Transparent PNG
  2. After I use Expand Stroke the outline of the shape I expanded becomes distorted. See attached video. Thanks! Expand Stroke Issue 01.mov
  3. I too have always noticed this about both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro. Both apps take up the most space than any other app surpassing Hearthstone, Photos and Vainglory and I don't have but two or three documents in each app.
  4. I went to use the Ellipse shape tool and the stroke on the ellipse shape went all "wacky". That is the only way to explain it. Please see attached video. Also, if you need the file where this bug occurred please message me privately for it. I could only replicate this issue in the one file. In a new file there was no issue. Ellipse Stroke Bug 01.m4v
  5. Layer Effects settings don't stay the same when exported to PSD (preserve editability). This is also the case with some of the other settings like Gaussian Blur. See the settings shift in the attached screenshots. This makes the export to PSD unpredictable especially when I am trying to then send these files to my clients. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks @Sean P! This totally makes sense. So, for now what do you suggest is a work around for getting the PSD properly saved/exported? The bug is there no matter what file format I export it to and it doesn't matter whether I export from AD or AP. Even if I open up the exported PSD and set the group back to Passthrough, it is set back to Normal when I go to Export again. My client needs a PSD file so I am a little stuck. I guess I can pull that layer out from the group but I have 73 other illustrations I need to make so it might hinder how I create some of them but I'll make the best of it :).
  7. Hi @Sean P. I sent you a PM with a link to the files. Thanks!
  8. In the first screenshot I show my original file in Affinity Designer. I export this file to "PSD (preserve editability)" format. I open this new PSD file in Affinity Designer and now the blend mode (set to Hard Light) for the layer called "shadow" is not working in the PSD version. I demonstrate this in the short screen capture video. Thanks for your help. Blend Mode Bug.m4v
  9. I can't seem to figure out the exact reason for this, but when I have my palm resting on the ipad pro screen and I am making a gesture or using a tool somehow the color picker is activated and then it freezes on screen and stays there. Even if I close the document and go back in it is still there in that exact spot. I can still activate the color picker again but that frozen "circle image" of the color picker remains. Also, if I go out of the document and go into another document the "circle image" of the color picker is there too in the same spot. The only way to get rid of it is to quit out of the app and reopen. See attached screen capture.
  10. Using new Affinity Designer v1.6 Artboard turns into text box when using Frame Text Tool Create new document with Create Artboard checkbox selected Select Frame Text Tool and hover over Artboard (Artboard will then highlight) Click on Artboard Artboard then turns into a text box (oops)
  11. I created a document in the Affinity Photo app on my iPad Pro. I then saved a copy to my Dropbox. I then tried to open the document in Affinity Photo for the Desktop and I get a message that says "Failed to open document...The file includes features from a later version of Affinity." I was gearing up to use this for my next client project but now am unwilling to take the risk.
  12. Don't get too frustrated. I am sure they will fix it. No application, not even the ones Adobe makes, is not without its share of bugs. Any software that is being developed and growing will always have bugs that need to be dealt with.
  13. Whenever I use the font list in the Character Tab it jumps around when I try rolling over font names. Also, it will sometimes not preview the right font when I am hovering over the name in the font list, especially after it has been jumping around. See attached video of the issue. I am using Affinity Designer 1.5.3. Jumping Font List.mov
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