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    Children's book illustration, portraiture, fantasy art. I have always loved vector art. That's why I bought AD. At the moment I'm trying to create digital brushes and swatches. I hope one day Serif design the software to create true vector brushes not the vecorrast brushes we have at the moment.

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  1. Hi guys, I'm not sure how to open this crash file as it is a dmp file and I don't have a program that can see it. I've added it here in hope that someone will be able to view and see why AD is crashing. I have searched the forum and online for other people who have had crashing problems but none of their issues seem the same. Some that are I have tried their solutions. I might have missed something so I'll keep searching. If there are any developers on this forum it would be so helpful if you had any ideas to the crashing problem. Thanks P.S I am so grateful for all the help I have received so far. You guys are awesome. I know you take your precious time to reply and I thank you so much for that. xx Crash file AD Bibi McMurray.zip
  2. Hi V_kyr, Thanks so much for your reply and the links. It's very interesting to read. They mention an update that combines some of these so I will try to find that file and install it. Hopefully that will help. If not I will try to find out the one that is causing the AD crashing issues and hopefully then I can continue my artistic journey. Have an awesome day/night. Stay inspired. x
  3. Hi V_kyr, Thanks so much for your reply and the links. It's very interesting to read. They mention an update that combines some of these so I will try to find that file and install it. Hopefully that will help. If not I will try to find out the one that is causing the AD crashing issues and hopefully then I can continue my artistic journey. Have an awesome day/night. Stay inspired. x Downloaded and installed Restarted my comp and tried running AD again. It crashed again. I'm going to try to find the VC Rp that is causing the prob and try to reinstall it. I'm at wits end trying to solve this. Thanks so much for your help. x
  4. Hi GarryP, thanks for clarifying this. It seems a very inefficient way to do things, though I get it, but with the brilliant minds of today they couldn't think of a way to combine updates that would be valid and usable by all programs. I definitely won't delete any of them, I just need to maybe update the one that is causing my AD crashing issue. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Thanks so much for your help. I'll try that. Hopefully it will work. I just checked. There are so many Microsoft V C's. Do I really need all those on my computer?
  6. I'm not sure if these files give any clues to the crashes. I'm just hoping someone might have a clue.
  7. No unfortunately the shapes still remain the same. I can't select, delete or move them.
  8. Bibi McMurray

    Camouflage II [Vector]

    Awesome Stuart, thanks for the sample sheet.
  9. Saved all assets, brushes, palettes and styles and transferred to an external hard-drive. Then I uninstalled using AD exe, and reinstalled to C drive. All my files were still accessible in AD. The crashing results stopped for a little bit then began again. I repeated the process of uninstalling, restarting my computer, reinstalling, and trying to run AD again. It still crashes a little when saving assets. The other thing is it has began crashing when I am working on creating new brushes. I'm not creating huge files or anything so it should be able to cope with it. So the only thing I can think of that can be causing this is the latest windows update. I'm not sure if it could do this. But I have had trouble with updates in the past and rolling them back seemed to solve issues in some other programs. Meh, it's worth a try. Yes Firstdefence, It is a 250GB SSD and a 1 TB Sata drive that has been partitioned. Here are the laptops specs https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/lenovo-products/Ideapad-Y700-17/p/88IPY700622 Will let you know how I go with the rollback. Oh, the other strange thing I noticed is when I restart my computer, load AD and draw, it lets me draw all over the canvas in the first instance, Then when I try to draw with the pencil again it will only let me draw on the right side of my page. Also, if I move a vector over to the left side it can no longer be selected or moved. I have tried different settings with no change. Strange. I think I have gremlins on my computer or I totally suck at this. hahahhahaa Yet, AD used to work with no problems at all. So it must be something that has changed that has caused these problems.
  10. Bibi McMurray

    Camouflage II [Vector]

    Wow Stuart, fantastic and as VectorWhizz pointed out, a lot of work. I love looking at your artwork, your methods and the way you create the documents for us to view. Thanks.
  11. Thanks V_kyr, for responding. I will do as you suggest and reinstall on C drive. I've learned my lesson. I wish the computer manufacturer had created more space on C drive or not split the drives at all. They also created a D drive with the Levono installation files and no extra space. It is the weirdest setup I've had on a computer.
  12. Hi all. I am having problems with Affinity Designer crashing when: I try to create a new category, rename a category, add objects to a category or a subcategory. There are probably multiple reasons why this is happening, but I think the main one is this. I have two drives on my computer C and E. C drive 194 gb capacity E drive 931 gb capacity Windows and most of the important program files are stored on C drive. When I purchased and installed Affinity Designer I decided to install it on E drive because I thought it would save space on C drive also I thought it might run faster on E drive because it has a lot more space. When I chose to install it I created a folder named Affinity Designer and tried to install AD in that folder. But what happened was that AD installed in separate files which mixed up with all my other files on E drive. It is a mess I can tell you. I don’t know how to collect all the AD files and combine them into one file because I don’t know what files belong to AD. I have opened some of the files and they clearly list AD in the file names. But I installed other programs on E drive and the same happened to them and it is such a mess. There are two solutions I can think of. 1. First, I export all the assets, styles, brushes etc that I have made or bought into a file so I have a copy of them. I reinstall AD and let it delete all the other files. (This time installing on C drive so it doesn’t stuff up again). Then reinstall all my files again and see if AD runs properly. 2. Ask if someone can give me an image of all the files associated with AD so I can search, gather and collect them from E drive and place them into the original folder I made. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or know how to help?
  13. Bibi McMurray

    Textured pack 03 Intensity brushes

    Thanks so much Craig it's so generous of you. So many brushes to explore
  14. Bibi McMurray

    Bibi's free textured vector brushes and swatches

    You're so welcome Pepperdog2.
  15. Brilliant! I don't understand some of it but I'm sure as I evolve as a brush maker that the concepts will become clearer. I have researched and tried to find a book about vector brush creation but have been unsuccessful in my search, so this doc you have created is awesome. Thanks for putting this together for us.

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