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  1. I'm having this too with Designer, and it's there in todays RC1 For what it seems to me, whenever you make any change in the embedded document the original document won't let you save the file.
  2. Hi, this is a seriously one! I can't edit embedded document either double clicking or clicking the edit document button. MacOs ventura. The same in Designer. This need a quick fix!
  3. I've tried to use search but it's getting me some errors, so if this is asked before please let me know. Is there any way to set the default unit to milimeters when opening pdf? the default is points and i've to always change it to mm. If there isn't a way it would be nice to have this option because i use it a lot everyday. Thanks
  4. I have created a new category, but now everything seems to be working fine, it's syncing between all 3 beta apps. Didn't know what hapenned in the beginning.
  5. @EmT I don't know what to say more about this... Closed all apps again. Only opened Designer, created just one preset, then opened Photo and the preset was there, then opened Publisher and the preset was there too. Closed all apps twice, and opened them to check, the preset was there.... So for now i think it's the OK behaviour, could be the photo sync that could delete all the presets?
  6. No, the presets i add in Designer Beta are showing in Publisher Beta, but not in Photo Beta. But as i've posted in the previous post, after restar all the manually added presets were deleted... something is not ok.
  7. @EmT I've started adding manually my presets and i've found that they are automatically in Publisher, but not in Photo... it's supposed to work this way? Edit: No, something is not working OK, after restarting the app all my presets added manually were deleted from both apps!
  8. I've done a quick search and didn't find what i'm looking for. I've installed 2.2 beta and used the button to copy content from the retail, but unfortunately it didn't bring my presets (the ones in the New document dialog box) Is there any way i can do it manually, instead of creating one by one? Thanks
  9. Editing the plist file it works, but we get the update notification popup saying that a new version (1769) is available.
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