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  1. dcarvalho84

    Where is the ICC Profiles option ?

    I think it is the Soft Proof adjustment layer
  2. dcarvalho84

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Voted for AD this morning too. Hope you guys win this.
  3. dcarvalho84

    Hearts Brushes - Valentines Day

    @thisldo@Alfred@MEB@Grethe@San65@MaryLou@Hootowl@Lin@dmstraker@Jia@GaseousClay@Tatyana I think you should like to know that i have added 3 more pixel persona brushes to the collection. Please re-download the file in the 1st post. Thanks for your support.
  4. dcarvalho84

    Hearts Brushes - Valentines Day

    Thank you all, glad you like it!
  5. dcarvalho84

    Hearts Brushes - Valentines Day

    Thanks! Glad you like it!
  6. dcarvalho84

    Hearts Brushes - Valentines Day

    Thanks! @MEB
  7. dcarvalho84

    Hearts Brushes - Valentines Day

    Thanks! Glad you like it! Thanks! Glad you like it!
  8. dcarvalho84

    Hearts Brushes - Valentines Day

    Hi. I've made some brushes for the upcoming Valentines day and i would like to share them with you all. Please feel free to use them as you like. Commercial use too. They have 5 Draw persona brushes (Designer only) and 4 (Pattern) Pixel Persona Brushes you can use in Photo too. This is the first time i'm sharing something so... Please let me know what do you think. Update 31/01/2018 - 3 New Pixel Persona Brushes added - Please re-download. Thank you all for your kind words! DC Valentines Brushes.zip
  9. Ok, i have a little bit more fonts active and i think that macos don't like too many fonts... It seems a Fontbase problem, you will have to wait for reply.
  10. On Mac i use Rightfont (which i think it has some problems now) and use Fontbase on Windows without problems. Are you using High Sierra? Can i ask you how many fonts do you have active? Because i'm having some troubles with fonts too.
  11. I'm a Rightfont user and i've tested Fontbase, but on Windows and i think that the behaviour is the same on MacOS. When you activate a font in rightfont it will remain activated even if you close it, but fontbase deactivate it as soon as you close it... If fontbase keep fonts active after close it would be a really good alternative... I have a folder on Google drive where i place my fonts and sync between my machines. I've droped it on fontbase and it's good to go if you keep it's windows open.
  12. dcarvalho84

    Bleed help

    Hi Paulm If you set the bleed margins on the document make sure that you check "Include Bleed" when exporting! The bleed set in the document is not visible unfortunately... What i do is to set my document size with the bleed included and then set the margins or a rectangle with the document size, because i like to see what i'm doing. In that case you need to make your own cut marks if that's the case.
  13. It's looking good @MattP. Let me just point 2 small things for now. In the fonts panel the "All, recent, used" are blurred! Another thing, the font preview looks a little bit too harsh on edges. in the screenshot is not so noticeable but i think that the actual 1.5 looks better And yes you're right the High Sierra is not as good as it should be. I'm experiencing 1 min boot time when having trim enabled...(Normal is about 23secs) The screen protector hangs. Waiting that Apple fixes it asap.
  14. dcarvalho84

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    I think it should work from auto too, at least in the mac version works from auto, and if you switch from Mac and Windows as i do, and this is something i use a lot to fit better some text boxes, sometimes just a click on the increase will do the job, i just don't want to type it manually, because i do it "visually". I really miss that from Mac version. But that's only my opinion. @Sean P Thanks. Waiting for the next beta!
  15. dcarvalho84

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    Please @Mark Ingram fix the leading override increase/decrease (arrow button) on the character panel. It does nothing clicking them at least since version 1.5.I've reported it before... Thanks