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    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Just don't know it it is a bug or am i missing something, but CMD+8 is not changing zoom to "actual view" instead it is reducing the opacity to 80%. It is kinda not assuming the CMD.
  2. Lens filter adjustment crash the app everytime you try to change color. If you need more info just ask. Thanks
  3. @Eugene Tyson is there any way to have the numbers following by columns and not by row? Thanks
  4. I almost missed the beta launch! Need to have some time to play with it. Thanks @MattP and all the team for the Christmas in November
  5. Nice! Thank you! You just need a little bit more attention if you're doing work for a client like i am (and i've done a lot of them in AFPub) And i think that is the best way to test it, in real scenarios.
  6. I've had something similar to @marctwo, i've had to rasterize the file before export, otherwise some images/detais are missing.
  7. Same here. If i place a pdf that is an A4 on a A4 document it doesn't keep the real size too, like on the previous versions. For me it is impossible to import any kind of pdf inside Publisher now, because when i try to replace it the app crashes.
  8. I couldn't, this time, update via update to .157. I've had an error message after extract and even if i click on search for updates it tell me that i'm up to date. So i'm manually installing the update. Not a problem. Just to let you know.
  9. Thanks. Glad i can help!
  10. Can you tell me how/where do you want it, because this is from a client work and i would like to send it privately. I've the files already prepared.
  11. Hi Chris_K Yes, when i'm talking about mess is regarding measurements only. I've overlaping pages and if i open the pdf, the top 2 end with different size of the bottom 2. Do you want the files? The afpub and the resulting pdf?
  12. I have one A5 document with 2mm bleed. If i try to include bleed and try the n-up on a SRA3 (32x45) paper with the settings: Across: 2 / Down:2 /Repeat: 4 leaving all the other ones on 0, then exported the pdf and if you see the output dimensions you will see that everything is messed up. I would like to give them left margin and top margin but it look worse... The output is a random measurement and overlaped pages. If you need more info please tell me.
  13. Thanks for both of you. I've ended up filling them manually, but @Eugene Tyson method is a nice choice, so i think i will redo them with this method because next year will be really quick to edit them.
  14. I would like to use a table to make some calendars, and i would like to make some cells move all the others to the right. Example: In the screenshot 1 is on DOM and i would like to start with one for example on QUA. Is there any way? (Tab moves the cursor to the next cell...) Thanks