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  1. I've done a lot of works in Publisher (simpler and small ones, mostly party posters) and i think for me is good enough to work with, but i really use N-UP a lot to design for instance in A5 and the with the N-UP i can have quickly 4 in a page 32x45cm with bleed marks and everything on it. That's why i use print a lot, otherwise my workflow is pdf export. Curiously the file that is crashing on 1.7.2 have a pdf embedded on it (It crashes Designer and Photo too)... Don't know if it is the cause. The files that i create after in 1.7.2 didn't crash the print but didn't have embedded documents. I need to do some more tests.
  2. This is happening in the now 1.7.2 retail version. Come on guys! This is a really important feature that i need today and now i can't! How can i have the 1.7.1 back? Edit: Crash report attached. Seems to happen on a specific file that i have with a pdf embedded, but it works ok on 1.7.1... Affinity Publisher_2019-08-16-152457_Mac-mini-de-Daniel.crash
  3. I can confirm that. It's not happening on the retail version! The file that is causing the crash open well and print in the retail version.
  4. Thanks Adam. What i do most of the times is select the field i want, delete and enter my numbers. But yes, now i see some improvements. What i would like to see is the ability to transform the resulting N-up in a new document (which i use a lot). Why? because i've done some tests and if i use the mac os export to pdf all the colors will shift to another colour profile? maybe. And what i do is to export to pdf, open that pdf in publisher, designer and export again with my pdf preset...
  5. What should be the difference to the retail version regarding this? For me they are looking the same.
  6. Thank you all! @ydaltak I've done that and when things starting closing gasps they were too tight and look like a continuos word. What i've done is to select all the text and changed the kerning to a negative value. @thomaso i will check that out!
  7. How can i reduce the space between 2 words in a paragraph? See the attached image please. Reduce the space marked by the black lines. I've tried the justification options in the paragraph studio but when it start to become closer it's too tight. Any opinions/sugestion? Thanks
  8. Just to say thank you! Didn't know that trick but it is really helpful. I've just used it and it was much more easier than trial and error with the rotation. Thanks again.
  9. You should check updates in the App Store, 1.7.1 came out a few minutes ago. I'm still doing some tests.
  10. Lot of crashes this morning because i've had the need to export a lot of files from different works. I've had crashes with pdf, png, jpgs and svgs. I've had one of them that the export dialog appear as normal and go through the end and when i've searched for him in the folder it wasn't there and when i've exported to the same folder, crash. I've had crashes saving to a NAS folder but have had saving to the desktop too... That was not occuring in the last .14 beta. Affinity Designer_2019-06-13-124011_Mac-mini-de-Daniel.crash
  11. @MEB I've had some too. Here is a crash report i've saved. export.crash.rtf
  12. dcarvalho84

    Wacom tablet issues

    @budaloco It's usable, sometimes that happens but believe me it's much better than 3 or 4 builds before in beta stage. thanks for the improvements @Ben. Looking forward to the new ones.
  13. I will try to not spoil it even more. WOW. How can you guys do that? It seems like magic (still wondering if some things wouldn't complicate/conflict with others but...). For those who have bought Publisher but don't have Designer and Photo you should take the 20% discount that is available now because you won't regret. I think you should have call it Powerhouse instead of Publisher . @Patrick Connor you can delete this post if you want
  14. dcarvalho84 RC1 - Crash - Reproducible

    I have that driver version and still crashing... Good for you Edit: @Old Bruce just use the DuarteCC file i have on top and test.