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  1. Hi Sean I've now unticked Windows Ink in the wacom preferences and in ADesigner and now it's working well, but for some reason i've done that before and ADesigner was not reading the pressure input. Nevermind, case closed for me. Thanks. (You can delete the thread if you want)
  2. I'm a Mac user but, due to Covid-19 i'm working at home where i have the windows version. I'm having some difficulties setting up my wacom tablet to use at least as i'm used to on Mac but i've found something strange, at least for me. First i only have the app "reading" the pen pressure when i have the "windows ink" ticked in the wacom settings. Is that correct? Then, and this is the same in the retail and in the new 1.8.3, if i have "Use windows ink enabled" in preferences i can't use the CTRL+ALT+Right mouse click and drag to control the brush size, I have some tooltip showing next to the pointer with ctrl+alt and i simply can't increase or decrease, but if i untick it's working as expected. This is the normal and the expected behaviour? What settings do you recommend? (I honestly don't like to have the virtual keyboard showing everytime i need to start typing which i think it is related to have windows ink enabled in the wacom preferences... any recommendation on this too?
  3. Thanks @Patrick Connor for you attention. I'm trying to have all latest betas running on my system I've tested some of the things that are affecting me but to be honest i've not tested this one. I will do it tomorrow.
  4. Hi i have a problem and i don't know yet if it is related with embedded documents or the profile itself, but making a document 85x230 then making a new document and placing it inside one A4 document and exporting with PDF/X4 preset is producing almost a blank document (only have some lines on it). I can send you the files but privately if you want.
  5. Just to add a quick note, unfortunately i think that should be another problem. I've had some crashes and the file doesn't restore after the crash, i've reduced now the interval to 30 secs, but i'm more than sure that i've worked in any file a lot more time than the interval defined... (Sorry but i can't use the beta version now since a lot of work i do use fonts, i'm using the retail because it is a lot more stable)
  6. (Character panel) Not for me. Neither 1.8.1 retail or 1.8.2 beta. Even after 8 to 10 consecutive font changes.
  7. Yes, but you can also use the character panel that seems to be working fine.
  8. I haven't noticed that in 1.8.1 until now. If i search for a different font 2 or 3 times the app crash! even in 1.8.1. Here is a crash report of that. Edit: Crash Report attached Affinity Designer_2020-03-02-120644_Mac-mini-de-Daniel.crash
  9. Hi i'm experiencing a problem with 1.8.2 (Photo too) that was not present in the 1.8.1 retail version. (I'm using a wacom tablet but it's happening with the mouse too) If i search for a font on the context toolbar dialog when i move the mouse or the pen the dialog closes before i can choose it. I can make a video if that would help you understand it better.
  10. You're right. It was missing on Designer but why don't you download the that is available?
  11. Yes, i agree with you. It makes sense in Photo, the same way that make some sense in Publisher the default to be in CMYK, but i think in Designer it should be too, or have both options like the retail version.
  12. I've noticed one curious thing and i just want to ask if that is correct. When creating New documento in the "Print" tab in Designer and Photo they are by default in RGB Color mode, but on Publisher they are in CMYK, is that correct? Just asking because i work on all 3 90% of the time in CMYK and if that is correct i will need to create all my templates in Designer and Photo.
  13. Congrats guys! Well deserved! Thanks for the hard work that let us have great apps at our disposal and at a really good price which doesn't make us feel imprisoned! Keep them coming!
  14. Hi Sean This was on a new document, created from scratch in 1.7.3, but i've had it too once with a document created on 1.7.2. After those 4 or 5 attempts i've had no more crashes since, but i haven't done too much since it was from this morning but i will let you know if i have more. I have a good number of fonts installed but i've had a problem on version 1.6 and after that i know that i can't have more than 2500 installed/activated so, for now i have less than 2000. For some reason (that's i i've asked you to take a look at the crash) the same way the problem shows up, the problem goes away, and i've done nothing, only repeating the export procedure ... Looks like those old cars starting engines from the first time in the morning Maybe i should have cleared the user defaults? Don't know
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