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  1. Hi Paulm If you set the bleed margins on the document make sure that you check "Include Bleed" when exporting! The bleed set in the document is not visible unfortunately... What i do is to set my document size with the bleed included and then set the margins or a rectangle with the document size, because i like to see what i'm doing. In that case you need to make your own cut marks if that's the case.
  2. It's looking good @MattP. Let me just point 2 small things for now. In the fonts panel the "All, recent, used" are blurred! Another thing, the font preview looks a little bit too harsh on edges. in the screenshot is not so noticeable but i think that the actual 1.5 looks better And yes you're right the High Sierra is not as good as it should be. I'm experiencing 1 min boot time when having trim enabled...(Normal is about 23secs) The screen protector hangs. Waiting that Apple fixes it asap.
  3. I think it should work from auto too, at least in the mac version works from auto, and if you switch from Mac and Windows as i do, and this is something i use a lot to fit better some text boxes, sometimes just a click on the increase will do the job, i just don't want to type it manually, because i do it "visually". I really miss that from Mac version. But that's only my opinion. @Sean P Thanks. Waiting for the next beta!
  4. Please @Mark Ingram fix the leading override increase/decrease (arrow button) on the character panel. It does nothing clicking them at least since version 1.5.I've reported it before... Thanks
  5. You can rename the artboards, just go to layers panel, double click it and rename it. Just have in mind that the artboard on the top layer will be the last page on a pdf.
  6. Yes, you're right. With your files i'm getting the same result as your screenshots.
  7. I've tried, and yes i know that the App Store version get more nodes, but the visual results are the same, at least for me.
  8. @Patrick Connor As i've said i'm just trying to help and end with this confusion. Yes that line is 1.1mm zoomed to 20000%. I didn't even use the line mode with the pen tool on my everyday work. I'm using AD since the end of November 2016 and i don't have words to thank all the team for such an amazing piece of software I can't live without you Affinity
  9. @Patrick Connor i think i've managed to reproduce something similar to what @Oval is talking about. I will attach my file created in AD Beta 10. My curves are not so rounded as the Oval screenshot, but they are not straight lines. You will have to really zoom in, let's say 20000% to see it perfectly. For me that problem is not bothering at all. i'm just trying to help providing the file and maybe end with this unfriendly conversation from both sides. In the screenshot is what i'm getting from AD App Store Version and AD Beta 10. The result is the same. line.afdesign
  10. Thanks. My idea is to style it to my needs and then convert it to curves. That way i can have more control over size and maybe colors.
  11. Nice idea. With this file you have almost the same result, you just need to give it a tab to move the day 1 upfront or delete to move it back. I've created 2 text styles, 1 Weekdays and 1 Numbers. Here you can change the font to your liking and they will be all well centered because it's configured in the tabs space. Have a look. month.afdesign
  12. Well, then give it a try to my file. You will like it You just need to do a tab to move 1 forward or delete the space if you want to move it back.
  13. Thanks. It's something i use a lot to "fill" some text boxes and almost every time a little touch on this button solve the problem (i know because i use it a lot on the Mac version)
  14. MikeW, with that file i can manually, with another tab, move all days forward or with delete move all days back. But for better styling i think i would then need to convert them to curves, sunday days with different color, holydays, etc.
  15. There is something in the stable 1.5 version that's still happening in this one. If you have some text and open the character panel the little arrows to increase/decrease the leading are not working at all, or i'm missing something?