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  1. I confirm the first one. It works ok now. Can't confirm your second one, because for me what i have on artboards works perfectly too and everything is keeped as is... so maybe you have something more... So i think this problem is fixed, but i will do some more tests.
  2. Yes, but i have to told you that even with all those "problems" i've made, and i'm still in the printing process, a window decoration project that have nearly 20 square meters that i will apply on saturday.
  3. dcarvalho84

    PDF problems - WHY RASTERISE VECTOR?????

    Everything you will have inside artboards or you have clipped inside another shape will be rasterized. This is something they are aware of and they are trying to fix it. Try to click more on the export preset and choose rasterize to nothing and see if it help.
  4. Isn't this the same problem that we have in Mac version? Try to copy the file to a new document and make sure you don't have artboards and then export the file. Or click more and make sure you have rasterize nothing. That should do the trick for now.
  5. They are testing the betas here in the forum to see how it goes, and when they feel that is stable enough they put them on the auto-update feature!
  6. I think this is correct because you are applying one type of stroke that will be repeated in the next shape you start drawing. I think that is the normal behaviour even in 1.6, but only with stroke.
  7. Nice. With that we can do a lot of things! Thanks for the video.
  8. Thank you @MattP I've just done a quick test on the new features. It is really nce to have the Affinity logo as an arrowhead Multiple fill and stroke is nice too! It will improve my productivity a lot! Didn't understand quite well the point transform tool, but it seems that it let you expand or contract the object/lines from a specific point... Am i correct? One thing that is still happening and that i've reported that is common to all those 3 apps is that if you have for instance character panel "undocked" you can't scroll through the studio with mouse wheel, not a big problem. Let's put this on intense testing which for me is using it in production work PS: Just noticed that when you search for a font, the name will be overwritten.
  9. Hi, this is not working on AD, AP and APub so i think this should be a small bug. If you open the character or paragraph panel (don't know if the others have the same behaviour) and the scroll bar appears on the right, if you use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll through the panel nothing appens, if you move the mouse cursor over one of the items it work on that specific item. Hope i've expalined myself. I could post a video if needed.
  10. dcarvalho84

    Moving inside?

    @MEB let me help, I think @larsh want to move a picture inside a picture frame, even if the picture is smaller than the frame. I think you have 2 options. 1 - Expand the picture frame in the layers panel and then select the picture itself and them move it as you normally do. The other one is, when you select the picture frame you have a bar that appear on the bottom with one little arrow in black thal let you move your picture and a zoom bar that let you choose the size of the picture. Is this what you looking for? Hope this helps.
  11. Hi, when you place an image on your document you have near the "replace image" button the "K-Only" button. You just need to have the image selected. Hope that help.
  12. dcarvalho84

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Just don't know it it is a bug or am i missing something, but CMD+8 is not changing zoom to "actual view" instead it is reducing the opacity to 80%. It is kinda not assuming the CMD.
  13. Lens filter adjustment crash the app everytime you try to change color. If you need more info just ask. Thanks
  14. @Eugene Tyson is there any way to have the numbers following by columns and not by row? Thanks
  15. I almost missed the beta launch! Need to have some time to play with it. Thanks @MattP and all the team for the Christmas in November