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  1. dcarvalho84

    Affinity Designer (beta) says it can't write file

    That problem is solved in the .14 RC1! You should download it and see how it performs for you.
  2. I will as soon as i have a recipe to give you. I need to test some scenarios that can help you find it. That is all i've got now and it is not much... but do you have any similar reports?
  3. Release Candidate! The end is near What are those new samples? I'm receiving in Publisher 337 and in this Designer version 14 the message if i want to restore the file when opening the software, but on the last save everything goes fine... but this is not happening all the times... About this version 14. All the problems that i've reported are solved Great Work.
  4. Me too, but on a document that doesn't have any embedded document i can switch between rgb and cmyk and vice versa without any problem.
  5. dcarvalho84

    Affinity Designer (beta) says it can't write file

    Well then i think you should consider deactivating some of them and see how it goes. I Have now something like 3500 active without any problems, but i'm using Rightfont App to manage them.
  6. dcarvalho84

    Affinity Designer (beta) says it can't write file

    I've had some error like this in the retail version 1.6 when having a lot of fonts activated, but it seems that something has changed in this beta for better because now i can have a lot more fonts active without any problems (Now i only use the beta version for work, because i can't use the retail it gives me the same error, but i know why and i can't deactivate fonts for it just to work, I can't have more than 2800 active)
  7. dcarvalho84

    Crash - Embedded Documents Build #12

    @Sean P I've tested the same procedure in Publisher 337 and everything is fine, no crashes. (I think that Publisher have had this problem in 330?) Update: And i've tested the second one too. I've opened the afdesign file in Publisher, deleted the "Saudade" and saved. The preview is ok as before, and i've opened the file again in Publisher and it only shows the "Eterna" word as it should be. So i think @MattP and his team only need to apply it in Designer.
  8. dcarvalho84

    Crash when copy and pasting

    @Sean P I have reported mine and you have named it afd-3499. Didn't have any other type of crashes, at least in my regular workflow.
  9. Hi @Sean P please take a look. I’ve found that the bug you’ve named 3500 on Mac is present here in this build too. I’ve tested with the same file and at least copying the rose layer to another document didn’t crash the windows version, but if you edit the embedded document and save, When you open again you have the previous version like in the Mac version. Just to let you know.
  10. dcarvalho84

    Crash - Embedded Documents Build #12

    Thanks! But in the meantime can we have the link to the build 11? The link in the post is redirecting to the 12 build and i have a lot of work done in the beta that i won't be able to open and i'm afraid this build will mess with some work as i do a lot with embedded documents. Yes, i know we shouldn't do that but that's the best way to find bugs Thanks
  11. dcarvalho84

    Crash - Embedded Documents Build #12

    @Sean P Thanks, but there is something more strange. See the video please. What i've done using that file is to copy and rename the file, then open it and i've changed "Eterna Saudade" to "Sentidos Pêsames" but this is strange. Using the Quicklook (I think that's the name of the tool - spacebar to quick preview) the file seems to be ok, but when i open it it was in the first state... It seems a similiar problem that publisher 330 has. Take a look. embedded.mov
  12. Hi. The #12 Build will crash everytime you do the following: 1 - open the "6009" document 2 - Double click in one of the Embedded Documents 3 - inside the embedded document copy the "Rose" layer (which is an embedded document) 4 - Create a new document, for example A6 and paste. You will have an instant crash. But instead, if you copy it and create new from clipboard it will work fine... (Just to note, i've added a transparency with the tool, don't know if this is the cause or not) Thanks. 6009.afdesign
  13. Thanks!! This looks a lot better! Need to do some more tests but i think it is ok now, but i'm having some crashes copy and pasting images between documents... Need to do some more tests with this too.
  14. Hi. Thanks for your tests. I really would like to do it the way i have in the video because it would be more easier to me but, i've seen your approach and maybe i can found a workaround for now. But i really would like to have an answer by @AdamW to see if it would be possible in publisher or if it is not supposed to work like Designer. ( in Designer i have something similar setup for business cards and works like a charm Business card file nested in A4 file and A4 nested in A3 file which is my print file).
  15. @Old Bruce here are the files. The pdf and the embedded one in the Master. If you can make exactly the same that i've done i would appreciate. RifaA3.afpub 001-100.pdf