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  1. Hold Alt (windows) or Option (Mac) on Keyboard and click divide with the mouse.
  2. Why don't you use the compound? I've used compound on the left (you can move the "cut this" ;)) and with divide on the right. You just need to click alt or option and click divide to create a compound. cut this.afdesign
  3. Thanks @Pauls and yes i'm experiencing a lot of crashes in the released 10.3 version. Almost all of my saved documents with embedded documents crash now and i can't edit them... But i honesly think that i didn't deactivate any fonts or assets, maybe some fonts/assets diferent from Big Sur, i don't know, for me for example Firefox does not distinguish with Bold new posts on forum, but in safari does. If you want i can collect some more crash logs because for me it is really easy to force them.
  4. Let me just update. After some opening and crashing, suddenly i can, with the crashing file, click edit document or double clicking to edit and no more crashes... Will keep an eye on it. Thanks
  5. The app retail and beta crash everytime i try to click edit document or double click one embedded document. Didn't happen in Big Sur. Log attached. Affinity Publisher-2021-10-19-102932.ips
  6. Ok, in fact it could be due to the halftone pattern, thanks for checking!
  7. Here is the afpub file with image embedded and the screenshot. Live.afpub
  8. Sure. Here it is. I'm using a Macbook Air M1 with Metal enabled in preferences. Live.afpub
  9. Sure Gabe, here it is. This is happening even moving the image... (happening in Designer too) screenrec.mov
  10. Hi, I have something strange happening both in 1.10.1 and 1.10.2 beta. I have an image and when i use, for instance curves or levels, when moving the slides the live preview show one thing, but when i release the mouse the image becomes brighter. I don't know if the problem is only mine, but at this point i can't trust what i see...
  11. Thanks @Sean P Posted in that topic, and yes removing the "á" from the file name will solve the problem.
  12. @Sean P The name of the file i can't open is "Infográfico Bombeiros Final.afdesign" Removing the "á" the file open as expected.
  13. Hi i have one file that is openning as expected in 1.9.2, but in it does not open and give me the error File was not found. I can't put the file here but i can if you provide a private link. Thanks
  14. Sorry @Dazmondo77 can't help with that, but i have the apps updated now, maybe 3 hours ago i've reloaded the updates page in the MAS store. Something about 700MB each. I'm on Big Sur with one M1 Apple silicon chip.
  15. (NOTE: This thread was originally posted in this Announcement thread, but it was split off by a moderator when replies to it turned into it's own topic) Thanks in advance for the fixes! At this time i'm writing the updates are still not available in the MAS, but the Publisher from the Affinity Store was updated without problems this morning! Keep them coming!
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