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  1. Thanks. My idea is to style it to my needs and then convert it to curves. That way i can have more control over size and maybe colors.
  2. Nice idea. With this file you have almost the same result, you just need to give it a tab to move the day 1 upfront or delete to move it back. I've created 2 text styles, 1 Weekdays and 1 Numbers. Here you can change the font to your liking and they will be all well centered because it's configured in the tabs space. Have a look. month.afdesign
  3. Well, then give it a try to my file. You will like it You just need to do a tab to move 1 forward or delete the space if you want to move it back.
  4. Thanks. It's something i use a lot to "fill" some text boxes and almost every time a little touch on this button solve the problem (i know because i use it a lot on the Mac version)
  5. MikeW, with that file i can manually, with another tab, move all days forward or with delete move all days back. But for better styling i think i would then need to convert them to curves, sunday days with different color, holydays, etc.
  6. There is something in the stable 1.5 version that's still happening in this one. If you have some text and open the character panel the little arrows to increase/decrease the leading are not working at all, or i'm missing something?
  7. Hello @Jose A Have you tried one soft proof adjustment layer? Also on the Document menu you have the ability to assign or convert ICC profile option. Don't know if that helps but it might worth looking.
  8. Thanks @jer but i think i've a little closer for what i want, i'm using the frame text tool and the TAB stops, but i've realized that i need to give one tab before the number 1, not a big deal but it's strange. I can't start at the left of the frame... I'll share the file. I will use AD for now, and with this file i can do all months, then when needed i will convert it to curves and style it. month.afdesign
  9. Do anyone have any tip i could use to build a let's say month calendar template where it would be easy to edit next year? Let's say i have one month ready and the next year all i have to do is to use the tab key or delete key to move all one forward or one back, but i would like to do it by weeks. Example attached. Thanks in advance
  10. @MattP Maybe i don't have made myself clear... When i'm talking "important" i'm referring the fact that the last object was not recognized as deleted don't know if that point is important for you to search from there, i'm not talking about the bug not being solved I'm here to help and i know that things take time.If you need any help/test regarding this you're welcome.
  11. @MattP Just have done a quick test and that behaviour with placed documents is still there... Don't know if it's important for you or no, but it looks like it's not assuming the last deleted object... It's updating all from the view except the last deleted object. Do you want a video? Edit: Found another thing regarding this. It's better if the document color space is the same of the placed one. If you have a RGB document and place the afdesign file in CMYK it will make this happen. If you make the document and your placed afdesign file CMYK you only have to make a "small move" in zoom for it to update correctly.
  12. @MattP I think i've found 2 strange things :D. I've made a video so you can see what i'm talking about. I'm using the Metal view on a Mac Mini late 2012 16GB Ram. I've placed one affinity designer document (v1.5) and if i move it faster it is not smooth it has some glitches (some kind of horizontal splitting) (don't know it it's metal related, machine related or anything else) but this has driven me to another one. So i've double clicked the placed document to edit, deleted some content and... the strange thing happened. See the video. i've tested with openGL too, the movement is smoother, but the same happens from that point onwards. Don't know if anyone has reported it early. ADBug.mov
  13. Yes, I'm on Sierra. Will enable it and see how it goes. Thanks for the reply.
  14. Guys, especially @MattP what do you use or recommend to use in a mac mini late 2012 with 16GB of RAM, Metal or OpenGL?
  15. Not exactly on topic but what should i use? OpenGL or Metal? What's the difference?