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  1. Hi @Brian_J and @BAIYANGDN I've moved your comments from here into a new post as this is a different issue. I have been able to reproduce this and will get it logged up.
  2. Hi @orangefizz I noticed you've also mentioned this issue in another post where my colleague @Pauls has asked for a sample file with the brush layers you copied and pasted. Would you be able to provide this?
  3. Hi @anto This looks like an issue that came up during the 2.4 beta cycle where the typography panel couldn't be resized (AF-2417). This was fixed but required a Ctrl run up with Reset Studio enabled for the fix to be shown in the Beta apps where this issue was present.
  4. Hi @ronnyb This is not new, I have passed your comments along and updated existing bug reports.
  5. Hi @Affinityconfusesme Please see my earlier response regarding this. I have updated the ticket with the latest report.
  6. Hi @Bryan H As Walt has said we are aware of this issue and it is currently under investigation. I've passed your reports along.
  7. Thanks @joe_l We are aware of the tooltip showing the below and semi-colons being accepted. I've passed your report along to the devs.
  8. Thanks @diarbyrag I've passed your suggestion along, in the meantime you can add the w3w url under type > URL
  9. @Alfred If the purchase was made through the Mac or Windows store and has been linked to an Affinity account then yes, the Affinity store downloads can be installed instead of using the app store versions. I will edit my previous post for better clarity, thanks.
  10. If you have the Affinity Store versions of the apps, or you have purchased through the Mac/Windows App Store and linked the purchase to an Affinity account then you can use the links below to revert to an older version. If you have not linked the app store purchase to an Affinity account then you cannot use these downloads and it will not be possible to revert to an older version. Affinity Designer 2 (macOS) Affinity Photo 2 (macOS) Affinity Publisher 2 (macOS) Affinity Designer 2 (Windows) Affinity Photo 2 (Windows) Affinity Publisher 2 (Windows)
  11. Hi @godor We are aware of this issue and it has been passed to the devs for investigation.
  12. Hi @UweN You have not overlooked anything, these were not included in this build. I will move your post over to feedback/suggestions. Thank you.
  13. We have now been able to reproduce this when using the Lato font installed via Creative Cloud. This does not appear to occur if you download Lato from Google fonts. I'll get this logged up thanks.
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