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  1. Hi @attaboyBrad Do you have an example document you can provide and a screen recording(s) of these issues in action? It would help us to get a better understanding of what is occuring.
  2. Hi @Dybkjær We are aware of this issue and I've passed along your example to the devs.
  3. Hi @Mothman We're not able to recreate this, could you send me a screen recording of this issue in action?
  4. Hi @Gnobelix Thanks for your report, I have passed this over to the devs for investigation.
  5. Hi @Bob Terry Could you just confirm if you reopen the file in Publisher, does the file still look the same? Would you be able to provide us with a copy of your file? Could you also provide a screen recording of your whole screen showing this issue in action?
  6. @XPERTDESIGNER We can replicate this crash on iOS only, I have passed this along to the devs for investigation.
  7. @XPERTDESIGNER Thank you for providing the file, we are still investigating however I have split your posts in to a new thread from here as this does appears to be a separate issue.
  8. @XPERTDESIGNER Would you be able to provide a copy of that file so we can investigate? I can provide a private upload link if required
  9. Hi @4dimage and @MikeTO I've noted 3 separate issues here around this tooltip and have logged it as such. Thanks for your reports.
  10. Hi @XPERTDESIGNER Just to confirm, has the screen recording you provided been created on the current release build If so, the fix for this issue is currently only available in the betas from builds onwards and not in the current release build. If you follow the News and Information forum, it will advise you when an update is available. If you would like to participate in the beta program, you can do so by following these instructions.
  11. Hi @R C-R The build referenced in the comment is correct for this issue. We found that @Serif Info Bot had not been tagging fixed PD issues and so we triggered the post to occur for issues marked as fixed the last 2 versions.
  12. Hi @MikeTO Thanks for your report, I've passed this along to the devs.
  13. Hi @nomi02118 It looks like the issue is occurring on this layer here: If you resize or crop it so it fits within or at the size of the boundaries of the page, the file does then export correctly. I'll pass this along to the devs to be investigated.
  14. Hi @nomi02118 Would you be able to provide a copy of your file so we can investigate?
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