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  1. Do you plan to solve problem with 2 monitors for release? This problem marked as solved in 2.4.
  2. We don't know, because when I pasted this link, I just got a block with a message without any mention of the thread.
  3. Shouldn't a forum do the same? This means that if I link to someone's comment tomorrow and the author deletes it after tomorrow, you won't even know the thread to which it was linked.
  4. The link you provided above, has "/#comment-1176229" at the end of it, meaning it's a hyperlink to a specific comment within that thread. That comment no longer exists and therefore that specific hyperlink no longer works. By the way... If you copy this link, which has a comment at the end "/#comment-1176229", and paste it into your browser's feed, it will open correctly. But when I paste it into a post, an error occurs. So there is something wrong with the forum, and I wasn't spamming.
  5. I always copied the topic in the browser feed. But here I had to get so far that I didn't see the last comment, which was hidden, and I didn't refresh the page. It turned out to be interesting.
  6. It's not your mistake. This is how the forum works incorrectly
  7. I just noticed this too, that the comments are numbered and written at the top
  8. I didn't see the last comment, I was copying the link at the top of the page. Oh well, the topic can be closed
  9. I was not spamming. Consider this +100 votes for changing this behavior of these tools.
  10. I copied the link from the feed in the browser above, not someone's comment. How could the comment have gotten there?
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