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  1.刷子的压力仍然不变。我将测试笔放在软件的不同版本中,并且测试结果不同 测试笔刷
  2. Turn on the pressure button and the brush still has no pressure (wacom CTL-671)
  3. When the language is the default, the loaded brush is translated correctly in Chinese, but after switching to simplified Chinese, it is found that the brush directory is in English. 笔刷错误.mp4
  4. 1. It is suggested that the brush has the function of group management 2. Enhance the fluency of scrolling list
  5. Selecting all text and supporting group text conversion to curve will improve efficiency. I hope 1.9 can support this function
  6. 文字消失。This is a document
  7. 文字消失。 Press enter and the text disappears txt.mp4文字消失。
  8. Turn all text in the layer group into curves
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