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  1. 1. It is suggested that the brush has the function of group management 2. Enhance the fluency of scrolling list
  2. Selecting all text and supporting group text conversion to curve will improve efficiency. I hope 1.9 can support this function
  3. 文字消失。This is a document
  4. 文字消失。 Press enter and the text disappears txt.mp4文字消失。
  5. Turn all text in the layer group into curves
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DhgAS9WSaQOfb4bcinG6mw09flIGH0Pg/view?usp=sharing This is an error file
  7. Can you provide an upload address I uploaded the wrong file Cannot export PSD PSD文件
  8. Why can't the intersecting curve be segmented at one time? I hope to see the shape without intersection point directly divided in version 1.9 分割shape.mp4
  9. Continuous selection and deletion of assets
  10. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1f5411h7hx#reply3257249697 There is a similar way to deal with it
  11. If you can add paste FX in view layer and layer right-click, it will improve work efficiency
  12. 笔刷未翻译成简体中文。如果将画笔的最新版本更新为简体中文,那将是很好的
  13. Gradient maps can use custom gradients, and it's great if you can
  14. Macro automatically exports each layer of PNG independently If it can be achieved, we will say goodbye to the complicated repetitive actions
  15. If bitmap filling can support smart object or affinity file It will be more editable
  16. Definite +1 to this. It’s a great idea.
  17. Video tutorial address:https://space.bilibili.com/74140966
  18. I design in China, and I come across affinity series software that can be used to replace Adobe software, but at present the three software typesetting do not support Chinese or Japanese vertical arrangement. Strong request The typesetting support simplified Chinese vertical typesetting. As an affinity enthusiast, I am also doing video courses to disseminate affinity software. Now I have done more than 100 sets of tutorials, and the software is really great. hope There will be more functional support for Chinese users. Thank you
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