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  1. Hello MEB! Feather is 100%, always. About switching modes, I only use keyboards shortcuts modifying mode (lmb+ctr, lmb+alt). Your suggestion makes me think that maybe I'm unknowingly permanently switch mode with some shortcut that I don't know of or there is a bug switching modes once every few selections. I will keep an eye on modes buttons next time it happens, I really hope it was just my mistake or "fat fingers syndrome" If that will be some bug indeed, I will report it here. Thanks for replying so fast, much appreciated!
  2. Hello! Since I started using Affinity Photo on new machine (specs on the bottom of this message) I got a problem. When I try to draw rectangular selection, nothing gets drawn or selected. It happens randomly, sometimes this bug doesn't appear for good 10-20 selections. It never happens the first time I use rectangular selection tool after opening program, always at further attempts. I tried to observe if it is happening with certain tools combination, kind of file that I work with or other specific circumstances. But it seems to happen randomly. Sometimes this bug goes away if I choose lasso selection, do whatever with it and get back to rectangular selection. But very often it stays like this. I hope devs can look into this, rectangular selections are one of essential tools for me. If I can provide any extra info, like logs or anything else let me know. One more thing, I use OpenGL acceleration, because I had performance & precision issues with selections on Metal. Often rectangular selection was not starting exactly below cursor, but offset to the right side - very frustrating. And I also had same problem with rectangular selections on Metal, as I described above. It is not caused by some stupid mistake like trying to draw selection on locked layer, I got pretty good idea what I do Thanks in advance for looking into this issue. My machine: MacBook Air m1 16 GB, macOS Big Sur 11.6.2, Affinity Photo 1.10.4
  3. Hello! I would like to add my humble experience. I'm using MacBook Air with M1 & 16 GB of ram and Big Sur 11.6.2. I also had lots of issues with overall performance until I switched from Metal acceleration to OpenGL. Affinity Photo still has performance hiccups, but at least eyedropper & selection tools are (mostly) performant. Most of the times I don't use apps heavy on CPU or GPU in parallel to AP, so IMHO it is not issue of lack of resources. I also have this performance issues while working on pixel art assets (128x128 max), so it is really strange. I also encountered some bugs in regard to mentioned tools but I will describe them in separate topic. Cheers
  4. Dobrze powiedziane. 2022 rok, a więc trzy dekady od kiedy Angielski jest powszechnie nauczany na każdym etapie polskiej edukacji. To nie wina firmy Serif, że niektórzy zmarnowali czas na naukę "współczesnej łaciny" albo/i nie traktują swojej pracy poważnie. EDIT: To make it clear to Devs, I'm not one of customers waiting for any translation. Cheers!
  5. Hello! I have bought Affinity Designer over one year ago to be able to do some work when I'm on the go. To my surprise it lacked any import and export swatches/palette functionalities - my mistake not checking it before purchase. That disqualified AD as a tool that I can use in professional capacity. Going through the hoops to import more than 100 swatches? No way I got time & energy for this, there is work to be done & clients expecting solid results on time. I hoped that it will be added at certain point, but seeing how this issue is not addressed for years - based on time this thread was created - I'm loosing that little hope that I got for serious color management in AD I'm not sure anyone really waited for another welcome screen redesign, when there are gaping holes in basic feature set (well, for most graphic design apps released in last 30 years). Anyway, here is what I would find MASSIVE as a addition to current AD feature set: - way to import and export palette in .ASE or any other popular palette exchange format (import is essential) - feature that would add all colors present in currently selected vector objects to palette & do the same for selected raster area on pixel persona. So it adds colors from all selected pixels to palette. Thanks for consideration.
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