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  1. stokerg

    Problem Sony A7III raw

    I honestly don't know, as this is the iPad version of Affinity we only have one RAW Engine we can use, which is provided by Apple. So until they add support for it, we can't open it.
  2. stokerg

    A Transform box is disappeared

    Thats correct, we use it when there are issues rendering with the GPU. What i'll do is move this thread over to the Beta forums now, so it's seen by the Dev team and anyone else using the Beta
  3. stokerg

    A Transform box is disappeared

    I've been able to replicate the issue, it didn't happen straight away but after a minute they disappeared. Closing and reopening the file, they came back but went again after a minute. Can you just check under Edit>Preferences>Performance and what is the Renderer set to? Can you try setting it to warp and seeing if this happens again. Also i've just noticed you are using the Beta, in future, please post all issue found with the Beta in the Beta forums here
  4. stokerg

    A Transform box is disappeared

    Hi Wusiki Jeronii and Welcome to the Forums, I've just been trying to replicate this but have failed to do so. We do have an option to 'hide selection while dragging' on the top toolbar when you select an item with the Move tool but from your screen recording, this looks like it's disabled and the transform handles should return when you've stopped moving the item. Would you be able to upload the .afphoto file so we can look into this further. You can either attach it to a reply here on the forums or upload it to our Dropbox here
  5. Hi VladTam and Welcome to the Forums, Would you be able to provide the .afdesign file so we can look into this further? It's possible it's being caused by some of the effects (the shadow for example) but once we have the file we will be able to advise further. Feel free to use this Dropbox link if you don't wan't to make the file public.
  6. stokerg

    Problem Sony A7III raw

    Hi Philipp32, Sorry my mistake, i had opened a RAW file from a Sony 7RM3 and NOT a Sony 7M3. The Sony 7M3 isn't on the supported list of RAW files from Apple, full list can be seen here. We would need Apple to add support for that camera before Affinity could open the RAW file.
  7. stokerg

    stuck in start up

    Hi karinmc and welcome to the Forums, On the startup screen in the middle, in the blue bar along the top where the it shows 'AFFINITY DESIGNER' can you click drag the Startup window down. I suspect there is window behind the startup screen needing an okay or cancel, which would account for the 'barks' when clicking elsewhere.
  8. stokerg

    Problem Sony A7III raw

    Hi Philipp32 and Welcome to the Forums, How are you opening the RAW file and where are they stored? I've just been able to use 'Import From Cloud' and open a RAW file from the a7iii stored on iCloud without issue.
  9. stokerg


    Hi Justin b and Welcome to the Forums, Flood fill tool doesn't have those options you mention, the Selection tools do. So you can add to the selection or subtract from it. The Flood Fill only has the Tolerance and Contiguous options, as shown in your screenshot.
  10. stokerg

    When will the affinity designer for ipad?

    Hi liumingming All i can say is, as you already know, it's coming soon.
  11. Hi Fotoloco, You are not doing anything wrong, the option to create a colour chords from an image isn't currently in the iPad version. I'll move this post over to Feature Suggestions
  12. stokerg

    Adobe's "Preserve Details"

    Hi ScottinPollock, I'm not aware of any plans to add this feature to Affinity Photo and at the moment we have the standard resampling options within Affinity. I'll move this post over to Feature Suggestions, as i've not seen this topic come up before
  13. Hi ecce, You could place a shape inside the 'hole' and fill this with colour. Or if the rest of the sign doesn't have any transparency, you could fill a narrow rectangle or custom shape to fit (drawn with the pen tool) with the colour you want to show and send it behind the sign. This way the colour would only show where the 'holes' are. I'm sure if anyone else has other methods of doing this, they will post them
  14. Hi Starpugs, As long as you own and control both computers, then thats fine @MEB has explained a bit more on this post
  15. stokerg

    3RD Party Plugins No Updates?

    Hi Russ, The Dev team aim to improve plugin support with each release. The fact most plugins are written for a program that works differently to ours and may mean that some work is also need to be carried out by the plugin provider and not just us. As for DAM, it's being worked on, which is why we had a call for sample images in this thread It's still a long way of being ready, but is being worked on. X-Rite Colour support, as confirmed in a reply to you, by TonyB in this post, it was never on our Roadmap but is something they the Dev team will look at adding.