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  1. Hi @JohnTWolffand Welcome to the Forums, I've tried the same workflow and I can't replicate the freeze. Nope won't be that. When that's needed, it's done when starting the app. So I can try to replicate this, where are you saving your files? Locally, Cloud/Network or an external USB drive? Could you also upload one of your afpub files that is taking 30 minutes to open? I've created a Dropbox link here if you'd rather not attach the file to the Forums.
  2. That's fine, the file should be enough for the Developers to go from
  3. Just a quick update, I've now found another way to replicate this, press the Tab key to hide the UI and again to bring the UI back, now select something and you won't have any bounding boxes or if you've clicked in a text frame, you won't see the text caret until you zoom in and out or pan around the page.
  4. @jmwellbornIt would be interesting to know the answer, as up to now the only trigger I've found for it is using the vertical/horizontal scrollbars. As you've got an afpub file that the issue happens in, would you mind uploading it to our Dropbox here and i can try replicating it with your file and your method of moving between pages
  5. It's a good idea. I've raised this internally and we'll see what we can do
  6. We are aware of this and do already have it logged. Same with this one, we are already aware and is logged already. I've just been able to replicate this and will get it logged
  7. Hi @agreaves, I've created a Dropbox link here for you to upload your file to. If the Add Pages from file trick with Publisher didn't work, then I'll likely need to log the file with the Developers for investigation.
  8. Hi @swr, Thanks for the file. Yup, that one does load incorrectly into Affinity and I'll need to log it with the Developers, as we don't have anything like this already logged. Do you know which app produced these and I can add it to my report?
  9. HI @liumingming, Thanks for uploading the file. Took me a few seconds longer than what you show in the recording to get the crash but I got it! I'll get this logged with the Developers
  10. Hi @swrand Welcome to the Forums, I can't seem to find any app that can display those files correctly. b16 and t32 do display correctly but all others load as you've shown, I tried this with Designer and also PS, Irfanview and GIMP and all failed. Can you name an app where these do load correctly, so I can confirm and get this logged?
  11. Hi @iismael.salas and Welcome to the Forums, I would suggest exporting out as PSD or PDF and you'd be able to open those in Procreate. Or you could switch to the Pixel Persona in Designer and make use of the different pixel tools, without leaving Designer.
  12. Hi @relentlessslogand Welcome to the Forums, This is a known issue and is logged with the Developers to resolve. You should find exporting out as anything other than JPG or PNG is exported correctly. I've updated that report with a link back to this thread, so we can update you when it's been resolved.
  13. Hi @Ian the not so great, Can you just confirm if you are also using the scrollbars to navigate between pages when this happens? If not, can you give me as much information about your workflow as possible and I'll see if I can replicate this from your workflow @GafradWhen this happens for you when you aren't using the scrollbars, what font are you working with? As there was a bug raised here when using Myriad Pro and it could very well apply to other fonts.
  14. Hi @DoshVOand Welcome to the Forums, Which version of MacOS are you running? What format are you exporting as and where are you exporting to, a local drive or a Cloud/External drive? I use a Mac daily and don't have any issues exporting from V1 of Affinity
  15. Can you just cause the freeze and then call up Task Manager then right-click the Affinity icon > Create dump and attach that dump file here, I can get that looked at. But on my Windows laptop with 32GB of RAM, there's no freeze and on my Mac with 16GB I also don't get a freeze.
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