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  1. Hi jatclat, You'd need to install a 3rd party program as explained on this link from Microsoft: I know that link talks about Windows 7, but the same applies to Windows 10 as well. Once you've got a 3rd party app or extension installed, the thumbnails will show in Windows Explorer
  2. Only to use the Clone tool or inpainting brush and remove them manually. Thats correct, but again this may not even be broken and just isn't something that IOS and the Core Image RAW can do. It's not something we can directly fix (if broken) or enable/add.
  3. PS will be using a different RAW engine to the one we use, which is why you get different results. From my understanding this isn't something that is broken, it's just the RAW engine we use doesn't support removing dead pixels and that's something that Apple would have to enable/fix before this would be possible in Affinity.
  4. Hi Carlas and Welcome to the Forums, This has come up before here and it turns out the RAW engine (Apple Core Image RAW) we use on the iPad, doesn't remove dead/hot pixels. You could try using the inpainting brush to remove the hot/dead pixel or the clone tool.
  5. Hi Zodman and Welcome to the Forums, We do support tilt on the Surface Pro (2017) you might need to edit some of the brush settings to get a shading effect, but tilt is supported From what i know, we don't have a seperate tutorial of Affinity on the Surface Pro but i'd suggest downloading the 10 day trial from here:
  6. Hi kiuas and Welcome to the Forums, I've just tried replicating this and my export matched what i had in Photo. If you could attach the .afphoto file, i'll be able to do an export here and see if the same happens.
  7. Hi Polygonius, To multi-quote a post, just highlight a line of text in that post you want to quote and you should get a tooltip pop up saying 'Quote this' (see attached screenshot) and just click on Quote This . Then just do the same for the next part of the post you want to quote.
  8. Hi zzwnm and Welcome to the Forums, The 1st link you posted has some great information on this. If you could follow the steps posted by @R C-R in this reply Follow all the steps and you should see how the syncing works. The only bit that isn't syncing for me is the Texture Line Style (the brush tip you apply to the line) , which i think it should be, so i will get that logged with the Dev team to look into.
  9. Hi Roshez and Welcome to the Forums, While we don't have an auto colour match feature (it's been requested a few times) you could possibly do this manually, if you see this thread Drippycat and Verysame have both posted a manual method way of colour matching.
  10. Hi Planz and Welcome to the Forums, I can think of a couple of ways i can think to do this: You could select the object you want to move using the Selection brush and then copy and paste into the new location and use the Inpainting brush to remove the original object. Or you could use the Clone tool, to clone the object in the new location and then use the inpainting to remove the original object.
  11. Hi Mark and Welcome to the Forums, What make and model of camera are you using? Does this happen with all RAW files from that camera or only some? If you could also upload the RAW file used in your screenshot, that would be a help find out what is happening. If you'd rather not share it on the Forums, please use our Dropbox link here
  12. Hi Mike018, I suspect the file you are opening was created in AI and exported as an EPS file, which will also store a copy of the .ai file in the EPS. When you open that in AI, you are seeing the AI file, which contains the groups and not the actual EPS file. When you open the same file in Designer, we open the EPS file which is why the items are no longer in groups.
  13. Hi sjley and Welcome to the Forums, We don't have an equivalent feature to this. You could do this manually using the Clone tool and global sources. I'm sure if anyone else has another method to get the same result, they will post shortly
  14. Hi REVesseyJr and Welcome to the Forums, Do you have trouble with shortcuts working in another application or just inside Affinity? It's odd that the old keyboard is now affected as well, so could certainly be a windows issue.
  15. Hi Engine44, We don't have the same options as Print Studio Pro. We do have a soft proofing layer you can activate and soft proof any prints with different colour profiles. We've had a number of requests here on the Forums to support Print Studio Pro, so hopefully as more work is done on the Plugins side of Affinity, it's something we can look at supporting.