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  1. Hi Sarper, Can you try unlocking the layer (if background layer) making a selection and then running the plugin. That worked for me and didn't cause a crash. Without making a selection, i also get a crash While we aim to improve plugin support as and when we can, we can't give any timeframe on when and some work may be needed on the plugin side of things.
  2. stokerg


    Okay thanks for the screenshot. It appears the error log hasn't been submitted, so if you could look in this location: %AppData%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\CrashReports You should find the crash log, just attach it here or in the other thread you replied to
  3. stokerg

    How to „bend“ a graphic text

    Hi Christopher and Welcome to the Forums, You would have to use the Mesh Warp Filter to shape the text, as Affinity Photo can't make text follow a path. Affinity Designer can make text on a path so would be very easy to get text to follow a circle shape.
  4. Hi Guzzi, Going from the title of this post 'Specify document size' This video should be of some help, it is in English but covers resizing an image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyWgvqdtQaE
  5. stokerg


    Sorry that should just be 'start' Affinity with the CTRL (Control key) key held down
  6. stokerg


    Hi Irfan, Very odd for a sound driver to cause Affinity issues. Can you please follow these steps to reset Affinity Designer and if it works, do the same for Affinity Photo: 1. Make sure Affinity Designer is closed and not running. 2. Press the Windows key and R to bring up the run box. 3. In the run box type %appdata%, press ENTER. 4. This will open a folder showing lots of other folders. Please open the folders: Affinity\Designer 5. You should see a folder called 1.0 Please right click on this and select Rename and call it Old Settings 6. Start Affinity with the CTRL key held down until a message appears asking you to clear some settings then click on Clear and Affinity should continue to load. If it's still failing, please post a screenshot of any error messages that appear.
  7. stokerg

    Can't access all apple photo files

    Hi Chris and Welcome to the Forums, Do this images show up in the Apple's Photo app on the iPad?
  8. stokerg

    Font Support

    Hi Ravi Gupta and Welcome to the Forums, Unfortunately Hindi/Indic languages are not fully supported yet. It is with development to implement, however we really don't have any idea as to when that might be! Sorry I can't be of more help.
  9. Hi ApvdG, Feature requests don't normally get a comment on from the Support Staff but the Dev team are known to comment and are the best people to do so, as they decide on the Features to be added/improved. All bugs reports are responded normally within 24 hours of being posted here but can take longer on a weekend as the QA staff who handle the bugs side of things don't work a weekend. Rest assured the Dev team are active on the Forums and do read the Feature Requests section. If they feel a comment is warranted, normally when they need a use case for the requested feature, then they will
  10. Hi Richard Bolte and Welcome to the Forums, Do you know if the EPS file was created with the PDF stream option enabled in AI? This post explains a bit more about how we deal with EPS files.
  11. stokerg

    Not loading

    Hi jsaonsmith, As this stage i think it would be best to reinstall the app from the Mac App Store. Make sure you've saved anything from the home screen of Affinity to either local iPad Storage or to a Cloud driver and installing would remove these. Then just uninstall the app and download again for the Purchased section of the App Store.
  12. Hi Karl-Heinz and Welcome to the Forums, Affinity doesn't currently support right to left languages. It's something the Dev team do want to add but sadly it isn't a quick thing to do and will take sometime before it's added.
  13. stokerg

    Dark RAW file imports

    Hi Gregory St. Laurent, Is this when using batch processing or just when opening a single RAW file? Which make and model camera are you using?
  14. But thats the thing, it's not the same as any other bitmap file. The thumbnail preview you see in Finder (on Mac) or Explorer (Windows) is the embedded JPG file a lot of the time. Other times you need a plugin from the camera maker to show that preview. When you open that RAW file (which isn't a bitmap file at all, its data from the camera) we have to draw the image from that data. Other apps don't bother and just load a JPG preview which is embedded in the RAW file, but still present you with their version of the Develop Persona. Again this is standard to how RAW files work. Not anything that will be changing within the app
  15. I don't think you are understanding the difference between RAW and JPG/other formats. Until the RAW file has been developed, there isn't an image to work with. It's just a data file from the camera.