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  1. Well after looking into this some more it appears to be an issue with Apple Preview and how it's display the image. If you open the same image you exported in say Google Chrome or another web browser, you'll see it appears fine. Even opening it back up in Affinity and other image editing apps, it appeared fine. Moved the same image to my Windows machine and yup it opens fine. So it appears to be something up with Apple Preview, as that's the only app i can replicate the problem in.
  2. Hi Homy, Sorry for the delay, i've been covering Support on our older Plus range and not had much chance to get back to the forums. I've created you a Dropbox link here
  3. Hi nickpan, How does Affinity Photo fit into this workflow? Sounds like the image is being resampled on download, possibly by the browser/Google. I believe Google Photos does have an option to compress images when they store them, so could be something related to that.
  4. I'll update the log. Which is missing from the Mac version... No idea, i'll check with the QA guys and report back
  5. Just to update here. This has been logged with the Dev team. The picker is also missing from the Lens Adjustment in Designer as well
  6. Yes Affinity is compatible with 64 Bit MacOS. If i'm correct, the last 32 bit version of MacOS was Lion and after that they have all been 64 bit (i'm happy to be correct if anyone knows differently)
  7. Hi ivan lavosky and Welcome to the Forums, We don't have data merge just yet. It's something that should be coming to Publisher at some point and might make it's way into Designer if the Dev team feel it fits with Designer.
  8. Hi Cranky, The Supported models of iPad for Affinity are: iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad 2018, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch So the mini isn't supported
  9. Hi Markeeee, The Artboard tool and options for it are for inserting a new artboard the size of the object/artboard selected. So if you have a square at 200px by 200px and wanted an artboard the same size, select the square, then the artboard tool, set the size to selected and an artboard is created on top of the selected object at 200px by 200px To change the size of an artboard, select it in the layers panel and use the transform box to enter a new width and height You can also select the artboard with the artboard tool and use the blue handles round the rise to manually resize it
  10. We can't port code from PagePlus in Affinity range. However!, Now we have the Feature in Publisher, it's possible we may see it in Designer. It not my decision if that happens but i'll see what i can find out and update back here That has also been requested before, so we know it's a wanted feature. Again i can't give any confirmation on if or when it would be.
  11. Hi 505aaron and Welcome to the Forums, This has come up before here and has already been logged with the Dev team to improve
  12. Well i never.. I'll get this reported to the Dev team tomorrow, if hasn't been already
  13. Hi Dean, From my understanding as long as you have permission to use any images/source files if they are not your own, in the tutorials, we are fine you making your own tutorials. Several other users have made some in the past and might be better to wait for a comment from them. Or i'm sure @Patrick Connor may be able to confirm what i've said.
  14. Good spot. We also have the same tool, in the same place If it's not showing for you @cadwr Click on View>Customise Tools and you can drag the Sponge tool onto the toolbar
  15. Hi kjs, I'm not aware of a method to disable it. Are using the Apple Pencil? You should find it activates the colour picker if you do a long press with the pencil, might be easier to avoid while drawing if you know how it's activated I don't have an iPad to hand so can't test this myself, but there is an option in Preferences to use touch only for gestures. That may not help in this case but might be worth a try, it's the only setting i can think of altering.