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  1. Hi Dantor and Welcome to the Forums, Do you see any difference if you zoom in and out of the area? We've got an issue logged with the Dev team where the zoom level does affect how this filter. If not, can you attach the TIFF file or upload it here to our Dropbox and i'll look into this further.
  2. Moving to Bugs
  3. Hi Burn and Welcome to the Forums, There isn't an option you are missing and i've been able to replicate the problem with the Navigation Panel. I can put this in as an improvement suggestion to see if it's something the Dev team can add to Affinity for when working with Pixel Art. Also, feel free to post this a request in the Feature Requests section of the forums as well.
  4. Yeah that's fine, just private message me with the link or if you don't mind the link being public just post it here
  5. Are you sure that's the correct file? Only reason i ask, it's not opening for me, just opens to blank screen with the Develop options, this was on iPad using latest Beta of IOS11 and one using IOS10. But the same happens in the Desktop version of Affinity as well. Normally this would point to the image not being support by the RAW engine that we use (on the iPad it's the Apple RAW Engine) but i can see in the screenshot you post, you've got the image open and showing just fine and the Nikon D700 is listed as supported by the Apple (Core RAW Image). Which version of IOS are you on and do you have the same image in a different format to the tiff file you uploaded to Dropbox?
  6. Hi Generoso, Could you upload the file in question to our DropBox here and i'll have a look to see what's happening. I just tried a sample RAW file from a D700 and it opened up as expected on my iPad.
  7. Hi Jorul29 and Welcome to the Forums, Once you've added a Preset LUT, It gets added to the Adjustments panel and can will be shown, along with the other LUT presets, when you select LUT from the Adjustments panel as shown in the attached screenshot.
  8. Hi Kevin and Welcome to the Forums, So is Affinity still showing as installed? Could you try running this from Microsoft and then running our setup again and see if it completes.
  9. I'd really rather not, as John, R C-R and HVDB have all posted good information. I'll happily lock the thread (and will do once i've hit reply) which will stop further replies here. Mark the email you send FAO Gareth and please remember in the email to include all the steps you are taking, from start to finish. If you can also provide some of the images you are using in the stack, that just helps things as we will both be seeing the same results.
  10. At what point are you seeing the resampling? I've carried out several merges and not once has the width of my images changed, unless i went into Document Size and changed the DPI to 300 with Resample ticked. Granted the images i started out with had been 300DPI and on entering Document Size after the merge it was at 96 DPI, but that was the same in 1.5 as well. Are you losing quality after the merge is complete or when you export the file? Can you post the exact steps you are taking from start to finish, even a sample of an export that you did before installing the 1.5 update and an same files then merged and exported from 1.6 would be helpful. If you don't want to post them publicly i'll get a Dropbox link posted here when i'm back in the office tomorrow. Are running Photo on Windows or MacOS? Also, please remember other members here are just trying to help and while they might not of posted the reply you wanted to hear/read, they have posted valid information which other users can benefit from. If you'd rather direct contact with us, you can always find our email address by scrolling down to the bottom of this forum and clicking on Contact Us link.
  11. Hi Affinity iPad Student, Affinity also has it Just go into the settings, select Tools and enable Touch for gestures only
  12. Hi Vince, To answer point 1, deleting the slice. This issue is already logged with the Dev team for further investigation. Question 2: For this you would need to duplicate the back page artboard to get the 2 exports.
  13. Hi Badjohn, Could you share the exported file and also a link to it on the web and also how are you uploading it to the internet? If it's by a 3rd party service such as Wordpress or another online builder it's possible that could be doing some resampling on the image and causing the issue. You can upload samples to our private DropBox link here and all images will be deleted once the issue has been looked at.
  14. Hi Mareg, It's not something we have directly tested in Designer, but i've seen a post here by a user who has a XP Pen Star 05, which he reports is working fine with Affinity Photo. Hopefully someone else who has a XP Pen Star 04 can confirm it does work with Designer. Or you could always give it a go in the 10 day free Trial which you can get from this link:
  15. Hi Twopointeight, You can use the Text Tools (either a text frame or art text) to add the text to the image and then if you have a wifi/networked printer just tap Document menu and select Print. For more information on Text, search the inbuilt help file for 'Text'.