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  1. Hi TLA, This isn't possible in the iPad version, but i'll get this moved over to Feature Requests and it might be something that can be added
  2. Hi Kyle76, Without the image in question, it's hard to advise. If you could the .afphoto file you have, i can look into this further. If you'd rather not attach the picture on the forum, please use this Dropbox link and the file will be deleted when the issue has been looked at
  3. Hi grain, There is a known issue with lock children only working when the Move tool is selected, would this be what you are referring to? If not, can you do a screen recording or the issue? When the known issue with lock children will be fixed, i honestly don't know and we don't put timescales on fixing issue. As for auto updates, you can disable auto updates in the settings of the iPad, this does disable auto update for all installed apps and not just ours.
  4. Scaled down version went into Tone mapping much quicker for me but the full sized version has just reached a quarter of the progress bar after 6 minutes. The QA guys have identified another issue where HDR merge is taking a very long time, so i'll add a link to this thread on that report, as it may be the same issue but affecting a different part of the program.
  5. Das ist nicht möglich. Sie können Werkzeuge aus der Symbolleiste entfernen / hinzufügen (Ansicht> Werkzeuge anpassen), sie sind jedoch nicht vollständig anpassbar. Wenn Sie möchten, kann ich diesen Thread zu Feature Requests verschieben.
  6. Hi NAMTAP and Welcome to the Forums, This option hasn't functioned in Photo for a while and has also been removed from the latest Beta, so won't be in Photo going forward, main reason it's a feature more suited towards a vector design app. It is possible to still do this action in Designer and it does work. Feel free to check out the 10 day trial of Designer and you'll it functions correctly. The option is on the Stroke Studio, just select the text, click on the stroke Studio and click on the Paint Brush icon. If you now select a brush, that brush will outline the text. You can get the trial version from here
  7. I'm not having a good day today... Have made the correction now, i must of clicked cancel instead of save on my first edit. I think i need more coffee
  8. Ugh! i knew i'd make that mistake at some point. I've made the correction needed
  9. Hi HalloChristian, What elements are losing quality? If it's text, then we do export text out as a raster object as we are not currently able to write to a PSD file. Converting these to curves and then exporting should resolve that BUT it does mean the text won't be editable in Photoshop, as it's not longer text. If it's not text, please upload the original PSD document, along with the one you exported here and we can look into this.
  10. Hi Liorla, Further to what @Pšenda has said, could you also try the latest beta from here and see if this is any quicker for you.
  11. With the pen tool selected, click Layer>Fill Mode>Winding (Non-Zero) you should then be able to draw the star without issue
  12. Hi n.l.83 This is what made me think it was a RAW file and not a JPG. What the steps are you taking in the Develop persona? Also where are you seeing the loss in quality? One final thing, you uploaded the .afphoto file which is fine, but the original JPG would be better, the link above should still work, so if you could add the JPG that would help.
  13. stokerg

    Export file

    Hi Netty and Welcome to the Forums, Can you try exporting the file again and see if the same happens. Also can you upload the .afdesign file to our Dropbox here and i'll see if the same happens when i export it
  14. Hi SP40 and Welcome to the Forums, If you right click on the image layer and select Rasterise, you should then be able to work with the selection tools, without the need to export to tiff