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  1. Hi @Mazy87, @HFNottsand anyone else in this thread running Affinity on Windows, If you re still finding V2 slow with the 2.0.4 update and you have the MSIX version installed, please uninstall that version and install thee MSI/EXE version from here and see if thats any better for you
  2. Hi @rvst, We now have a MSI/EXE installer which you can install and its unsandboxed by default, see here for more on that. It's better than running a unsandboxed MSIX version, which isn't a supported method of install.
  3. I will lock this thread so no more replies can be added. There has been some good information shared here, I think it would be best to leave the thread up BUT if you would rather it be deleted, then I can do that for you. Just drop me a PM
  4. It's also working for me when I remember to check in the latest build of Affinity! I'd forgotten I'd installed version 2.0 to test something yesterday and on re-testing in 2.0.4, it is indeed fixed
  5. Hi @bentensama94, Thanks for reporting this. All is working fine on MacOS with this but on Windows, the slider just doesn't stay on screen long enough for you to 'slide' it. This issue is logged with the Developers to resolve
  6. Hi @Blake_S, I've not been able to replicate this. I followed the same setup as yourself and even used a Excel file with over 2000 records in and the merge was done in under a minute and didn't eat away at the hard drive space. If you can still replicate this, can you provide your afpub file before the merge, making sure your PDFs are embedded and also attach your CSV file.
  7. Hi @Blake_S, Thanks for reporting this. We are already aware of this issue and have it logged with the Dev team to resolve
  8. Hi @pauldraws, Are you still having this trouble in the 2.0.4 update we released?
  9. This is partly due to some changes made to our export process and also some changes in iPadOS. Technically speaking when you see the Move option thats because the file has already been created so from an iPadOS point of view, you are moving that file from a temp location to the one you've selected. However, this is something the Dev are aware of and if it becomes possible to change this in a future build, they will do so
  10. Hi @Maciek Blaźniak, I can't replicate this from scratch. Could you attach the .afpub file you show in your recording?
  11. Hi @dm0ysie and Welcome to the Forums, Sorry for the delay in you getting a reply, looks like you posted in the wrong section of the Forums first and your ticket ended up in the wrong place. Sadly I've not been able to recover your file. Where was the file saved, locally or on a network/Cloud drive and which operating system are you running Affinity on? I can log the file with the Dev team to see if they can recover it, if you still need it.
  12. Hi @Lefo, Thanks for reporting this. We do already have this logged with the Developers to resolve
  13. Hi @Larry Akers, I'm not seeing any difference between Gimp and Affinity in how they both load and display the SVG file you attached. Once i've placed the SVG on the page, to edit that SVG i just double click and i'm taken into a window where i can work on that object and all of the layers are present. If i've misunderstood the issue, please either try attaching your JPGs again so i can see the results you are getting or if you get an error trying to attach them, please upload them to our Dropbox here.
  14. Hi @ADRs, Thanks for reporting this. We do already have this logged with the Dev team to resolve
  15. Hi @Miremi, Are you still having trouble getting into Affinity? If so, try opening the app and when you see the splash/loading screen for Affinity, start tapping on the screen and you'll get some options appear to clear user data. At this screen, you should see Reset User Defaults is enabled and you can just tap on the Reset button. Does Affinity then load?
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