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  1. Hi @m@t11m5 Which PDF export setting are you using? If you click File>Export>PDF and click on the More button and set Rasterise to Nothing. You should find it exports fine
  2. Hi eljaco, One of the QA team has had a look and just commented on the report that he suspects it is something to with the Text Styles. Not much help at the minute i know, but hopefully i'll know more shortly
  3. Hi shustovcreates, I can see why its happening, as you are only selecting the Rectangles and creating the Slice from them, which will only give you the Empty Rectangles. I'm not 100% sure of another way to create the slice without using the Slice Tool. If you'd like to post the .afdesign file, i'll be happy to have a play around and see if there is a method
  4. You'd have to Convert the text to curves which can be done by Right clicking on the Text and selecting Convert To Curves. The logo, you'd have to create that as a vector object, which you could do using the Pen Tool to trace the design and apply a fill. If you then go to Export>SVG and click on the More button, make sure Flatten Transforms is enabled, along with Relative coordinates and upload that to Cricut, you should find it works fine
  5. Hi ritaadu, Can you post the .afdesign file. The SVG is opening up as an image, so i suspect its been rasterized on export and that will be why Cricut Design doesn't like the file, as from my understanding they want a vector file.
  6. Hi ritaadu and Welcome to the Forums, Could you post the .afdesign file for this and i'll see what the issue is
  7. Hi Nikki333, If you are currently running the Trial, when you start Publisher it should tell you how many days are remaining and offer the chance to enter a product key. @haakoo Has give you the correct advice for exporting the Assets
  8. @eljaco Paul has had to log the file with the Dev team as we can't spot why its crashing. As soon as we know more, i'll update here
  9. Hi eljaco, I can see you've also posted here so there are now two teams looking into the same issue, anyway, I've passed the file over to Pauls and once i have more information, i'll update here
  10. Hi eljaco, If you could upload the file to our Dropbox here i can get it looked at. Also it would be worth creating a copy of the file and try opening the copy in our current beta version of Publisher which can be downloaded from here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/105716-affinity-publisher-customer-beta-180535/ It's possible if the file is crashing due to a bug that the bug has been fixed in the beta, so worth trying.
  11. Hi Astro Road and Welcome to the Forums, I'm not aware of a method to get the same effect in Affinity Photo and from searching the Forums, it doesn't appear its currently possible. You can use Affinity Photo to create star trails as shown on this article, which may give you a similar effect, depending on your images.
  12. Hi Amaroun, There isn't currently away to protect a PDF, it's been requested many times and i suspect will come in a future update. The only method i'm aware of would be to open the PDF in Acrobat Pro and then apply a password. It's possible other free PDF editors can also do this, but i can't recommend one as i haven't used one.
  13. Hi DWH, Do you have a set of steps that always result in a crash? I've got the latest Windows updates installed on my PC here and haven't had any issues with crashing, but then i just created a simple PDF with some text and pictures, which exported fine and didn't crash.
  14. stokerg

    HDR Ghosting

    Hi Luxurypete and Welcome to the Forums, I can't see away to do this on the Ipad, sadly we don't have the auto remove ghost option and we don't have a Sources Panel in order to manually remove the ghosts as shown in the desktop video tutorial. We do have it logged with the Dev team as an improvement so hopefully these options will be added at some stage. For now, i'm not sure of a way to do this. Hopefully someone else has a method that will work on the iPad.
  15. Just checked our logging system and looks like we have this logged on the iPad with the Cog tool. I'll update the report with other tools effected. @Joachim_L If you are ever unsure where to post, post in Questions and we can move it if need be

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