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  1. Hi M1GarandUSA, This is possible in Affinity Photo, the same rules will apply to any panorama, there will need to be a small overlap between each shot, but Affinity Photo is capable of stitching all the images together. From speaking to one of our QA guys this has come up on the form before, but we can't find the link to show the example. I'd also recommend using a tripod, as i just tried doing this using my phone camera and got a very odd shaped final image, but this is just due to a wobbly hand and lack of tripod :)
  2. Hi Five, This is a known issue and has come up here on the forums before. It has been logged with the Dev team so hopefully it will make it into a future update. As for an EXIF editor, i haven't had to use one, so can't really make a suggestion but no doubt someone else will be along who can recommend one :)
  3. The simple answer is that the Frequency Separation just give you more control over what you are removing. I know when i've used the 1 step methods before, you can normally see a slight difference on the area you've worked on and would then have to spend some time blending the area. MEB has put a good explaination on how to use the Patch tool here: And there is also a short video, showing it in action. The video has no sound. Big thanks to MEB for the video and explanation
  4. Hi fmlfoto, At the moment it's not possible to save your own presets. But it has already been requested in the Feature Suggestions section of the forum here, so hopefully it will be added in an update.
  5. Hi Ian C, Welcome to the forums, No need to deactivate Affinity Photo. You just need to uninstall the current version and reinstall using the same email and product key
  6. Hi LawrenceM and Welcome to the Forums, This isn't something we can do. I've just had the process explained to me and it's something that's normally carried out before the image has been demosaiced. There a several tutorials online which show a way to mimic the effect by putting the dark frame on a layer above the image and then set the blend mode to Subtract, however this won't give the same results as a true dark frame subtraction, but may be worth a try in Affinity to see if that gives the effect you are after. I certainly recommend putting a post in our Feature Requests section of the forums here as it would be great feature if we could add it.
  7. Hi IFF and Welcome to the Forums, Here is the list of the supported Lenses, currently supported by Affinity Photo, which I'm sure will be added to over time. It will only apply the corrections if needed, so sometimes you may not see any difference.
  8. Hi phptravelsvn and Welcome to the forums, I personally would use a HSL adjustment layer and just adjust the Hue slider to pick the main colour and then adjust Saturation to boost or dull the colour as needed. No doubt someone else will be along shortly with another method :)
  9. Hi direct_current, Thanks for the sample images. I've been looking at this with another member of the Tech Team. The only thing we can recommend would be to manually add the missing parts to the selection using the selection brush. Someone may come along with a better solution but in all our tests this end, we got better results by selecting the Tonal Range and then manually adding to the selection using the selection brush, zooming in and out when needed.
  10. By all means you make can make a request for it in the Requests section of the forums :) If it's something the Dev team can getting working, i'm not so sure about. As technically the final file doesn't exist until it's been saved/exported from Affinity.
  11. Hi Saeufer and Welcome to the Affinity Forums, It's not possible, you would 1st need to export/save the image and then drag from Finder (if on a Mac) or from Windows Explorer (if on Windows) to the site mentioned.
  12. Hi Rubbyjim, To do this, you'll need to use the Rectangle tool with a transparent fill and set the line of the shape to the colour you want to use. Then just position this shape over the text.
  13. gitterverzerrung

    Hi Nashorn, With the Gitterverzerrung (Mesh Warp) tool selected, there is a drop down box just after the Cancel button on the setting toolbar, make sure this is on Destination (Reiseziel?) and not Source (Quelle?) If you make changes with the grid set to Destination, you should see the changes you make, apply to the image.
  14. Hi Purplekayla, I see you've also posted in the bugs section and you've had a reply from Chris in our QA team. I'll lock this thread and leave the one in bugs section open, so it avoids any confusion.
  15. Hi mckinlung and Welcome to the Affinity Forums, Can you attach .afdesign file so i can look into this. How does the image appear if you just open it once exported from Designer? I'm thinking it's possible that the Wix site is resampling or processing the image in some way thats causing it to look distorted.