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  1. Hi John, Clearing the Windows Icon Cache as talked about on this link should resolve that issue. It is for Windows 10 but also links to the method for Windows 7 and 8 Sadly we don't get told any timelines for features. Only the Dev team know when something will be added, which is mainly when it's ready.
  2. Hi Evtonic3 and v_kyr, This is a known issue that is with development, where the 'scale with object' is being applied even when it's not enabled.
  3. stokerg

    Quitting on Start

    Can i just ask how you are confirming that? Just if Affinity is crashing at start up i suspect you wouldn't be able to get to Preferences to check the font tab. I would of expected the same as well, i'll need to get that logged with the Dev Team, if it isn't already. One thing i did notice, if you can get into Preferences and then onto the Fonts tab, make sure to swipe the font name to the left and tap on Delete. If you select the font and tap the trash icon, this doesn't always seem to delete the font and it could come back next time you start Affinity. This issue is already logged with the Dev Team.
  4. Hi Caleb O. L., This topic has come up before here and i'd have to agree with @MEB reply in that thread... 'Although the concept/workflow is similar, the interface and location of the commands/panels is quite different. The desktop version also has some functionality that's not currently present in the iPad version. Overall i don't think it's a good reference for someone that's starting and doesn't know the desktop version.'
  5. stokerg

    Quitting on Start

    Hi iambia, Very odd, can you remember the names of the fonts and brushes? To try and get Affinity back working, try the following: Could you uninstall the app, turn the iPad off and back on again, then reinstall the app.
  6. Hi Uwe367, Can you give a link to that post? We did make a post on Facebook yesterday saying 'The latest free public beta of our desktop publishing app, Affinity Publisher, is now available. It includes our first pass at adding support for hyperlinks and localised text is now available for all of the languages we intend to support at release. There's still time to take part in the beta process.' From my understanding we can expect to see a few more builds before release and before you ask, i don't know when that will be
  7. Hi johnsung, Thanks for the file. The main issue is the size, when you try to export it as a PSD file you should see the warning on the export window saying 'Warning! The PSD format supports images with a maximum dimension of 30,000 pixels. Your document is too large to export'. So that will be why PSD export is failing, it's a 300DPI document at 62007 pixels by 14409 pixels. If you decrease the DPI to either 72 or 144 DPI (click Document>Resize Document>Change the DPI Slider to either 72 or 144 and you'll be able to export the document. I suspect it was a similar issue for the JPG, the exported file will just be too large to load. In my exported 300 DPI JPG which i opened in the Preview app on my Mac and it only showed me part of the image. The one exported at 72 and 144DPI opened just fine. Also you may also want to view the design at 100% in Affinity Photo (CMD+1 on Mac, CTRL+1 on Windows) so you can see the quality of the tree in the design, even when viewed at 300DPI it's very pixelated.
  8. Hi spaggi and Welcome to the Forums, With the Selection Brush selected, once you've made your selection, along the top toolbar is an option to Refine. Click this and you'll be able to refine the selection and tidy up the edges. I'd suggest watching this video for information on Refine https://vimeo.com/130974710 The video is for Affinity Photo but it works the same as the refine option in Designer
  9. stokerg

    Repeat pressure profile with brushes

    Hi DocDebowski and Welcome to the Forums, This has come up before here and a member of our QA team has explained about why this works the way it does. I know we have had requests for Saveable Pressure Presets, like we have on the desktop which would make this whole process quicker, as you'd be able to draw a stroke and apply the preset pressure profile.
  10. Hi Opera, You should be able to do this with the Blend Options. On the Layers Studio, click on the Blend Ranges icon (looks like a cog) and then alter the Source Layer Range by dragging the right point down to create a diagonal line. I've attached a screenshot of what worked for the image i had
  11. Hi johnsung and Welcome to the Forums, Could you attach the .afdesign or afphoto file or upload it to our Dropbox here, you are trying to export and we can look into this further.
  12. Yup, just make sure the release build of Affinity Photo is the main Applications folder of MacOS and the Beta will start. If you've moved the release version in to it's folder in Applications, the beta will fail to start as it won't be able to see the release build.
  13. Hi Roberta, I get the same when mixing colours on separate layers in the Release version. But on testing this in the latest beta, i've been unable to replicate it. Could you just give it a test in the beta from here and let me know the results you get
  14. Hi BeachDesign and Welcome to the Forums, Text would be rasterized on export to PSD, we can't currently output text in PSD. Text support will be implemented in a future version but still may take some time until it's ready. Vector objects would stay as vector, as long as you haven't used any effects that are not supported by the vector format you are exporting to.
  15. stokerg

    ICC profiles

    Hi Michele, Once you've installed the ICC profile as shown in the PDF guide you posted, you can then go to File>Print on this screen select Colour Management. On this screen use the following settings: On the Print window if you click on the Properties button you'll see the screens talked about in the PDF and you can set the sublimation setting there. Then just make sure the Colour Management Section of the Print Window matches these settings: Colour Handling: Performed by app Printer Profile: Select the profile you installed Rendering Intent: From reading the PDF guide you posted, they recommend setting this to Relative colorimetric. You can then print and the printer will use that profile