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  1. Hi @PhotoEditorTrainee and Welcome to the Forums, The Context Toolbar is showing, you just have the wrong tool selected. You have the Selection Brush selected and not the Paint Brush, which is further down the tools on the left
  2. Hi notdodgy, I'll get this post moved over to Feature Requests, as its not currently possible to export to this format.
  3. Hi andersius, Could you post the afdesign file? I suspect some elements are being rasterised, like a layer Fx, which would explain for the increase in size
  4. Hi Iven, I think you have the wrong profile set in Adobe. At the top of the Preflight Window, it looks like you have Coated FOGRA39 and not 27 selected. If you select the FOGRA27 profile, it will show up correctly
  5. Hi @Iven and Welcome to the Forums, Could you attach your afdesign file for this? If you see the attached screenshot, it worked for me in my test.
  6. Hi @shooterguy555 and Welcome to the Forums, This has come up before a number of times on the Forums, mostly laterly here. As far as i know the advice from Dan C on that thread still applies and Unfortunately the Luminar Plug-in isn't compatible with Affinity. Also do you know which version of Affinity you had been running when worked?
  7. Hi @Docent, Could you attach a RAW file or upload one here and i can get this logged with Development once i've been able to replicate the issue.
  8. Hi @Sunshine_82 and Welcome to the Forums, If other apps have option to set an external editor, then you should be able to point it to Affinity but you would need to check for that option in the other app you are using. You can open and edit images that are on an external drive but we would always recommend saving your file locally and then moving this to the External Drive once you've finished and not exporting/saving directly to it.
  9. Hi Jim_Tim, You are not missing anything from my understanding. To keep them as separate pages, you would need to export as 'All Pages'. I'm not aware of a way around that
  10. Hi @Anabfb and Welcome to the Forums, As DM1 has said, if you can attach the afdesign file we can help further
  11. Hi @Palermo and Welcome to the Forums, Can you make sure Protect Alpha isn't enabled on the Context Toolbar along the top of the Affinity when you have the brush selected. Normally if a brush isn't working, it's that. If isn't, then take a screenshot of your workspace with a brush selected and post it here
  12. Hi @Ughhhh and Welcome to the Forums, We don't currently have a light ui option on the iPad version. I'll get this moved over to Feature Requests
  13. Hi Hatrantator, Other than using the Mirror option, the setup you have at the moment sounds like the best method.
  14. Hi Samweow, You could try Denoising the original image, then using the Posterize adjustment, then the Black and White. As the leftover pixels on the face aren't technically noise, the denoise filter won't remove them. But you could paint over them with a brush or use the Clone Tool to clone over them from a clear part of the face. I'm sure if anyone else has a better method, they will reply
  15. Hi lafasta, Any chance you could attach the .afdesign file shown in the screenshot and i'll see what can be done about the gap
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