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  1. Hold off on the video @HVDB Photography, i missed the bit about the Mask in your 1st post Even with the mask selected, the adjustment goes to the top. I'm not 100% sure on the behaviour in 1.6 but will look into this
  2. Hi @HVDB Photography I've not been able to replicate this. I've set the Assistant setting to add the Adjustment as a child layer and that's what i get on my Windows PC and also Mac. If you spot anything that seems to be the cause please do update here or if you could share a .afphoto file where when you add an Adjustment and it goes to the top of the layers, i'll see if the same happens with your file on my PC
  3. Hi KJV1611 and Welcome to the Forums, Once the refine dialog has been closed via the ESC key for example, that information is then lost. So you'd have to start again I can get this moved over to Feature Requests if you'd like
  4. Hi LionelD, How are your changing the size of the artwork? Are you going into document setup and resizing the whole document? Just that does rescale the slices in the export persona. The only time i can see when this does happen is if you change the size of an item on the page, the slice in the Export Persona will remain the size it was drawn out at. This would make for a good Feature Request if you are resizing something on the page and not the whole document.
  5. Hi SteveB736 and Welcome to the Forums, This thread should help explain the differences between TIFF formats.
  6. Hi fibru and Welcome to the Forums, For now, if you ungroup and then reapply the transparency using the transparency tool and export as SVG, everything will remain vector. We aren't 100% sure it's not honouring the transparency applied to the group and i'll need to get that logged with the Dev team to find out what's happening and if this is expected behaviour of not.
  7. Hi Richard and Welcome to the Forums, If we can tackle one app at a time, as i suspect if we solve the issue with one, it will be the same fix for the others: Can you try the following for Designer and let me know how it goes: With Affinity closed Hold down the Windows key and tap the letter R. This will bring up the run box. In here type: %appdata% Click okay A Windows explorer window will open showing you some folders. Open the folder called Affinity, followed by Designer You should now see a folder called 1.0 . Please right click on this and rename it Old Settings. Now try starting up Affinity Designer and let me know the results. If it still loads and doesn't look right, no matter how much of the screen is filled, pressing the Print Screen key on your keyboard should force Windows to take a screenshot, which you can then paste into another app like MS Paint, save the image and upload it here
  8. Hi Krane and Welcome to the Forums, Currently you can't create interactive PDFs in Publisher and i've no idea if we have plans for that. Feel free to make a Feature Request post here so it's seen by the Dev team
  9. Hi Frank M, I know this is possible using the Batch feature, if you click File>New Batch Job You add a number of images, set the width or height and leave the other box blank. Then when you run the batch all the images will be resize and width or height will honor the value you've entered and work out the other value. To do this via a Macro is a bit more tricky but it should be possible as shown on this thread https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/52019-resize-an-image-to-a-fixed-maximum-size/&tab=comments#comment-262461
  10. The crop presets are stored in this location: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\ User created Presets are stored in the file called:tool_settings.propcol And copying that back into the same folder above for 1.7, should then carry over your presets for the crop tools
  11. stokerg

    Compatibility with PhotoShop

    Another gotcha, we can't export text as text in a PSD file, so any text would be exported out as a picture and your daughter wouldn't be able to edit the text in Photoshop.
  12. Hi skellener, You can use the Apple Colour Picker, which is the tool i think you are referring to. Click View>Apple Colour Picker
  13. Hi PixelDude Raoul, You'd have import them, if you have backups of them, otherwise you'd have to re-enter them again one by one into 1.7 I'll make sure this issue is logged with Dev and if not already, i'll log it so it shouldn't happen with future updates.
  14. Hi Everyone in this thread I've spoken with the Dev team and the issue with the AF regions being in the wrong place for @Ron P. has been resolved and should make it into a future update/beta. For the Nikon users (myself included) there is still some work to be done in this area, the AF data is there, it's not in a format that Photo can currently read. So hopefully this will start working over the next few builds