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  1. Hi @Darling Bekah and Welcome to the Forums, On the times when the assets going missing, you do you get any error when Affinity is starting or does it just open as normal and the assets are missing?
  2. Hi @Malcolm54 and Welcome to the Forums, Has Affinity always done this? Where are you opening file from, saving and exporting files to, is it local or a network/cloud drive? Can you try starting Affinity with the Control key held down and you'll get a popup about resetting some settings, 3 options will be selected and you can click on Clear. Affinity should then open as normal, if you can then try using the refine option again and let me know the results.
  3. Hi @AlanPickup, Could you make sure all of the images are embedded and upload the file here or to our Dropbox here and i'll see what could be causing the increase in size
  4. Could you attach the afpub file? Feel free to edit or blank any personal information. Also if you close the Hyperlink studio, does performance get any better?
  5. Hi @derekrothwell, From the looks of the screenshot it looks like the styling is disabled or maybe Javascript. If you see this post and make sure you have Affinity on your whitelist of allowed apps for any Firewall you are running and if you have, if you can follow Carl123's post which is linked in the thread above, that should also help get the help working
  6. Hi @nobbies, Which Affinity app is this for? @David Won Welcome to the Forums, If you start you Affinity app and click Help>About it will display a version number
  7. Hi @briantium and Welcome to the Forums, The demo version of Neat Image is working fine for myself on Big Sur. Could you try reinstalling the plugin to see if that helps and it may also be worth contacting the support team at Neat Image to see if they are aware of any issues.
  8. Hi @Nightjar, Which operating system are you using Affinity on? I've tried replicating this on MacOS and the measurements are always visible. If this is something you can replicate, could you attach an afpub file which shows the issue?
  9. Hi @Anton Petrov and Welcome to the Forums, This has come up before on the forums, one place is here. We don't currently support alpha in TGA files but this may change in a future update as it has been requested before.
  10. Hi @malcom and Welcome to the Forums, Does the same happen if you try a new document in Photo or Designer? Normally a crash on creating a New Document or opening a file is related to the graphics card driver and doing a clean install of them, normally resolves the issue.
  11. Hi @niki mundeen and Welcome to the Forums, How does the image appear before uploading to Facebook? Do you have an example afdesign file you can attach? Also, what format are you exporting as?
  12. Hi @Prince_Van, Thanks for the recording. Can you click Edit>Preferences and on the Tools section change the Tablet Input Method to Windows Ink. Also try checking the driver for the tablet and make sure Windows ink is also enabled in there and then try using the tablet again
  13. Hi @Jim Saunders and Welcome to the Forums, Could you just check the information on this thread. We have had a few cases where the incorrect colour profile has caused the apps to stop launching.
  14. Hi @DarkDemon1820 and Welcome to the Forums, Sorry to hear the trouble you are having. Could you attach the afdesign file for this?
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