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  1. Hi Pixelworker, You can do this on a Mac, but you have to switch to Separated mode, Window>Separated Mode and the all of the UI floats, including the content toolbar and you can arrange the order of panels and toolbars. This is a feature of the Mac operating system and isn't present in Windows. I don't think there is a way to float or dedock the context toolbar on Windows but i'm sure a Windows user will post if there is.
  2. Hi Dreamer, I can see a way to do this. As you say, we can't record setting a new slice. I'm sure if anyone else has a method to get the same result, they will share it
  3. Hi Mike21, I know you installed the latest Beta but have you tried installing the latest release version just to see if that starts up?
  4. Hi Phil Martin, When do you get this error, Is it when opening a file or saving a file? Also are you using Affinity on a Mac or Windows PC?
  5. I've not seen this with 3rd party apps, but have replicated with the Photos app on the iPad. From looking into this further, this issue has come up before here and the QA team have got this logged with the Dev team. So i'd expect this to change in a future update and we will start loading the edited picture and not the original.
  6. Hi geralde.givens and Welcome to the Forums, I'd suggest having a read of this post by James as he gives a run down of each option and what they do
  7. Hi GezH and Welcome to the Forums, When you use the Photos app to edit a photo, Apple always gives you the option to revert back to the original image, i suspect they do this by storing the edits in a separate file and then applying them in the Photos app. As Affinity Photo will be loading the actual image, as it doesn't know about the separate edits made in Photos and just loads the image. If you save the edited image from Photos to Files (using the share command) this would bake in the edits carried out in Photos and you could then open that image in Affinity.
  8. Hi Ingenyer and Welcome to the Forums, Please see this post as it explains why iPad Mini 4 shows up in that list. From my understanding we have no current plans to get Affinity working on the iPad mini 4
  9. Hi WickyTicky and Welcome to the Forums, You are not doing anything wrong. The warping is actually Lens Correction being applied and will happen when you open the image in Develop Persona. You can disable this by opening a RAW file in the Develop Persona and clicking View>Assistant and change the drop down for Lens Correction to 'Take no action'. If you then close and reopen the RAW file, no lens correction will be applied. Also the size is correct, Affinity is opening the full sized RAW file which is 6034x4012 other apps will be cropping that data away.
  10. Hi DM1, Once you've sized the crop window, just double tap within the crop and the crop is applied
  11. Hi dr_who, I can't see of a way to do this but if anyone knows of a way, i'm sure they will post. You could use the Batch job to resize the glyphs but you'd have to export to SVG manually as we can't record the export Window.
  12. Hi Trxr, We hook into the IOS print side of things, so the print settings directly within the app are limited to the options offered by IOS and it's support for your printer. Personally, i export out of Affinity and then use the iPad App from my printer manufacturer to do the printing as this give me more options. Hopefully others who also print from their iPad will post how it fits into their workflow.
  13. Hi Scraghty and Welcome to the Forums, Using the node tool you could move the overlapping nodes up to the line above it. Not sure how the cutter would handle that, but you'd be manually moving the overlap by moving the nodes, to the line above. So technically the node is still there but not overlapping. If there is another method, i'm sure someone will post it shortly If you have a copy of this file where everything is it's own curve, then you could select the overlapping curves and click Add on the context toolbar and you'd end up with something like the before and after attached screenshots.
  14. The QA guys, well @Sean P has already put in a request about this, after i asked for his advice. I'll double check the request on Monday to make sure it covers everything raised. So no need to move the post
  15. how can i created a Hyperlink


    1. stokerg


      Create a hyperlink in what program?  Neither Designer or Photo can create hyperlinks