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  1. I agree with you on that point. It's always annoyed me with the pixel and image layer thing. I've lost count the amount of times i've made a selection and then hit delete and the whole image is deleted and not the selection, all because i forgot to rasterize the layer to make it a pixel layer. I'm sure there is a good reason for this, but i've no idea what that reason is at moment. I'll try and find out on Monday when i'm back in the office and update here
  2. Hi chenry, Can you try creating a New User Account on your PC and then running the setup again. I've checked with a few of the other members of the Tech Team and we all seem it have slightly different size of download, so i think Windows is miss reporting the size in some cases.
  3. Hi Parajet and Welcome to the Forums, There isn't within Affinity but it's been requested a few times now, so this behaviour might change in the future.
  4. Hi expressoaddict (and everyone else in this thread) This is working as expected, for example I've placed a 3024x4032 image into my document (as the top left shows), but it only occupies 199x264 pixels in the actual document. When it is copied to the clipboard it is copied at that resolution, so extracting a TIF and PNG from the clipboard (there are tools that allow you to see what's on the Clipboard) gives me a file that is 199x264 and the quality is going to be a lot less when pasted into an external app. This is by design and happens when any pixel layer is sent to the clipboard. We also add 'Affinity data' to the clipboard so the object can be pasted into other Affinity apps without any loss of quality, but other apps cannot understand this so have to fall back to the PNG, TIFF or PDF data on the clipboard.
  5. That could be the issue, it should be: 390 MB (409,264,128 bytes) So it looks like you got pretty much all of the download except for the last few bytes. Can you try downloading it again but from this Dropbox link and then run the setup again (as admin) and let me know the results
  6. Hi lg2 and Welcome to the Forums, As @Alfred has pointed out the channels panel is only in Affinity Photo. Also, from your screenshot, it looks like you are running an older version of Designer, as the Media Browser was removed from later versions of Affinity.
  7. Hi chenry, Can you just check the size of your download you have for Affinity. Just right click on the download, select Properties and you should see a 'Size on disk', what is this size?
  8. Hi befehr, Can you upload one of the documents thats not opening to our Dropbox here and i'll see if there's anything we can do but due to the very small size of that file, i very much doubt there will be anything we can to do recover it Do you happen to have backups of these files, as you may need to use them instead. Also, one thing to try, if the Box Sync has a web interface, you can try downloading the file via that and then try opening it. I have seen it before where downloading things from Cloud apps can cause issues. This is one reason why we don't advise working directly from the Cloud or saving directly to a cloud. It's best to work and save locally and then move the file to a Cloud drive.
  9. stokerg

    Captioning and copyright images

    Hi Chillipix, The only option we have for anything like this is on the Metadata Studio and you can add a description. You could enter the Client's name there and it would be added to the metadata.
  10. Hi Donald, Can you try downloading the Net Framework offline installer from here: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2088631 Once downloaded, just run it and it should install. Then try running the setup for Affinity and let me know the results.
  11. Hi Lonneke, Does this happen on a new document or just the one shown in the screen recording? On the Home screen of Designer, do you have a lot of documents loaded there? If so, make sure you've saved them, then close them from the Home screen and try working on your document in the screen recording again and let me know the results.
  12. Hi chenry, Could of things to try. 1st, can you call up the run box (Windows key+R) and in the run box enter %TEMP% and click okay. Does that open the Temp folder or return an error? Also if you can bring up the run box again and enter CMD and click okay. At the flashing prompt enter: cd C:\Windows\Installer Then press enter Now type: dir *.ipi Press enter, do you see a file called inprogressinstallinfo.ipi
  13. Thank you. I'm just seeking some help from our Dev team on this. Everything looks correct to me with the settings you sent via PM. I should know more shortly and will update here
  14. Thanks for the log file. The main error is this: +Info: DEBUG: Error 2203: Database: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\inprogressinstallinfo.ipi. Cannot open database file. System error -2147023504 +Error: The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2203. Can't say this is an error i've seen before now but from looking into this it could be an issue with some Windows settings. Can you call up the Run Box (Windows key+R) in the run box enter CMD and press enter. You'll get a Window open with a flashing cursor, if you can type: Set Then press enter. You'll see some information on screen. If you could then highlight all of the text, use CTRL+C to copy it and then paste it either in a Private Message to me or send it via email to affinitysupport@serif.com with FAO GS in the Subject and i'll take a look and see if i can spot anything wrong
  15. Hi PierB and Welcome to the Forums, Too further to what @summersara has mentioned. There isn't a Light UI, Macros can only be imported and not recorded on the iPad. So you can record them on the Desktop version and import them into the iPad version. The Batch options can only convert files from one format to another at the moment on the iPad. Other than that, it's just the same app with a different UI. Don't think i've missed anything, but i'm others will correct me if i have