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  1. Hi kenlynch, This has come up before here Lee has posted a good solution of publishing to PDF (with the crop marks enabled) and then printing from the PDF.
  2. Hi Vmenon and Welcome to the Forums, We can't keep the guides on while using the Perspective or Mesh warp distortion. Might be worth watching this tutorial which is for the Desktop version but covers the best way to use the Perspective filter in Affinity Photo.
  3. Hi crasher39 and Welcome to the Forums, It's been requested a number of times to support Extensions on the iPad. I know the Dev team want to improve workflow when it comes to the iPad and this may be something they include in a future update. When this would be, i honestly don't know.
  4. Hi nadrog and Welcome to the Forums, I just downloaded a sample RAW file from a Panasonic GX7, exported as PSD and it's looking fine. Can you upload the original RAW file and the PSD file to here so this can be looked into further. All files will be deleted once the issue has been looked at.
  5. Hi Lynn123 and Welcome to the Forums, This is a known issue and had already been logged with the Dev team. I shall update the log with a link to this thread.
  6. Hi Terryco and Welcome to the Forums, Not possible with the iPad app or the Desktop app. We don't have the ability to animate in Affinity Photo (or Designer) and as far as i'm aware it's not something we plan on adding.
  7. Hi Döschl and Welcome to the Forums, Could you upload the SVG file here so we can look into this further. The file will be deleted once the issue has been looked at. Also, could you try installing the Beta and see if the SVG file performs any better for you. You can download the Beta here
  8. Hi actor@work and Welcome to the Forums, I've just tested this with a very simple design in Designer, exported as Spine Json and was able to import it into the Trial version of Spine without any errors. It would be worth asking over on the Spine support forums to see if they can spot what the issue is.
  9. Hi badjohn and Welcome to the Forums, We currently don't have a way of saving the settings used in Batch. You could record a Macro to resize the images and apply this on the batch window but you'd still need to set the quality before starting the Batch job.
  10. Hi Hermitbone, Please see this tutorial From section 7 it covers creating a seamless pattern
  11. Hi Partiesbycindy, Please see my reply to ThomasM here:
  12. Hi ThomasM, I see from your other post you are using IOS 11. I've done some looking into this and found the following post from Dropbox and in the comments they state: 'Support for the Files app will be coming next week in a new IOS app for Dropbox.' There are also other reports on their forum of this feature not working. I suspect Dropbox will release an update at some point this week to support the Files App. With pCloud when i access that in the Files App (outside of Affinity Photo) i just get a message saying 'pCloud does not currently support opening file for editing.' So looks like pCloud need to update their app to work with IOS 11.
  13. Hi mrplowinc, I've just tried replicating this and the EXIF data was present on all my exports. There was an issue with EXIF data but that was fixed in an update in June. Can you make sure you have the latest version installed from the App Store. Also on the Export dialog there is an option to Embed Metadata, please make sure this is enabled other wise your exports/shares won't have the EXIF info.
  14. As explained here by Nathan: When you convert a raster image to curves, it's just creating a shape with a bitmap fill. This then enables you to use the subtract option
  15. Hi Alexandre and Welcome to the Forums, If you convert your image to curves, you'll then be able to use the subtract option and remove a slice of pizza. To convert the image to curves, make sure it's selected and then click Layer>Convert To Curves. I'm sure if there is another way to do this, someone else will post shortly