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  1. Thanks for sharing the video. Not gonna lie and say this is my area of expertise and I got there via trial and error and some pointers from @James Ritson but that video has cleared a lot of things up for me. Thanks to @Multi4G as well for taking the time to make it :)
  2. Hi Heres Johnny, The attached video should help you get started, you may need to fine tune the graph a little but i think this should be okay. Ignore the image used in the screen recording, this was just so i could match things up between Photoshop and Affinity. But this range graph replicated the same setting in Affinity blend_ranges.mov
  3. Hi Jacla, I've just tried opening a sample RAW from the RX1RMII and it opened fine. Mine was about double the size, so i wonder if you are have the compression option enabled on your camera? While i can't see that being an issue from checking the RAW lists, its the only thing i can think of that may stop it from opening. Another thing to try, change the RAW engine to Apple Core (if it isn't already set to that). To do this, open a JPG/standard image in Affinity and click View>Assistant Manager>Develop Assistant and change the RAW engine to Apple (Core Image RAW). Then try opening a RAW file again and let me know the results
  4. Hi roxor198, Could you attach the .afdesign file for this and let me know what PSD options you are using? I know in other cases when a colour change has happened that was down to adjustment layers.
  5. Hi Butler, That workflow should work fine. For more information on working between iPad and Desktop, this article is worth a read
  6. Hi hoppline and Welcome to the Forums, We don't have an option for converting the PDF to an image on import. It's been requested many times here on the Forums and may be something that's added in a future build or an option to convert the text to curves, which would also help in this case. The best workaround i can suggest is to install the font and the PDF would look correct on opening. If anyone else has another workaround method, i'm sure they will share it shortly.
  7. Hi evtonic3, While Affinity Designer can't export CSS or HTML it can be used to create graphic elements of website or a mockup of page. For more information on Constraints this video is worth watching. Also a general search of the Forums for Designer Web Design returns a number of threads with some handy tips and advice on
  8. Hi @marciomendonsa I've not been able to get this to work on the Windows release or beta, so it does appear to be an issue with Windows. I was able to get it to work in the Mac latest beta and also the version from the Mac App Store, once i'd opened up the Plugin section on Filters as @v_kyr suggested. I'll need to get this logged either way, as it's different behaviour on Windows to Mac, which i suspect is down to sandboxing but i'll know more once the Dev team have had a look.
  9. Hi jrzkt Would you be able to upload a .afphoto file that is failing to export or merge and i'll take a look at what the issue could be, i've setup a Dropbox link here Where are you exporting the file to? If a Cloud/network drive, try exporting it to your Desktop and see if it completes.
  10. Hi Julio666, We have an ongoing beta of the next update for Designer here. Once that the beta has finished, it will be rolled out. We don't have a release date as of yet.
  11. Hi CSSJoy and Welcome to the Forums, Could you attach the PDF file? Also which Affinity app are you opening the PDF in?
  12. Hi Hud1ai2, Are you currently using Designer for this? Just you may find this process easier in Publisher, as you can set gutters on text boxes in Publisher. The answer to the other 3 questions is a no at this stage but i'd suggest giving this a go in the Publisher Beta as you've got much more control over the text frames and gutters.
  13. Hi ChazA and Welcome to the Forums, You could try making the a selection of the black area and then use the Refine Selection option to tidy up the edges of the selection and then fill the selection with white. To cut the image to put on another background, select the main circular image using the selection tools and then click Edit>Cut and then if you opened another image you can use Edit>Paste to put the circular image on a new background
  14. Hi Gateway and Welcome to the Forums, Could you attach the eps file, so we can look into this further?
  15. Hi Northern_99, Before you look for a 3rd party solution, i'd suggest waiting for the next Windows beta as it will have had a few denoise tweaks made to it. I'm not sure when that will be with us, but it shouldn't be too long. As for a 3rd party solution, i'm sure someone else will be able to recommend one that works with Affinity