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  1. Hi @Emontex, Thanks for attaching the file. It also doesn't import for myself. I can try and get it recovered but seeing as the file is only 4kb, i don't think that will be possible and may take some time. Do you still have access to the old PC? I would try exporting them again and then importing them on the old PC, so you know the file works and then copying that onto a USB and trying to import on the new PC again.
  2. Hi @RedSSR03 and Welcome to the Forums, Affinity Designer doesn't currently have a Mesh Warp or Envelopes and Designer also doesn't currently have auto-trace but this may be added at a later stage. Affinity Photo does have a Mesh Warp Tool but this is a raster based tool.
  3. Hi @Paul010156 and Welcome to the Forums, Could you make sure your graphics card drivers are fully up to date and if they are, in Affinity click Edit>Preferences>Performance and at the bottom of this window is an option for OpenCL. Untick this and close Preferences and you'll be asked to restart Affinity. Once restarted, try using the app and let me know the results. If you do run into issue with OpenCL disabled, then please install the latest beta from here and see if you can replicate the issues you've been having in the beta
  4. Hi @Birgit Finland, Is this for Publisher? Could you just see if you have the same trouble in the latest beta from here. If you do, then we may need to get a copy of your afpub file from your
  5. Hi @StanA, Once you've set a place PDF which will be using Passthrough as default you should be able to change this to Interpret and then click Edit>Defaults>Save and that should save it. You can also disable the Preflight warning for Passthrough PDFs by Editing the Preflight Profile in use
  6. HI @NickDimos, Have you tried updating your graphics card to see if the same happens?
  7. If you are all running Affinity on Windows, can you try clicking Edit>Preferences>Performance and unticking OpenCL then close Preferences and you'll be asked to restart Affinity. Once you've done that, try using the app and let me know the results. ¿Puedes intentar lo mismo que arriba? Edite> Preferencias> Rendimiento y desmarque OpenCL, luego cierre Preferencias y se le pedirá que reinicie Affinity. Una vez que haya hecho eso, intente usar la aplicación y déjeme saber los resultados.
  8. Witam @kama i witamy na forum, Czy widzisz coś na ekranie, gdy próbujesz uruchomić Affinity? Na jakim systemie operacyjnym korzystasz z Affinity?
  9. That's good that Publisher has updated. Very odd that the App Store isn't updating, have you tried the 'fix' that worked for @AlecC? Sadly we don't have much control over the App Store so are limited to what help we can offer, other than referring you to Apple.
  10. Hi @oderuyter and Welcome to the Forums, Could you try the steps on this link: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/133116-faq-how-can-i-disable-opencl-compute-acceleration-on-windows/&tab=comments#comment-733437 and see if the apps then starts. @MikeDuf You've just had a reply to your thread here. @Tamerlin Instead of changing to WARP had you tried just disabling OpenGL in Preferences for Affinity?
  11. Hi @RHEIMBECKER and Welcome to the Forums, Are you still having trouble downloading the update? Is this for the Affinity Store versions of Designer or the Mac App Store version?
  12. Hi @TheRogue, Are you still having issues with the update? If this is the version direct from us, try downloading the update directly from here: https://store.serif.com/update/macos/designer/1/
  13. Hi @Lenni, Can you try clicking Edit>Preferences>Display and if OpenCL is enabled, try disabling that and restarting Affinity and then try using the app and see how it acts.
  14. Hi @Daveg14, Could you try the steps on this link @Don C Can you please see your replies on this this thread @fadmedia First can you make sure your graphics drivers are fully up to date. If still having issues and you can get into Affinity, can you access Edit>Preferences and on the Display section untick 'Enable OpenGL' and the restart Affinity and see if you get the crash again.
  15. Hi @Fernando Chaves and Welcome to the Forums, This link gets shared a lot on the forums here for this error. It's normally related to Microsoft C++ so following the advice on Method 3 on that link should get this resolved
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