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  1. I guess the answer is to export as SVG, except I got error messages when trying to open the more complicated file.
  2. Don’t think divide us what I want. It’s a single path (curve). A series of them. In my test case, 250-some. They’re all named. Want to export them and maintain their names.
  3. I thought this was the place to recommend new features. That’s what I’m doing. Not looking to be told it can’t be done. Looking for someone to say “that’d be useful.” thanks.
  4. I'm saying, if you're trying to export those layers, say to an .EPS or .PDF, the curve names do not make the trip. They're just named <path> when you open them in, say, Illustrator. I haven't tested it enough, but my thought is if you could kick out each of those curves to their own layer, optimally named the same as the source curve, it would be much more useful if you need to make some sort of round trip to other programs. Illustrator lets you do this (except you still lose the curve name...) by using the command "Release to Layers."
  5. Something useful in Illustrator is the ability to select curves in a document and "Release to Layers" the individual curves, creating a new layer for each curve. That way you could maintain the names of curves as layer names, and conceivably get them to export to other vendor's (Illustrator) software. For instance, I'm working with an imported SVG file that has all of the curves helpfully named (a map of Georgia with all 250-some counties as curves) and I can't export it in a way that will maintain those names. Thanks.
  6. I would like to be able to choose what application to edit a particular file type in. For instance, I might prefer to edit a Photoshop file in Photoshop.
  7. I'd like a feature for times when you have multiple images to place on multiple pages. I make comic books, and I might want to place 48 Photoshop files on 48 pages, precisely matching the page size, or other guides. Maybe make a stand-in image box on the master page that can be automagically filled with a series of images? In a related issue, I would like to click/place images from the upper left corner, as an option. Finding the center of a page, or realigning images is a pain.
  8. Trying to scale a duplicated layer. First it seems like the lock doesn’t work correctly (maybe I’m doing it wrong?), but when I try to manually enter the values using the numeric popup, the popup remains on screen, and I’m unable to get rid of it. Screen video provided. B447B392-8615-4669-AA4B-0D34EF710F40.MOV
  9. Suffering a bit from the dreaded "dots at the beginning of lines" syndrome, but...
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