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  1. In a general sense, you’re right, but I’m talking about a specific feature that just makes sense, that for some reason isn’t implemented across programs. It works when you cut/paste - you should be able to create a compound path in a program that accepts them. It’d be like… ok this marquee selection thing is nice, but you’ll have to jump programs in order to use it. No need to keep rebuking my mild suggestions. They’ll either do it or not. But I’m saying it makes sense. Your mileage may vary. I’m a fan of the suite. I’ve bought all of them all on 2 platforms. I just want them to work better. take care.
  2. Yeah, but… if you’ve added that ability to one program, there’s no reason to not add it to the other. It’s not like reinventing the wheel…
  3. This seems like a good solution, although I’d still like more control over text boxes. Another thing this seems to fix is the lack of a “Make composite shape” tool in publisher. Am I missing something? Composite shapes cut/pasted from designer seem to work, but I can’t figure out how to make an (editable) composite shape natively in Publisher. But as I said, a composite shape saved in assets seems to work. I’m using it for word balloons (a body, and a tail).
  4. Yeah, but that's why I'm saying that should be improved. Just to give you some backstory... I'm trying to use publisher to format comic book pages, and I'd like the flexibility to have repeatable styles of custom text frames (word balloons, pull quotes, text boxes, etc.).
  5. If you take a shape, say a rectangle with curved corners and convert it into a text frame, then, yes, text frames can have curved corners.
  6. Just running into this problem now. Saving the style won't save things like curved corners. Bummer.
  7. Thanks. I realized my mistake right after posting, and then got distracted.
  8. There's a bug if you make en email hyperlink with a space preceding it (the link, not the selected text). Trying to export as a "Digital PDF" fails and gives an obscure error message. Probably need to auto-trim off any extraneous leading spaces on an email link. Example file enclosed. Yes, I'm using a fake email in this example, but happens the same way with a real one. Publisher 1.10.0 Email link bug.afpub
  9. I can't seem to edit an image from designer in Photo. I get an error dialog (see attached). I wonder if my problem is that I originally bought Photo through the Apps Store and subsequently bought designer directly.
  10. I guess the answer is to export as SVG, except I got error messages when trying to open the more complicated file.
  11. Don’t think divide us what I want. It’s a single path (curve). A series of them. In my test case, 250-some. They’re all named. Want to export them and maintain their names.
  12. I thought this was the place to recommend new features. That’s what I’m doing. Not looking to be told it can’t be done. Looking for someone to say “that’d be useful.” thanks.
  13. I'm saying, if you're trying to export those layers, say to an .EPS or .PDF, the curve names do not make the trip. They're just named <path> when you open them in, say, Illustrator. I haven't tested it enough, but my thought is if you could kick out each of those curves to their own layer, optimally named the same as the source curve, it would be much more useful if you need to make some sort of round trip to other programs. Illustrator lets you do this (except you still lose the curve name...) by using the command "Release to Layers."
  14. Something useful in Illustrator is the ability to select curves in a document and "Release to Layers" the individual curves, creating a new layer for each curve. That way you could maintain the names of curves as layer names, and conceivably get them to export to other vendor's (Illustrator) software. For instance, I'm working with an imported SVG file that has all of the curves helpfully named (a map of Georgia with all 250-some counties as curves) and I can't export it in a way that will maintain those names. Thanks.
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