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  1. Jpburns

    Edit TOC style = crash

    Absolutely. This should be fixed, as some user might want to start with a clean slate of styles (I'm one of those) which apparently borks several things that rely on those set styles.
  2. Jpburns

    Edit TOC style = crash

    Here's a sample file. Just do step 4, above, to trigger a crash. TOC test.afpub
  3. Jpburns

    Edit TOC style = crash

    Ahhh! Try this. 1. Make a document with 4 or 5 pages. Put text on each for the TOC to find. 2. Now before inserting a TOC, go to the styles and select from the dropdown: "Detach and Delete All Styles": (I'm doing this because I prefer to start from scratch with my styles, to keep it simple) 3. Then insert the TOC. On my setup the text is formatted as really, really tiny (0.2pt) text. 4. Use dropdown on TOC:Entry style to edit style. 5. Boom!
  4. Jpburns

    Edit TOC style = crash

    I'll try to come up with a simple example for testing. The steps I did are: Make a text box. Insert a table of contents (text really, really tiny, like .2px to start with) Click on newly exposed TOC style and select "edit" Boom!
  5. Trying to edit a TOC style results in a hard crash.
  6. Cut and pasted an image into Publisher. Added a mask. Right-clicked, chose "Edit Mask" and BOOOOM! Hard crash.
  7. Toggled “Separated Mode” on then off. Silent crash. Now can't get out of Separated Mode.
  8. You can see what happens in the image I provided. Yes, have "Linked Preferred" chosen.
  9. Yep. That’s my point. It shouldn’t say “embedded.” I also think it shouldn’t make a layer every time you place an image.
  10. Found new document setting for preference of whether to link or embed images. Coolness! Set it to link. But when I place images, it shows as linked in the Resource Manager, but it displays in the layer panel as an embedded document (and creates a new layer).
  11. I would like to be able to choose what application to edit a particular file type in. For instance, I might prefer to edit a Photoshop file in Photoshop.
  12. I'd like a feature for times when you have multiple images to place on multiple pages. I make comic books, and I might want to place 48 Photoshop files on 48 pages, precisely matching the page size, or other guides. Maybe make a stand-in image box on the master page that can be automagically filled with a series of images? In a related issue, I would like to click/place images from the upper left corner, as an option. Finding the center of a page, or realigning images is a pain.
  13. Trying to scale a duplicated layer. First it seems like the lock doesn’t work correctly (maybe I’m doing it wrong?), but when I try to manually enter the values using the numeric popup, the popup remains on screen, and I’m unable to get rid of it. Screen video provided. B447B392-8615-4669-AA4B-0D34EF710F40.MOV
  14. Suffering a bit from the dreaded "dots at the beginning of lines" syndrome, but...