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  1. Yes.... this worked for me... but I had to follow your intersections step by step... thank you
  2. ...and there is no 'order history' for my account nor is there a 'product key' perhaps I too have two accounts?
  3. It says in my account that 1.7 is a trial... even though I just bought Affinity in October? I need confirmation that if I download it that it is not a trial and that it will adopt my licence?
  4. I have not purchased the program because of its' flaws..... so I can't try this beta to see if the problems are cured..... and I have used up the 'time period' for the Affinity Trial.... so it seems that I will have to buy a flawed program to see if the flaws are fixed in this beta.... something I am not prepared to do. I am happy to continue to use Fireworks.
  5. Considering switching from Adobe to Affinity. I am on the 10 day trial but it is not a good start that I have to use a work around to import HEIC files in a MAC designed app... The last reply from Affinity was in July but the issue has been known for much longer.... an explanation would be the best bet instead of letting people hang. No feed back from the company is not a good start either.... perhaps updating folks or providing link to an update would be a more professional way to work?