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  1. Hi, Is there a way to have a perspective deform on a text without having pixelize it, so you can easily change it ? Photoshop can do it, i don't find the way here. Thanks
  2. Cool I haven't noticed that, just have to connect to my account. Thanks
  3. Hi, Is there a special price tag for updates ? If so, how to get it ? OR Is it the all store 20% off ? Thanks
  4. hi dan thanks, you are right, i forget about that. anyway, somme pixels are opaque and are saved as transparent, why ? Affinity should take a decision for each pixel : >= 50% opacity = opaque; < 50% = transparent, just like this : (3D Paint export lol ). or may be this can be an option ?
  5. hi, here is my original png file : export with (default values) : Result : (orange square in windows explorer view). What am i doing wrong ? Thanks
  6. perfect for flip i mean by text vector transform to warp text in a vector shape you can draw and adjust (Photoshop as a limited version with the warp for text layer, while Illustrator can do better with any shape then integrated to psd). Here's a sample from adobe's help :
  7. Hi, Add vector transform to text layer (keep the text so that it can still be edited). It will be nice in Designer too, i was surprised to not find this there (and a "vectorize text" function in Designer too). I cannot find any quick way to mirror horizontally / vertically a single layer, only the full document. Thanks :)
  8. @Psenda, For a guy how plays with photos, i must be blind :B how can i miss those units... Thanks :) For crop and mesh tool, your answer is not what i mean, C for crop tool is Ok for me, I mean for the apply and cancel buttons. Enter key works for applying Crop, not for mesh, why ? And Escape key would be nice for the cancel button for both tools.
  9. @Psenda, Thank you for the" New From Clipboard" option, i didn't notice it, since i'm used to use Ctrl-N shortcut for every type of new document. The unit cannot be changed as you say, even with zoom or view option setting. New document is always define in inches whatever unit you use elsewhere. And still missing the two-color process and crop/mesh tool shorcuts, but i hope they 'll coming next :)
  10. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Photo, coming from Photoshop (very old user - i've started with the v1.0!), and it is a pretty great replacement :) easy to change some habits, most of shortcuts are the same, cool :) For the New document dialog, it would be great if in the type option we could have a "Clipboard" option, so that the size is automatically changed depending on the image size in the clipboard (option available only wether an image is present). And why image size can only be define in inches (even if i see we can type another unit, the conversion is not so friendly) ? Another one : true two-color process for color format, one grayscale channel and one swatch channel (or two swatches channel), and even why not a multi-color process. With curves associated to each channel to apply color channels more accuratly. One more thing :) Enter key to validate works for crop tool, why not for the mesh one ? And Escape key to cancel both can help too :) Thanks :)
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