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  1. @mara.cernoch @earl_greyand @chessboardand anyone else reading this thread running Affinity Designer on Windows, Would you mind trying something for me? Uninstall the current version of V2 Designer you have installed and install the MSI/EXE installer which you can download from this page: https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/designer/2/ Theres a link just under the download button which says 'Also available: Download latest version EXE (572.42MB)' if you can download that version, install it and see if it performs any better for you. I'm not working this weekend (yay me) so will check the replies on Monday. But i'd be really interested if the users with the Ryzen CPU's see an improvement. There have been users reporting the MSIX versions, which we launched with were running slower than expected in certain workflows (for all Affinity apps, not just Designer), due to the sandboxing of MSIX installs but the .exe version isn't sandboxed so would be a good test to run to see if things improve. I'm also interested in hearing if the Intel users see an improvement as well, so please don't feel left out and do post your findings, be them good or bad or the same
  2. Hi @MikeTO, Thank you Replicated it first time today, so I've no idea what I was doing wrong yesterday. I've just got this logged with the Developers
  3. Hi @Cpt. Tom, Thanks for the file. Just to confirm this only happens with the Pencil Tool for you? Just we do already have an issue just like this logged but with the Vector brush.
  4. Hi @Sveto123, We are aware of this issue and have it logged with the Dev team to resolve. You've already found the workaround of restarting the app. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon
  5. Hi @MikeTO, I'm struggling to reproduce this. I must be missing a step, any chance of a screen recording, so i can see which step i'm missing?
  6. Hi @Jan Peeters, Can you you upload the afpub file to our Dropbox here and i can get this logged with the Developers
  7. Hi @Av0313 and Welcome to the Forums, Are you still having trouble activating the licence? Can you confirm which operating system you are trying to activate Affinity on?
  8. This was due to a change in iPadOS and sadly not much we can do about it from the comments I've seen from Dev.
  9. Hi @Karak, Could you attach the .afdesign file shown in your recording or upload it to our Dropbox here and I can get it logged with the Developers.
  10. Hi @A.R, @chessboard, @earl_grey, @M1000, What CPU do you have? Also does disabling openCL in Preferences>Performance improve things for you?
  11. Hi @mara.cernoch, Thanks for your file. No slow down for me on my laptop using its NVIDIA RTX 3050 graphics card but when I switched to the integrated Intel card I was getting lag using the brushes. However, updating the Intel Graphics Driver resolved the issue and I've had no lagging since with your file. What CPU is in your laptop? Everyone else in this thread, who doesn't have the details in their signature, what CPU are you using in your computer?
  12. Hi @Ldina, I've not been able to replicate this, the Adjustment panel opens and stays open for me each time. If you have an afphoto file that you can replicate the issue with, could you attach it and i'll try replicating it with your file. I've been using Affinity V2 on Ventura since the release of Ventura and haven't had any issues with my workflow in V2.
  13. Like @Ron P. i've not been able to replicate this in V1 or V2 using the SVG files you attached and some of my own. Could you see if you have a crash report you could attach? To find the crash report see here, there may be more than 1 report but if you can attach the latest one, i can get that debugged
  14. Hi @macieksmola, As @NotMyFaulthas stated, could you give some more information about the issue and attach sample afdesign file and also the exported image.
  15. Hi @DM1, Just tried to replicate this and haven't been able to. If you can still replicate this, can you post a screen recording and I'll try replicating it again
  16. Thanks, i still don't get a crash with your files or when following the same steps and creating my own files. So there must be something i'm missing. As you can replicate it, would you mind making a screen recording of the issue and posting it here? To record your screen on Mac, see here. This will help ensure i'm trying to replicate it correctly and also allow me to the show the QA team that there is an issue, even tho i can't replicate it.
  17. Thanks Can you let me know the exact workflow that causes a crash? I've been able to open the files you uploaded without issue. I even modified the .afdesign file and it updated fine in Publisher. Thank you. Can you also let me know your exact workflow that causes the crash, as so far i still can't get your files to crash Publisher
  18. Hi @iuli, Are you to replicate this straight away or does it happen after Publisher has been open awhile? Just i'm struggling to replicate this, but i'll keep trying
  19. Hi @randomjames, @Paul Mudditt and @sfriedberg, We do already have this logged with the Dev team. I'll give the report a nudge and leave a link back to this thread
  20. Hi @bbc., If disabling Metal resolves the issue, then its likely either a bug in Metal on 11.7.1 or a combination of a bug in Metal and our code. Which year is your MacBook from and i'll see if we have the same one in the office i can do some testing on.
  21. Hi @Florida, The clipping seems to be related to setting Font UI Size to Large in Preferences for Affinity. Can you just confirm you have that set to Large? I've not been able to replicate the double input you see on my MacBook but its possible that is also related to the Font UI Size, if you try setting that to Default, are able to replicate the issue then?
  22. Hi @Jiri Cvrk, @Brian_J and @Old Bruce I'll get this logged as an improvement and passed back to the Dev team. Currently this is working as designed, so its not a bug as such, however i can see the problem this change causes and will make sure the Dev team are aware if it hasn't already been logged.
  23. Hi @iNviiDiouS, As @Ron P.posted, this is logged with the Developers to resolve and should be fixed in the next update
  24. Hi @tatanka, This is also working for me. Are you still having trouble?
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