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  1. Hi @Sebbutlerand Welcome to the Forums, Can you attach your afdesign file or upload it to our Dropbox here. Also which PDF Export settings or Preset are you using?
  2. Hi @Rob Owen, First can you try a forced restart of your iPad as outlined on this link and then see if you still have the same issue. If you do still have the issue, can you please attach a screen recording showing you trying different adjustments, as that may show us why its stopped working for you. Thankfully Apple made it really easy to record the screen on iPad, just see this link.
  3. Hi @Brocktoonand Welcome to the Forums, I've not been able to replicate this. Which version of Windows are you running and do you have more than one monitor connected?
  4. Hi @Snoopy17, Looks like we have another user with the same problem here and you both have the A370M graphics card. Could you try the advice that @Dan C has posted on that thread here and let me know if you can then start Affinity.
  5. Hi @DanM., Do you have any more information about the error from KDP? As long as you are setting the Embed Fonts option to All, then the fonts will be embedded into the PDF.
  6. Hi @Pooland Welcome to the Forums, I've been able to replicate the issue with your file and have logged this with the Dev team
  7. Hi @Snoopy17, Thanks for the crash report, which sadly doesn't give us much information, likely due to the crash happening before Affinity has finished loading. This could be a font issue from looking at the information from Eventlog, so if you can try the following: Open the Run box, by holding down the Windows Key + R on your keyboard and in here type CMD and click okay. Presuming you have the app installed in the default location, type in cd "C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo\" and press Enter. Now type: Photo --disable-font-preview-cache Now press Enter, does Affinity Photo now load?
  8. Hi @Snoopy17, Can you just try running the .NET Repair Tool which can be download from here. Also make sure you have all the latest updates for Windows 11 installed. Finally, if you could check to see if you have any crash reports for all 3 apps and attach them here. See this post to find the crash reports.
  9. Hi @Videowolff, Have you tried disabling Hardware acceleration in Preferences>Performance to see if that resolves the issue? Can you just check if you have a crash report, to do this, see this post, you may have more than one crash report but please only attach the latest one. Also how many images are you trying to batch convert?
  10. Hi @DavideFIand Welcome to the Forums, After you've zoomed in, select the Clone tool and your sources panel will display the images again.
  11. Well in my test, with that option checked, typing a name like John C. Doe isn't possible, as it's auto-corrected to a lowercase C. With that option unchecked, i'm able to type the name without the C being changed to lowercase. I'm on a Mac at the moment, so can't confirm if its the same on Windows.
  12. Hi @joseph122and Welcome to the Forums, Which model iPad are you using? The fact you can convert in smaller batches makes it sound like a resource issue more than anything.
  13. Hi @evtonic3, Is it always with the same brush that you get a crash? For any crash on the iPad, we always suggest try a forced restart as outlined on this link and that does resolve most crashing issues.
  14. Hi @JimPettyand Welcome to the Forums, Try this, go into Preferences for Affinity and on the Auto-Correct section, uncheck Capitalise first letter of sentence, then close Preferences. Now try typing and you should find it doesn't happen again
  15. Hi @joe_l, This will likely be happening due to the PDF Passthrough method being used. If you change the PDF Passthrough method from Passthrough to Interpret (you can do this once you've placed the PDF via the context toolbar align the top), you should find you can then print without it being rasterised.
  16. How long are you working on the file? Not that it should matter, unless your leaving Affinity open for days on time, which just isn't a good idea for any app. Also does the file have any linked images/files or are they all embedded? If they are linked, if you embed them which you can do via the Resource Manager on the Document menu, do you then have the same saving issue? Would be worth trying this on a copy of your file, just so you always have a backup of it.
  17. Hi @Dankzy, The iPad version doesn't currently show a brush crosshair like the desktop version does. It has been requested a number of times here on the Forums and could be added in a future build of Affinity.
  18. Hi @joe_l, Just an update, QA have finally been able to replicate this! Turns out you need the Paragraph panel in view for this to happen. If you hide or close the Paragraph panel, the issue doesn't happen. I'll get this logged with the Developers
  19. Hi @joe_l, Well this is odd, at first i was getting the issue with your file on my Windows PC and then after closing and reopening the file i couldn't. Spoke to QA about it and they couldn't replicate it with your file, I've also had 3 other members of the Tech Team test this and they also couldn't replicate it. However i've tried your file on a different laptop this morning and i'm getting the issue again. I've just passed all of my app settings over to QA to see that enables them to replicate it.
  20. Hi @joe_l, Could you attach your .afpub file for this. I'm struggling to replicate the issue but i'll keep trying
  21. Hi @NeonBean, As you've found out, we can't open PSDT files. But for the PSD file, have you enabled Import PSD Smart Objects (where supported) in Preferences for Affinity? If you enable that and reopen the PSD file, does it work?
  22. Hi @joe_l, Just thought i'd let you know your post hasn't been missed. I'm currently working from home and don't have access to a printer. I'll be back in the office on Wednesday and will do a couple of test prints and see what results i get. Personally from just working in Tech Support, i've learnt over the years to always export to PDF and print from the PDF. I suspect printing directly from the app is using a different route and causing the difference. Once i can see the issue for myself from a test print, i can get more information on the issue and if this is expected or not
  23. Thank you I agree there is something magical about film, magical but expensive to shoot and develop. I'm still blown away by the fact a 50+ year old camera is holding up so well. As for Naboo, who is a she but i don't think she minds being misgendered lol, really is lovely dog and i'll be getting that snap printed off for the owner (the lady with the umbrella in the pictures, who is still very much alive, @GarryP, i'm looking at you there! )
  24. Hi @Michael LaBash, Where did you purchase Affinity from? Direct from us or via the Mac App Store? If via the App Store, can you have a look at this thread and see if it helps. If you purchased direct from us, we can look at getting a copy of the file and all images from you to see if we can replicate the issue.
  25. Hi Everyone, Long story short, i'm a big fan of film photography. Mentioned this to my dad and he gave me his Pentax Spotmactic he brought new over 50 years ago. All i've done with the images is load them into Affinity and use the Auto colours, tones, contrast and white balance. The photo of the dog (Naboo) i did load into the Develop persona and lower the highlights, whites and blacks. Have to say, for a 50+ year old camera i'm really happy with the results. I used Kodak Portra 400 35mm film and the scans provided to me by Asda were in JPG format, so don't leave much room for improvement. The 2nd n 3rd image are from Nottingham, the rest are from Bristol.
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